Monday, September 7, 2015

I Need to Borrow some Sweats

So apparently this winter in Denmark will be one of the coldest on record in recent years so that just make the whole experience more memorable..... or something like that....... :) But its not cold yet so I will keep writing till my fingers freeze I guess. But this week was one more quality week for the books:


So this week we had some good experiences with our investigators! We found a new friend named T who is about 60ish years old and is a way nice guy and pretty open to learn about the gospel. He says that he believes in a higher power and hopes that there really is. So we taught about the power of prayer and invited him to pray to find out for himself if it was true. He was pretty willing to do so but hesitant to do it in front of us. We then bore testimony that God really does love us and is there for us and is willing to help us and answer our prayers.  So we will see next time if he followed through on that. But he is a way nice guy and was happy to meet with us:) 

Also with C, she broke up with her boyfriend so that was good for the whole situation. I mean I only know the guy based off what C told us so we tried to leave that whole thing up to her. But she did it! She moved out to live with a friend and is still coming to the YSA activities and church very regularly! It has been so neat to see the progress and the love she has for this gospel grow! She is so happy all the time and has really opened up and found people in the ward to be friends with!

The Odense way:

The members here in Odense are nails! They all are so happy and willing to help in any way and have an awesome spirit! There are a lot of way cool people here who are just so much fun to be around. And they love the missionaries so we try our hardest to work hard and do the right thing always so we can continue to strengethen the relationship with the ward. They also can all cook very well :) One family that are way awesome and love the missionaries made us some pancake type stuff that really just raised our happiness levels to high :) But they are more then just good cooks haha. Even though I've only been in one area, its going to be pretty hard to leave! This is an awesome place!

Fun stuff:

This week we talked to crazy Steve (he is the drunk guy who always chants random stuff when he sees us). But it was way fun to talk to him because hes actually a nice guy (hes just a little drunk all the time :) ) But he had a friend named jason that was with him who was equally intoxicated but we actually had a way good discussion with him after crazy steve went to bed (at 6:30 hahaha ) But jason was very interested and very open! He has a TON of long curly hair pushed back by sunglasses and has an austrailian accent :) Im going to get a picture with him sometime because hes way cool!

Shoutout to Uncle Dan for gracing Odense with his Greatful Praise album :) haha

Brazilian food:

So this week we helped someone move and afterwards they took us to this Bazaar where there is a authentic brazilian place! (where you at Nate) But the food there is so good... that we came back the following night to try the Brazialian national dish called Feijoada. Its "rice, beans, and all the good parts of the pig" according to the lady who works there (who is super nice and loves us a ton!) But all the good parts of the pig include but are not limited to, the tail, the feet, the ears, and ......... more ;) But she told us afterwards so i cant complain because it tasted fantastic!! We will probably become locals there because the lady is our new friend and she can cook a bomb bunch of brazilian food :)

But hey, you have a lovely week! someone go to 7-11 and buy some cherry sours and eat them for me because they dont have them at the 7-11s here (which actually disappoints me greatly)

but they have bomb pastries;)

Mel Kærlig Hilsen,
The baptism of Vo Long with Elder Jeppson and Elder Pitcher
Ældste  Jeppson

Elder Jeppson squaring up with a Knight
Egeskov Castle

The Jeppson Car :) 

The Jensen Family with Caroline, Ferederik Koster and Axel next to Elder Jeppson

Elder Gifford and Elder Jeppson

My homie ET

The Classic Odense Monkey Pic

We sometimes climb Trees

I might need narcolepsy treatment :) 

The wonder Kitchen lives on with Elder Gifford, the headband comes on every night as a sign of another great day :)

I made this cake last night for Stella's birthday this week.  Me and my friends in my district will make sure we eat it for you :)  It is a brown sugar nectarine cake and it actually tastes very good!  I hope you have a wonderful 5th birthday!  Eat some real cake for me at your party!  Love you!! You are the best 7th Jeppson child in the world!  

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