Monday, August 31, 2015

Baptism, Stolen Goods, Sour Whale Blubber

Sometimes.... it couldn't be better :)This week was jammed with so much stuff and I only have a small amount of time to write (its transfer day) so its coming at you quick:

Dåbs for days:

Dåb is the danish word for baptism. VL is the man who relates to that word. thats right..... He got baptized! He was wayy happy to be baptized :) The Spirit was way strong there and it was just a great experience. I waited for him and Elder Pitcher to get back into dry clothes and V came out first and I asked him how he felt and he told me that he felt very fresh (he is vietnamese and has a hard time finding the right  danish words :) ) But I knew he meant pure and he kept telling me that he has a new life now. He talks alot about how he used to drink and smoke and that now he is totally free and clean from those and has a new start:) I was way stoked!

And thats not all.... C accepted a baptismal date on the 10th of October! She is progressing way rapidly and is super solid! The Lord is definitley providing a way for her :) Its cool because Elder Pitcher will be back in Denmark with his parents in October so he will be able to come to it! Way fun stuff:) We have been meeting a lot with her recently and she comes to church every Sunday so she is way solid! Her main thing is figuring out her situation with her boyfriend but the Lord will provide!

1 month meeting:

I had my one month meeting back in Copenhagen. Basically, it's just a meeting with my OG squadron (my MTC group :) ) where we meet back with President O'Bryant and our trainers and have training meetings and stuff. It  was way fun to see them all again, even though I saw them all last week for mission conference haha. Way fun stuff. The best part was that we got to all go to the København Temple together with our mission president and his wife so that was a way neat experience!

Stolen goods:
Well everyone... there are some real jokers out there in the world so if you want to keep your bikes then keep them close.... I speak from experience because "steel wind" got stolen :( (thats my bike...well was my bikes name)  But the good news is that Elder Pitcher went home so he sold me his bike for a good deal so I am still rollin down the streets in my replica 2013X dark horse edition (thats a little bit embellished ;) ) But the moral of the story is that if you steal a bike, the person on the receiving end might feel like crying.   So don't steal kids.

Sour whale blubber:

Yea... i ate it :) haha So basically what happened was that the Asisstants to president O'Bryant bought some sour whale blubber in Iceland for us to all try before our one month meeting. So we all sat in a circle and counted to three and put it down. It tasted like coleslaw.... that you could probably chew for at least 7 days. I managed to bite it in half and get one down but the other half turned into a projectile :) (whoops) But it was about the size of a small brownie so I felt pretty acomplished to eat half. My body straight up rejected the other half though so its probably not a good thing for me. But the funny thing is that in Greenland and Iceland the kids eat it like its candy so...... strange world....

Other stuff:

1. Fun fact: my mission president's son's girlfriend's mission companion was Sister Jessi Jeppson (my cousin ) haha small world

2. fun fact: my new companion's best friend's dad's cousin is..... my Mom! even smaller world

3. This week for service we dug a trench for pipes for a member with the sisters which was way fun. They fed us after as well which was also fun:)

Well I wish I could say more but I'm out of time. Sorry I don't have the pictures right now of the baptism and stuff but I'll make sure they get sent to me! (Broken Camera issues)

In the dying words of Elder Pitcher, " Thats the way I do it when I do do it. But when I don't do it, I don't do it"

Mel Kælig Hilsen,

Ældste Jeppson

Ældste  Jeppson

***Side note from Mom:  Elder Jeppson has a new mission companion, Elder Gifford from Richfield Utah.  He knows my cousins family and must be great if he is from Richfield, Utah where Elder Jeppson's Grandpa Fillmore grew up :)  

Elder Jeppson, Elder Pitcher, Sister Ackerman, Sister Rovig, Sister Ripa 

Sister Turpin, Sister Rovig, Sister Ripa, Elder Jeppson, Elder Pitcher, Sister Ackerman 

Monday, August 24, 2015

S(W)ervice, Progress and Stuff(ing)

Hey its been yet another wonderful week and its about to come real fast because im visiting the local Castle today..... ;)


So last Tuesday was almost a full day of service and it was way fun! I had forgotten how much fun mowing lawns and working with my hands could be. We left at around 10:30 to be at an appointment to help sand and paint the wood paneling and doors on a members house. He is a stellar guy and we had a great time for about three hours. Really refreshing :) Then we took about an hour to ride across the city so that we could make it to an older members house and help mow his lawn. NOw, it shouldnt have taken an hour, but there was a wayyyy strong headwind the entire way so basically we made very slow progress... (hence the swerve part of the title ) Apparently i need to get used to it because soon there will rain and snow AND a headwind so im preparing myself :)


