Monday, July 11, 2016

The Gospel Works Wonderfully!

This week was a whole new level of stellar! I cant even find a place to begin to find where to begin haha. But ill start with a highlight that was probably one of the best days of my life.... 

Stellar people
So this week we met M*. He is one of the most positive people i have even talked to on the street! He was walking by on a rainy Tuesday and i stopped him to talk to him. He was blown away by what we were doing! He was absorbing everything we were saying and you could see the flashes of amazement dancing across his expressions. It was great! We were able to get his number and said we would set something up. Now jump forward to Friday... He texted us right after zone training and invited us out to dinner at his place so we show up on time and it turns out he had his fiancee and his 2 close buddies with him. They also had just stellar faith and a strong desire to develop their relationships with God. We didn't even have to initiate anything the entire night. One of the "small talk conversations" was about if child baptism is right or not...haha only small talk. :) As we sat down to eat, we asked them "so how did you all find your faith?" and it just led into a beautiful discussion of the gospel from there. We taught the entire Restoration lesson in deep and it was amazing to see how riveted they were to it all. Now i know eating appointments/lessons shouldn't be three hours normally, but I'd venture to say it was the best three hours of my life, even the best day of my life. The spirit was probably the strongest i have ever felt it It was truly a humbling and amazing thing to see the Lord use two of his 19/20 year old missionaries; and to use them so evidently! Every time Elder Lee or I opened our mouths, it was immediately filled with bold yet loving statements of gospel truth. I'd say a majority of what I've learned and experienced as a missionary thus far really manifested itself in those remarkable three hours and it was hard to fathom that it had all happened. The coolest part was at the end, we asked what it all would mean to them, and one of the guys named L* came out and pretty much said what everyone of them was thinking. He said "if this is what God wants me to do, ill do it!" Man, great answer:) Also, as we closed with a prayer, the way they wanted to do it was that everyone could have a chance to say something. So we went in a circle. It was basically 6 prayers in one, and they were six of the most sincere prayers i have ever heard. The spirit was so strong! I still dont have words to describe it but i wont bother to try. But i wouldnt trade it for anything. Elder Lee and I made a voice recording right after it at the bus stop so we wouldnt forget it all. Pure joy is all i can say.

Rest of Friday:  
Lets go back to the rest of Friday before and after that experience because the whole day was a gift. Elder Lee and I were able to give a zone training and it was a great edifying experience. It was all about teaching and planning by the spirit which was beautifully ironic that the Lord helped us do that on the subject of doing that haha. But we have a  goal for every companionship to baptize and we just had one already so far:) The work is picking up a lot and i think its about to explode! 

No bus, just run:
Friday night after all that great stuff happened, we missed the bus twice... haha whoops. So we had to call the assistants and president just to check in and tell them we would get home late and that we were all good. President didn't answer but in my interview the next day he said he loved the voicemail i gave him. I happened to be in the process of running 2.5 miles for 25 minutes home to try and beat the buses and at least get home before bedtime (we didnt, but we tried right?? hahaha). I haven't sweat that much since cutting weight... i had a long sleeve and my rain jacket (which is still good at insulating, even when you dont want it to). But if you could take missionary extract and put it in a cookie and give it to someone to let them get a small taste of what missions are like, id extract Friday the 8th of July:)

Other News:
-Well we got two more roommates again. The two man apartment life wasnt meant to be in Århus. But we got elder Erickson and Elder Stephens all moved in on Saturday so fun stuff. 

-It is cold and rainy and it is July.

-C* is doing super well and she is really close to getting it all. She will be on vaycay next week but she is awesome!

-We got talking with this Icelandic guy that knocked into and he was super awesome. The world maybe underestimates how great of a nation it is up there and what it really means to be Icelandic. It is always fun to see what is behind door number 392304 ;) haha

-we went to a 95 year old lady named Eva in the ward to visit her. We ended up singing hymns and eating cake so not a bad time haha.

Id be lying if i said im not caught up in my journal all the way... so i cant really remember anything else at the moment haha

Challenge time:
Ill pose the same challenge/question that i did to the zone here in zone training... What can you change in order to have the spirit with you in your ministry? 

Now i know you all are not full time missionaries, but everyone can do the same thing in their own way. The spirit is something that will bless your life more than you ever could on your own accord. So by asking in essence, "What do i do that would hinder the spirit and how can i change it" you will receive an answer because Heavenly father loves you. And by having the spirit, By the power of the spirit can ye know what ye shall do, and in that way can you know how to help others come closer to their savior too.

Its a double edged sword:)

Have a great week!


Ældste  j

 Me and My brotha Christian from the New Covenant Church. Hes legit.

the innovative genius of sloppy joes with cheese

Elder Lee and i during the ice age july morning haha

Elder Lee, Elder Curtis, and I

 Some homies of my mission past present and future. Elder Shuppy, Elder Erickson, and Elder Howe

Back on the sleepytime vanilla tea grind 

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