Monday, August 24, 2015

S(W)ervice, Progress and Stuff(ing)

Hey its been yet another wonderful week and its about to come real fast because im visiting the local Castle today..... ;)


So last Tuesday was almost a full day of service and it was way fun! I had forgotten how much fun mowing lawns and working with my hands could be. We left at around 10:30 to be at an appointment to help sand and paint the wood paneling and doors on a members house. He is a stellar guy and we had a great time for about three hours. Really refreshing :) Then we took about an hour to ride across the city so that we could make it to an older members house and help mow his lawn. NOw, it shouldnt have taken an hour, but there was a wayyyy strong headwind the entire way so basically we made very slow progress... (hence the swerve part of the title ) Apparently i need to get used to it because soon there will rain and snow AND a headwind so im preparing myself :)


  Two great things happened to help the progress of our investigators:
        1. L* came to a baptism with us to see how everything works. It really seemed to help him relax even more about the whole thing and be confident in his decision. The spirit was definitley present and helped him grow a little more. I mean.... this guy is so willing anyways that I'm not super worried. Plus he thinks I'm the funniest guy on Fyn or something because anything i say will set him off hahaha. (quick side note)... Yesterday in church he asked me if i was engaged and why i dont have a ring on and then i said "I'm not engaged" (in a fairly low whisper because there is a talk going on) and he lost his mind :)) It was all i could do to not laugh to hard because when this little old vietnamese guy laughs, it is quite entertaining. So he is my homie:)

       2. So with our investigator C*, she keeps on being awesome!! We had a læesson on the word of wisdom (kind of tough) and law of chastity (also tough). But guess what, she pretty much committed to both of them like it wasnt a big deal to give up! I mean we are working on her but i love how pure her desire is to be baptized and continue to feel Gods love. 

Story about C*.... last night after we taught the law of chastity with her, she seemed a little troubled still by her whole situation. We have talked with her about having to make sacrifices before, and i think she has thought about it a bit and pondered whether or not she should break up with her boyfriend or keep praying for other ways of coming to be baptized. But last night we saw this and offered her a preisthood blessing of comfort. She agreed to that,and then Elder Pitcher gave a wonderful blessing that brought the spirit into the room :) It was just great feelings of peace, and she felt a confirmation by the spirit that Heavenly Father loves her and will guide her. Such a wonderful experience:))

Oh..... and after that we kinda got pulled over (on bikes) by the Politi and Elder Pitcher was issued a 1000 kroner ticket for being on the phone and i got off with a warning from using the ole California-stop-sign-rollthrough technique in Denmark so yea.... :))) But look only on the future and learn form the past.... right? :)

Mission Conference:

We had an awesome mission conference with the WHOLE mission on wednesday. It was so much fun and way awesome! Our area 70,Elder Dyches, came with his wife and did some training and gave us some spiritual thoughts. It was also way fun to see my OG mtc group and we all lost our minds when we saw each other :) But i met a ton of new people and guess what.... we have a STELLAR group of people. They sent the best to Denmark ;) But i am a little biased haha. Im excited to see which one of them becomes my step-dad

 (missionary slang 101: your trainer is called your dad out here, the other people your dad has trained are your brothers, the people your brothers train are your nephews and so on. So because Elder Pitcher is going to die (that means go home) i get a step dad :) But in my family tree i have two brothers and my nephew is Elder Gardner my MTC companion haha. )


So we went to an eating appointment with sisters at this lady house named Edith. She is a long time member and is 91 and still very lively. Lively enough to prepare a MOUNTAIN of chicken nuggets and equally large portions of very good potatoes and this awesome danish vegetable sauce stuff. So i had a decent sized plate full and then was feeling just fine, when Sister Rovig (she thinks shes funny :) haha ) said "Oh elder Jeppson isnt this great? Hove some more" 

So i politely took some more and ate that much slower but then hey, guess what, it turned into "How much can the Greenie eat" and from then on i got thrown under the bus for the rest of the night. Ive never eaten so many chicken nuggets in my life and i might never again... I guess its rude to not eat enough for 7 people in Denmark.... And that was only dinner so im not gonna talk about the dessert rounds.....


I had my kebabtism this week:) It was truly fantastic! But they dont mess around at all.... too bad my camera broke cuz that would have been fun to document. But they did properly name it Kebabtism.....

The coffee cake ingredients that were sent.... pure gold :) I've never seen a cake disappear so quickly :) Shout out to Mom

"There is no tomorrow to remember, if we don't do something today" -President Monson'

Go out and do something today to remember :)

Ældste  Jeppson :)

PS. I have a quote book that I'm compiling so if anyone has words of wisdom I'd love to hear them.  

Elder Jeppson 
Elder Pitcher

Mission Conference
Mission Mascot - Seals

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