  Two great things happened to help the progress of our investigators:
        1. L* came to a baptism with us to see how everything works. It really seemed to help him relax even more about the whole thing and be confident in his decision. The spirit was definitley present and helped him grow a little more. I mean.... this guy is so willing anyways that I'm not super worried. Plus he thinks I'm the funniest guy on Fyn or something because anything i say will set him off hahaha. (quick side note)... Yesterday in church he asked me if i was engaged and why i dont have a ring on and then i said "I'm not engaged" (in a fairly low whisper because there is a talk going on) and he lost his mind :)) It was all i could do to not laugh to hard because when this little old vietnamese guy laughs, it is quite entertaining. So he is my homie:)

       2. So with our investigator C*, she keeps on being awesome!! We had a læesson on the word of wisdom (kind of tough) and law of chastity (also tough). But guess what, she pretty much committed to both of them like it wasnt a big deal to give up! I mean we are working on her but i love how pure her desire is to be baptized and continue to feel Gods love. 

Story about C*.... last night after we taught the law of chastity with her, she seemed a little troubled still by her whole situation. We have talked with her about having to make sacrifices before, and i think she has thought about it a bit and pondered whether or not she should break up with her boyfriend or keep praying for other ways of coming to be baptized. But last night we saw this and offered her a preisthood blessing of comfort. She agreed to that,and then Elder Pitcher gave a wonderful blessing that brought the spirit into the room :) It was just great feelings of peace, and she felt a confirmation by the spirit that Heavenly Father loves her and will guide her. Such a wonderful experience:))

Oh..... and after that we kinda got pulled over (on bikes) by the Politi and Elder Pitcher was issued a 1000 kroner ticket for being on the phone and i got off with a warning from using the ole California-stop-sign-rollthrough technique in Denmark so yea.... :))) But look only on the future and learn form the past.... right? :)

Mission Conference:

We had an awesome mission conference with the WHOLE mission on wednesday. It was so much fun and way awesome! Our area 70,Elder Dyches, came with his wife and did some training and gave us some spiritual thoughts. It was also way fun to see my OG mtc group and we all lost our minds when we saw each other :) But i met a ton of new people and guess what.... we have a STELLAR group of people. They sent the best to Denmark ;) But i am a little biased haha. Im excited to see which one of them becomes my step-dad

 (missionary slang 101: your trainer is called your dad out here, the other people your dad has trained are your brothers, the people your brothers train are your nephews and so on. So because Elder Pitcher is going to die (that means go home) i get a step dad :) But in my family tree i have two brothers and my nephew is Elder Gardner my MTC companion haha. )


So we went to an eating appointment with sisters at this lady house named Edith. She is a long time member and is 91 and still very lively. Lively enough to prepare a MOUNTAIN of chicken nuggets and equally large portions of very good potatoes and this awesome danish vegetable sauce stuff. So i had a decent sized plate full and then was feeling just fine, when Sister Rovig (she thinks shes funny :) haha ) said "Oh elder Jeppson isnt this great? Hove some more" 

So i politely took some more and ate that much slower but then hey, guess what, it turned into "How much can the Greenie eat" and from then on i got thrown under the bus for the rest of the night. Ive never eaten so many chicken nuggets in my life and i might never again... I guess its rude to not eat enough for 7 people in Denmark.... And that was only dinner so im not gonna talk about the dessert rounds.....


I had my kebabtism this week:) It was truly fantastic! But they dont mess around at all.... too bad my camera broke cuz that would have been fun to document. But they did properly name it Kebabtism.....

The coffee cake ingredients that were sent.... pure gold :) I've never seen a cake disappear so quickly :) Shout out to Mom

"There is no tomorrow to remember, if we don't do something today" -President Monson'

Go out and do something today to remember :)

Ældste  Jeppson :)

PS. I have a quote book that I'm compiling so if anyone has words of wisdom I'd love to hear them.  

