Monday, August 31, 2015

Baptism, Stolen Goods, Sour Whale Blubber

Sometimes.... it couldn't be better :)This week was jammed with so much stuff and I only have a small amount of time to write (its transfer day) so its coming at you quick:

Dåbs for days:

Dåb is the danish word for baptism. VL is the man who relates to that word. thats right..... He got baptized! He was wayy happy to be baptized :) The Spirit was way strong there and it was just a great experience. I waited for him and Elder Pitcher to get back into dry clothes and V came out first and I asked him how he felt and he told me that he felt very fresh (he is vietnamese and has a hard time finding the right  danish words :) ) But I knew he meant pure and he kept telling me that he has a new life now. He talks alot about how he used to drink and smoke and that now he is totally free and clean from those and has a new start:) I was way stoked!

And thats not all.... C accepted a baptismal date on the 10th of October! She is progressing way rapidly and is super solid! The Lord is definitley providing a way for her :) Its cool because Elder Pitcher will be back in Denmark with his parents in October so he will be able to come to it! Way fun stuff:) We have been meeting a lot with her recently and she comes to church every Sunday so she is way solid! Her main thing is figuring out her situation with her boyfriend but the Lord will provide!

1 month meeting:

I had my one month meeting back in Copenhagen. Basically, it's just a meeting with my OG squadron (my MTC group :) ) where we meet back with President O'Bryant and our trainers and have training meetings and stuff. It  was way fun to see them all again, even though I saw them all last week for mission conference haha. Way fun stuff. The best part was that we got to all go to the København Temple together with our mission president and his wife so that was a way neat experience!

Stolen goods:
Well everyone... there are some real jokers out there in the world so if you want to keep your bikes then keep them close.... I speak from experience because "steel wind" got stolen :( (thats my bike...well was my bikes name)  But the good news is that Elder Pitcher went home so he sold me his bike for a good deal so I am still rollin down the streets in my replica 2013X dark horse edition (thats a little bit embellished ;) ) But the moral of the story is that if you steal a bike, the person on the receiving end might feel like crying.   So don't steal kids.

Sour whale blubber:

Yea... i ate it :) haha So basically what happened was that the Asisstants to president O'Bryant bought some sour whale blubber in Iceland for us to all try before our one month meeting. So we all sat in a circle and counted to three and put it down. It tasted like coleslaw.... that you could probably chew for at least 7 days. I managed to bite it in half and get one down but the other half turned into a projectile :) (whoops) But it was about the size of a small brownie so I felt pretty acomplished to eat half. My body straight up rejected the other half though so its probably not a good thing for me. But the funny thing is that in Greenland and Iceland the kids eat it like its candy so...... strange world....

Other stuff:

1. Fun fact: my mission president's son's girlfriend's mission companion was Sister Jessi Jeppson (my cousin ) haha small world

2. fun fact: my new companion's best friend's dad's cousin is..... my Mom! even smaller world

3. This week for service we dug a trench for pipes for a member with the sisters which was way fun. They fed us after as well which was also fun:)

Well I wish I could say more but I'm out of time. Sorry I don't have the pictures right now of the baptism and stuff but I'll make sure they get sent to me! (Broken Camera issues)

In the dying words of Elder Pitcher, " Thats the way I do it when I do do it. But when I don't do it, I don't do it"

Mel Kælig Hilsen,

Ældste Jeppson

Ældste  Jeppson

***Side note from Mom:  Elder Jeppson has a new mission companion, Elder Gifford from Richfield Utah.  He knows my cousins family and must be great if he is from Richfield, Utah where Elder Jeppson's Grandpa Fillmore grew up :)  

Elder Jeppson, Elder Pitcher, Sister Ackerman, Sister Rovig, Sister Ripa 

Sister Turpin, Sister Rovig, Sister Ripa, Elder Jeppson, Elder Pitcher, Sister Ackerman 


  1. He sounds so great. Let him know we love him and to keep up the great work. Tell him Riley went 3-4 with two triples and a smash single on Saturday in Elder B Jeppson's honor.
    Love, the Zufelts

  2. His letters are very entertaining. Ask him if he has met Ella Stokholm yet. Not sure where she and her family live in Denmark. But I taught her the lessons on my mission in Poland. She left Poland so that she could continue to learn about the Gospel without her family's interference. She got a job nannying in Denmark, got baptized, married a returned missionary and now her son is serving a mission in SLC.