Monday, August 3, 2015

Travels, Lost in the Work, and the Wonder Kitchen!!

Im alive!  Im also in Danmark! haha Pretty much everything up to this point is a highlight so if there is no structure to this email, don't show your english teachers. :)

 Journey (not the band):

So July the 27th and 28th were slam packed with tight spaces and some running! We woke up at five on the 27th and packed our rooms and got the heck out of dodge on a train towards the SLC Airport. That was an epic scramble against the train system because they don't wait around. And it doesnt help when youre hauling around your life in two large bags and a small one haha. But we somehow made it to the airport without a hitch and my bags both weighed 49 pounds each (which i am extremely proud of haha) and then we boarder to go to Atlanta! That was a four hour flight which was softened by watching Frozen and Brave :) (Go ahead, judge me haha) After that we quickly ran across the ENTIRE stretch of airport which was very long but we caught our flight to Amsterdam and that was 8 hours so I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox twice just because my childhood was ending haha. I made it thourgh that one and then caught a 1 hour flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen! 


So we got to the Copenhagen airport and grabbed our bags and then walked out into the open air of Danmark where President O'Bryant and his wife were waiting! They are fantastisk and are going to be great! So we got in a van and went to the mission office where we were welcomed by rugbrød open face sandwiches and pastries! haha so bomb! Then we went out and saw the original Kristus statue and its so huge! Its awesome! After that we went out street contacting! It was super fun even though i didnt really understand... pretty much anything haha but ill get to that. After that we went to eat dinner which was more fantastic danish food, and we finally went to sleep ( 32 hours straight of no sleep... i challenge you haha) The next day we boarded the train for Odense on the island of Fyn (check it out on a map its pretty cool)

No jet lag:
Since i have endurance staying awake  (insert Mom:  thanks to all nighters with the cousins) I adjusted perfectly to the time so I'm actually great! 

yea well news flash, Danish is SO MUCH HARDER in Denmark!! I feel like a brick wall sometimes... as in I'm going nowhere haha. Ive started adjusting since I got here but the first 3 days were pretty rough. I tried contacting two girls on the street and they kinda just stared at me and said " Jeg ikke Forstå" which means i dont understand haha. (pardon any spelling errors if your reading this and youre Danish :) ) But anyways I'm slowly progressing and I know the language comes with time so right now I just do my best and nod and smile! I do feel though that the Lord is definitley blessing me in my efforts! 

Side story: In sacrament meeting it was fast and testimony meeting so i just decided to have insane courage and walk up and intorduce myself and bear my testimony. Now... Everything i had prepared in my head quickly escaped out my ears and i was just standing there for abut 3 seconds in a foriegn land, about to attempt to speak to them haha. So i started up and managed to spit somethings out and then i just started firing off which surprised me! I finished and it seemed everyone understood me so everyone... the power of the Holy Ghost is real!!

Wisdom, Investigators, and stuff:

 Quote: We do not sell the gospel, we Share the gospel!

This was a nice little quote i heard in district meeting and i think its a great approach to missionary work!

Life lesson i learned:

Last night we were out contacting and we had almost no success so we headed in. And as we walked in, we saw a guy walking towards us and became a little hopeful. After he got close, I saw he was smoking and didnt look like a very likely person to listen so i kinda thought... dang he probably won't want to talk. But lo and behold, we had a great talk and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon! So 2 morals here:

1. Heavenly Father has us taken care of and will help us find those who He wants to recieve the gospel 

2. Dont Judge... Ever!! I learned that the least likely looking people will often be very receptive and want to learn!

A drunk guy on a skateboard came up to us last thrusday and just started asking what we were doing (which we were pulling stickers off a light pole because we have a cool collection haha) So we just started talking to him and it ended up as a conversation of Faith! So basically you never know who Heavenly Father will put in front of you so dont jude and talk with everyone!!

Fun (the Wonder Kitchen):

So last night for P-day eve (just a fun little nickname haha) we started a thing called the wonder kitchen. So basically me and Elder Pitcher dressed up in our proper apparel (youll see) and made the "Protein Power Play cake". Which was basically just a chocolate cake with protein powder haha but it was surprisingly good! It was a wonder kitchen because we accidentally left the rack to high up in the oven so the top of the cake baked and burned. So we pulled it out, scraped off the top, and put it back in and it turned out super! haha

Also, there is a recent convert named Xiao Chan, and she works in a sushi bar. She invited us to come try it and said she'd give us a discount! So we went and had great all you could eat sushi and talked with her and had a great time! She is so nice and very happy all of the time! She ended up giving us a larger discount than was necessary which i was way stoked about, but i was just happy to eat sushi again!! I did the math and we came out of there with 9 rolls of 4 pieces each in our bellies so it was a success:)

Anyways, thats all I have time for! I hope i got most of the best things covered! Thanks for all your prayers and support! God loves YOU! So go out and have a great week and try and help everyone you meet do the same!!

Med Kærlig Hilsen,

Ældste  Jeppson

Elder Gardner, Elder Pike, Elder Pitcher, Elder Jeppson:  

Sushi Dinner

On Our Way! 

Denmark Temple

View from our apartment

Wonder Kitchen

Answers to Questions from Mom: 

I need to buy a bike soon but right now i ride this little red girls bike with a basket and its awesome haha. Its so handy to have a basket. But yea this next week i probably will get one. 

 I have a picture of my apartment I'll send. Its a fairly small one with a living space, one room with two super comfortable beds, and a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower in it. So rather a shower with a bathroom in it haha:) but yea its great and i love it! It is just me and my companion Ældste <Pitcher from south jordan utah and is good friends with >Elder Bradshaw! (the redhead who served in our ward with elder marvin)  He is an awesome guy and we have tons of fun. Can you send me the banana muffin recipe? :) I miss those and sunday evenings are our Odense Wonder Kitchen nights so we just make random things haha. Also maybe some other fun easy muffin or cookie or whatever :) All your food is good!

The food here is awesome! there is so much new stuff and its all so good! I dont even know where or how to explain! But the yogurt is thin enough to drink pretty much and i have it for breakfast with mysli evey morning which is basically like granola! its so great!

It's awesome to hear all youve been doing! Its so fun to read up on and i wish i had time to comment on everything:) Sister K is super! She is already probably my favorite member and speaks incredible danish! She is fantastisk!

Thanks for the prayers and everything! I hope I answered all the questions! I'll probably send my journal home when I fill it out cuz its going fast:) then you can read everything that is going on!

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