Elder Jeppson 
Elder Pitcher

Mission Conference
Mission Mascot - Seals

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cake is good....but the Gospel is Better

Didnt i just email yesterday? Thats basically how fast time flies here it seems like :) But here comes the week in a nutshell:


I'll start with the good stuff! :) We have two investigators progressing towards baptism and one has a baptismal date for two weeks ahead. His name is ______ (you can use creative liberty here :) ) He is basically willing to do anything we say and is super happy all the time! He is from vietnam and is old enough that he fought for vietnam in the war as the tore up his home. Very seasoned guy. He is so funny because he has a vietnamese friend in the second ward who translates for him so he never has come to our ward. 

So we asked him thinking that he would resist and not want to leave the second ward but he said "Yea okay" and then just kept talking about something else. He is so greatful for us even though he doesnt realize that we are the same missionaries who started teaching him. He says " You know im happy those two missionaries like you helped me find God" :) We just let him do his thing because he is so happy. 

The other is a girl named____. She the one who contacted US and came has come to church on her own twice :) Her story is that her and her boyfriend and her were walking in a different city when the Elders for that area came up and contacted them. Her boyfriend said no and kept walking but she really wanted to take the Book of Mormon they had offered her. So she called her friend who is a member and asked about the church and that brings us to present :) She is super willing and wants to be baptized and has felt that it is true.... but her boyfriend is super against all religion and any religious ideas. The good news is that she likes to go against the grain and continues to meet with us and come to church :)) so we will see what unfolds.

Also this week we found a guy named _____. He lives on the bottom floor actually so we found him when we "happened" to all be putting our bikes away for the night. One thing led to another and we ended up in his apartment 3 nights later eating cake with him and discussing the gospel. He is a super nice guy who lives by himself so he was very open to talking with us for almost 2 hours. (they should never be that long but had so many questions... and cake ;) ) So we have another app to meet with him again soon!'

The gospel trumps cake all day..... unless the cake is flavored with the gospel ;)

Words of Wisdom: 
I heard a ton of awesome quotes and ideas so ill share them:

 1. Everyone looks good in baptismal white:  We need to see all people as they may become... not as they are (thats a 2012 Conference talk by President Monson if anyone is interested) 

2. Be subissive... not just obedient!!

3. Be a fine tuned instrument: If you are going to hunt an animal, would you rather use a rock or an gun? We need to shoot straight and accurate to be effective in the hands of the Lord.

4. All weather is good weather, its just a matter of clothes: You choose your attitude!

5. "Happiness is not being better, its becoming better"

Hopefully the mind of an 18 year old missionary enlightened you today :) haha

Fun and stuff... 

here some things that will brighten you day haha

One night this week we had an eating appointment we had to get out to. So we ride out there and we are making good time when a biblical size swarm of these little black beetles plauged the city. On arrival.... i took some time to take off my living coat of insects before entering the eating appointment haha. So there was that. Then... we ended up staying later than we planned so it was starting to get dark when we needed to go. No problem though we have time right? WRONG. The bearing on the bike tire of my companions bike got shredded so it was no longer funtional. Keep in mind that the plaugue of beetles is still present haha. So we ended up walking for an hour, in the dark, covered in bugs, dragging a mountain bike behind us.... way fun.

But wait guess what... when we were about to get home.. someone hucked a coffee at "the Mormons" and kept going. Good thing that missionaries have the same skills as Samuel the Lamanite because it went though my legs :)) I did turn around in time to watch another innocent bystander get beaned by a hamburger so that made my night better :) so fun stuff for that night!

So you know how we locked ourselves out last time.... i did it again!! For the love of all that is good and fair... You would think i would learn! But this time was harder because i had put the deadbolt in place so there was no getting past the last level for us this time. So we spent 2 hours at the senior couples house looking for a key when i decided that a hammer drill could help ( i promised to fix the door... dont worry)
but we ended up getting in because my companion summoned his inner hockey player and smashed through the door.

So i still stand by the fact the movies = truth. :)

The main qoute of the week comes from Elder Dale G. Renlund

"If we dont try, we are just latter day sinners. If we dont perservere, we are just latter day quitters. God indeed cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming than about who we once were"

We found that in the ensign when we were doing language study and i though that was very profound and quote worthy. 

