Monday, August 17, 2015

Cake is good....but the Gospel is Better

Didnt i just email yesterday? Thats basically how fast time flies here it seems like :) But here comes the week in a nutshell:


I'll start with the good stuff! :) We have two investigators progressing towards baptism and one has a baptismal date for two weeks ahead. His name is ______ (you can use creative liberty here :) ) He is basically willing to do anything we say and is super happy all the time! He is from vietnam and is old enough that he fought for vietnam in the war as the tore up his home. Very seasoned guy. He is so funny because he has a vietnamese friend in the second ward who translates for him so he never has come to our ward. 

So we asked him thinking that he would resist and not want to leave the second ward but he said "Yea okay" and then just kept talking about something else. He is so greatful for us even though he doesnt realize that we are the same missionaries who started teaching him. He says " You know im happy those two missionaries like you helped me find God" :) We just let him do his thing because he is so happy. 

The other is a girl named____. She the one who contacted US and came has come to church on her own twice :) Her story is that her and her boyfriend and her were walking in a different city when the Elders for that area came up and contacted them. Her boyfriend said no and kept walking but she really wanted to take the Book of Mormon they had offered her. So she called her friend who is a member and asked about the church and that brings us to present :) She is super willing and wants to be baptized and has felt that it is true.... but her boyfriend is super against all religion and any religious ideas. The good news is that she likes to go against the grain and continues to meet with us and come to church :)) so we will see what unfolds.

Also this week we found a guy named _____. He lives on the bottom floor actually so we found him when we "happened" to all be putting our bikes away for the night. One thing led to another and we ended up in his apartment 3 nights later eating cake with him and discussing the gospel. He is a super nice guy who lives by himself so he was very open to talking with us for almost 2 hours. (they should never be that long but had so many questions... and cake ;) ) So we have another app to meet with him again soon!'

The gospel trumps cake all day..... unless the cake is flavored with the gospel ;)

Words of Wisdom: 
I heard a ton of awesome quotes and ideas so ill share them:

 1. Everyone looks good in baptismal white:  We need to see all people as they may become... not as they are (thats a 2012 Conference talk by President Monson if anyone is interested) 

2. Be subissive... not just obedient!!

3. Be a fine tuned instrument: If you are going to hunt an animal, would you rather use a rock or an gun? We need to shoot straight and accurate to be effective in the hands of the Lord.

4. All weather is good weather, its just a matter of clothes: You choose your attitude!

5. "Happiness is not being better, its becoming better"

Hopefully the mind of an 18 year old missionary enlightened you today :) haha

Fun and stuff... 

here some things that will brighten you day haha

One night this week we had an eating appointment we had to get out to. So we ride out there and we are making good time when a biblical size swarm of these little black beetles plauged the city. On arrival.... i took some time to take off my living coat of insects before entering the eating appointment haha. So there was that. Then... we ended up staying later than we planned so it was starting to get dark when we needed to go. No problem though we have time right? WRONG. The bearing on the bike tire of my companions bike got shredded so it was no longer funtional. Keep in mind that the plaugue of beetles is still present haha. So we ended up walking for an hour, in the dark, covered in bugs, dragging a mountain bike behind us.... way fun.

But wait guess what... when we were about to get home.. someone hucked a coffee at "the Mormons" and kept going. Good thing that missionaries have the same skills as Samuel the Lamanite because it went though my legs :)) I did turn around in time to watch another innocent bystander get beaned by a hamburger so that made my night better :) so fun stuff for that night!

So you know how we locked ourselves out last time.... i did it again!! For the love of all that is good and fair... You would think i would learn! But this time was harder because i had put the deadbolt in place so there was no getting past the last level for us this time. So we spent 2 hours at the senior couples house looking for a key when i decided that a hammer drill could help ( i promised to fix the door... dont worry)
but we ended up getting in because my companion summoned his inner hockey player and smashed through the door.

So i still stand by the fact the movies = truth. :)

The main qoute of the week comes from Elder Dale G. Renlund

"If we dont try, we are just latter day sinners. If we dont perservere, we are just latter day quitters. God indeed cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming than about who we once were"

We found that in the ensign when we were doing language study and i though that was very profound and quote worthy. 

Enjoy your week! Make it a good one :)

Ældste Jeppson

We went through the temple with a man named Jens Pedersen who is soooo awesome!  He is such a funny guy who is a ton like Brother Florence but older :).  Left to right: Elder Jeppson Elder Pitcher, Jens Pedersen, Elder Lawless, Frederik Koster

Airtime- Elder Pitcher

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