Enjoy your week! Make it a good one :)

Ældste Jeppson

We went through the temple with a man named Jens Pedersen who is soooo awesome!  He is such a funny guy who is a ton like Brother Florence but older :).  Left to right: Elder Jeppson Elder Pitcher, Jens Pedersen, Elder Lawless, Frederik Koster

Airtime- Elder Pitcher

Monday, August 10, 2015

Bicycles, Break-ins, and Blocking out the Haters :)

Guess what... it just gets better! Also harder! But that makes it better:) Its been a good week and i am becoming much more accustomed to everything than last week. Thats not to say everyday is a new experience but i am more used to the schedule and stuff. Anyways here comes the highlight reel:


So this week we had exchanges starting monday at around 6 PM till the following day at the same time. It was a super fun experience for me getting to know another missionary better. This exchange was with the district leader Ældste Vance who is an awesome guy! He is from Texas and enjoys doing fun outdoor things so we had a lot to talk about! He has great Danish and is a great teacher and i definitley learned form him so i see why we do exchanges now :) But we had some fun experiences..... and here they come haha.

       1. We taught a older lady from Croatia who has had a rough life but wants to learn about the gospel because her son is a recent convert and he is an awesome guy! The only problem is that he has to transalte from Croatian for us so its pretty difficult. But anyways we walked into her flat which ablsolutely reeked of cats (which i strongly, strongly dislike...) and sat down and started to talk. Everything was going well and it was a great conversation... until she went off on a tangent about some wild story that i don't care to try and expalin to you right now haha. So she starts becoming increasingly passionate about it and is raising her voice and flapping her arms everywhere, and in turn, he son becomes increasingly more frantic to try and translate to us what she is firing off. So here i am, don't speak a lick a croatian and am still learning Danish, but because he is talking so fast i dont understand either language.... but they both are staring at me as if im google translate so i just nod and smile. So im basically just sitting there being bombarded by two foreign tongues and then i start to die inside. It was all so surreal that i wanted to burst out laughing!! haha And i almost did but Ældste vance (who knew there was no recovering from this tangent)v looked at me and said... Do you understand any of this... so i said no and then we both smiled and asked if we could close with a prayer. The minute we closed that door behind us we lost our minds haha:)

      2. This one is much shorter. We went to go visit a greenlandic lady who is an investigator except she is always drunk according to Ældste Vance. So we go knock on her door and she comes to answer it except she is so drunk she cant work the lock and the door handle haha. So we ask if she needs help and then..... from a tiny 100 pound drunk lady (she  actually is that small).... came the loudest pound on the door that reverberated throughout the entire apartment complex stairwell. I dont know if she put on some brass knuckles or what because she was going to town on this door haha:) So we decided now wasn't a good time and exited the building

So that is why missions are so much fun:))


We got the chance to do some service at some members house on Wednesday which was sweet. I actually miss yard work so it was a nice experience. I got to know the members more and they have a son named Adam who is 4 and he demanded in Danish that i hold the rake in my hands in a way that he could hand from it like monkey bars haha. Really reminded me of Stella (you could say i miss her.... :) ) But we just cut these big bushes for him and cleaned a whole tree worth of pine needles of the sidewalk so that was a fun little service project Denmark edition for me. Im sure there are more to come.


So i finally got a real Mans bike haha. No more 12 year old girls wheels! Ill send a picture but it fits my needs and then some.   It was nice because we got it on sale! We spent about 2 hours looking around to make sure i got a good deal. The only bad thing was is that we had to put it together so we spent about an hour extra in front of Thanses cycle butik assembling it :). We then realized halfway through that we might need some tools to actually make it stay together so i had to go back in the store and get more stuff. So needless to say i have the biggest most legit bike tool from thansens cycle butik (that was also on sale too :)) I think id make Brother Florence proud with my bike assembling skills haha.

Break ins:

NO  I didnt get robbed i know your all probably thinking that haha i just thought about that ;) So on the same day as the bicycle adventure we went out to go teach an progressing investogator when halfway through the lesson i realized i forgot the keys.... so i decided to forget it until after just because that made me a little flustered haha. How does one forget the keys to EVERTHING! its still a mystery but we took about an hour to get back into our apartment and heres how.....

step 1: wait until someone else comes to open the back courtyard because it could be possible to pick the lock on that old door in the back
step 2: get schooled by the lock while looking like criminals because some smart building owner doesnt want people to pick locks on "that old door"
step 3: kick in the basement door because youve seen it in movies and those are legit life skills lessons
step 4: kick in apartment back door because step 3 worked so well and you feel like a complete animal when you do it 

Ask me if anything broke... glad you asked, nothing did :) The doors are old enough that they just bent in so the lock popped out so the building owner needs a more sturdy wood. Win for the Odense 1 Elders


Heres more of the actual highlights (although those are fun :) ) So we have a investigator that is from Vietnam and he has lived in Denmark for like 40 years since the Vietnam war. He has had a pretty rough life up until coming to Denmark but he is an awesome guy! He loves having us over and we recently committed him to baptism. He loves the gospel and especially loves the fact that God is there for him and will always help him. He constantly is relating everything back to that fact.   So he is a great guy. And he loves to give us juice everytime we go over there haha he is the best.

We had a girl named C contact US two days ago! She is such an awesome person! She had a large trial a couple months back that has kind have had her wondering on life after this life. So she asked a friend who is a member in Copenhagen about some of the gospel and her friend told her to go to church. So somehow she got our number and asked us when church is and where! We actually took here on a chapel tour and she really enjoyed it and then came to church the following day! She has such an awesome spirit and is really willing to learn! So we are rigtig glæde that Heavenyl Father put her in our path.

Blocking out the Haters:

In Denmark some people think its fun to make fun of us and chant things like "Mormoner, Mormoner, Mormoner" and stuff haha. We find it pretty funny because they are usually plastered and its the alcohol talking. There is one guy in particular that we see often that loves to do stuff like that. I know him by crazy steve because 1. I dont know his actual name and 2. he is crazy. He loves to do that chant and try and do hail Hitler type salutes except it usually turns into something that looks like he is summoning the rain haha :) But for any mocking we get we just play along which kinda catches them off guard haha. Plus, the Danish people so far aren't very intimidating and i wrestled with Clint and Dave and Dirty Mike so im not actually worried about anyone here haha.

Lessons Learned:

Be yourself! Its kind of a cliche phrase but alot of people here are trying to fit an image and those people are sticks in the mud to talk to. They are the usual... i dont believe in God and my faith is in having a good time in life and living it up. Thats very common from people we talk to here. But there are some who like to stick out in there beliefs or otherwise. We talked with a girl that had blue hair and a interesting (attempt) at clothes haha. But she was one of the nicest people we had talked to that night and she was very open to just be herself and express all her beliefs. She didnt want anything to do with the gospel but i learned a great lesson from that!

Love everyone! Just try it! 

Thats all i have time for but missions are for real! Heavenly Hather loves everyone and has a plan for everyone and that is more apparent to me than ever now!

hav en god uge!

Ældste  Jeppson

 My new Bike!

 Some cool graffiti :)
 Elder Jepson and Elder Pitcher

some traditional smørrebrød (my lunch)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Travels, Lost in the Work, and the Wonder Kitchen!!

Im alive!  Im also in Danmark! haha Pretty much everything up to this point is a highlight so if there is no structure to this email, don't show your english teachers. :)

 Journey (not the band):

So July the 27th and 28th were slam packed with tight spaces and some running! We woke up at five on the 27th and packed our rooms and got the heck out of dodge on a train towards the SLC Airport. That was an epic scramble against the train system because they don't wait around. And it doesnt help when youre hauling around your life in two large bags and a small one haha. But we somehow made it to the airport without a hitch and my bags both weighed 49 pounds each (which i am extremely proud of haha) and then we boarder to go to Atlanta! That was a four hour flight which was softened by watching Frozen and Brave :) (Go ahead, judge me haha) After that we quickly ran across the ENTIRE stretch of airport which was very long but we caught our flight to Amsterdam and that was 8 hours so I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox twice just because my childhood was ending haha. I made it thourgh that one and then caught a 1 hour flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen! 


So we got to the Copenhagen airport and grabbed our bags and then walked out into the open air of Danmark where President O'Bryant and his wife were waiting! They are fantastisk and are going to be great! So we got in a van and went to the mission office where we were welcomed by rugbrød open face sandwiches and pastries! haha so bomb! Then we went out and saw the original Kristus statue and its so huge! Its awesome! After that we went out street contacting! It was super fun even though i didnt really understand... pretty much anything haha but ill get to that. After that we went to eat dinner which was more fantastic danish food, and we finally went to sleep ( 32 hours straight of no sleep... i challenge you haha) The next day we boarded the train for Odense on the island of Fyn (check it out on a map its pretty cool)

No jet lag:
Since i have endurance staying awake  (insert Mom:  thanks to all nighters with the cousins) I adjusted perfectly to the time so I'm actually great! 

yea well news flash, Danish is SO MUCH HARDER in Denmark!! I feel like a brick wall sometimes... as in I'm going nowhere haha. Ive started adjusting since I got here but the first 3 days were pretty rough. I tried contacting two girls on the street and they kinda just stared at me and said " Jeg ikke Forstå" which means i dont understand haha. (pardon any spelling errors if your reading this and youre Danish :) ) But anyways I'm slowly progressing and I know the language comes with time so right now I just do my best and nod and smile! I do feel though that the Lord is definitley blessing me in my efforts! 

Side story: In sacrament meeting it was fast and testimony meeting so i just decided to have insane courage and walk up and intorduce myself and bear my testimony. Now... Everything i had prepared in my head quickly escaped out my ears and i was just standing there for abut 3 seconds in a foriegn land, about to attempt to speak to them haha. So i started up and managed to spit somethings out and then i just started firing off which surprised me! I finished and it seemed everyone understood me so everyone... the power of the Holy Ghost is real!!

Wisdom, Investigators, and stuff:

 Quote: We do not sell the gospel, we Share the gospel!

This was a nice little quote i heard in district meeting and i think its a great approach to missionary work!

Life lesson i learned:

Last night we were out contacting and we had almost no success so we headed in. And as we walked in, we saw a guy walking towards us and became a little hopeful. After he got close, I saw he was smoking and didnt look like a very likely person to listen so i kinda thought... dang he probably won't want to talk. But lo and behold, we had a great talk and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon! So 2 morals here:

1. Heavenly Father has us taken care of and will help us find those who He wants to recieve the gospel 

2. Dont Judge... Ever!! I learned that the least likely looking people will often be very receptive and want to learn!

A drunk guy on a skateboard came up to us last thrusday and just started asking what we were doing (which we were pulling stickers off a light pole because we have a cool collection haha) So we just started talking to him and it ended up as a conversation of Faith! So basically you never know who Heavenly Father will put in front of you so dont jude and talk with everyone!!

Fun (the Wonder Kitchen):

So last night for P-day eve (just a fun little nickname haha) we started a thing called the wonder kitchen. So basically me and Elder Pitcher dressed up in our proper apparel (youll see) and made the "Protein Power Play cake". Which was basically just a chocolate cake with protein powder haha but it was surprisingly good! It was a wonder kitchen because we accidentally left the rack to high up in the oven so the top of the cake baked and burned. So we pulled it out, scraped off the top, and put it back in and it turned out super! haha

Also, there is a recent convert named Xiao Chan, and she works in a sushi bar. She invited us to come try it and said she'd give us a discount! So we went and had great all you could eat sushi and talked with her and had a great time! She is so nice and very happy all of the time! She ended up giving us a larger discount than was necessary which i was way stoked about, but i was just happy to eat sushi again!! I did the math and we came out of there with 9 rolls of 4 pieces each in our bellies so it was a success:)

Anyways, thats all I have time for! I hope i got most of the best things covered! Thanks for all your prayers and support! God loves YOU! So go out and have a great week and try and help everyone you meet do the same!!

Med Kærlig Hilsen,

Ældste  Jeppson

Elder Gardner, Elder Pike, Elder Pitcher, Elder Jeppson:  

Sushi Dinner

On Our Way! 

Denmark Temple

View from our apartment

Wonder Kitchen

President and Sister O'bryant

Answers to Questions from Mom: 

I need to buy a bike soon but right now i ride this little red girls bike with a basket and its awesome haha. Its so handy to have a basket. But yea this next week i probably will get one. 

 I have a picture of my apartment I'll send. Its a fairly small one with a living space, one room with two super comfortable beds, and a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower in it. So rather a shower with a bathroom in it haha:) but yea its great and i love it! It is just me and my companion Ældste <Pitcher from south jordan utah and is good friends with >Elder Bradshaw! (the redhead who served in our ward with elder marvin)  He is an awesome guy and we have tons of fun. Can you send me the banana muffin recipe? :) I miss those and sunday evenings are our Odense Wonder Kitchen nights so we just make random things haha. Also maybe some other fun easy muffin or cookie or whatever :) All your food is good!

The food here is awesome! there is so much new stuff and its all so good! I dont even know where or how to explain! But the yogurt is thin enough to drink pretty much and i have it for breakfast with mysli evey morning which is basically like granola! its so great!

It's awesome to hear all youve been doing! Its so fun to read up on and i wish i had time to comment on everything:) Sister K is super! She is already probably my favorite member and speaks incredible danish! She is fantastisk!

Thanks for the prayers and everything! I hope I answered all the questions! I'll probably send my journal home when I fill it out cuz its going fast:) then you can read everything that is going on!