Monday, September 14, 2015

Dedicated to my "dead Dad" ( Elder Pitcher)

All i can say is I brought my journal this time becuase this week all blurred into one giant day and I really can't remember what I did on which day:) Time does not exist as a missionary (Thats my theory) But I got some fun highlights for you that might interest you ;) :


This is basically the highlight of my entire week so listen up :) We prayed to find a person that was prepared for us on Thursday right before we went out to contact. So we were walking for about 30 minutes and had no success on the main streets, so I thought, maybe we should walk on the gå gade (the walking street with shops). But then I thought "nahhhh, It is kind of a hit and miss there." But it came to me again and the spirit quikly helped me change my "wise" 18 year old brain. So we started walking and trying to contact and we we not really getting much. But then we ran into a guy from Somalia (whose name escapes me so we can call him Mohammed because that is a VERY common name over here with people from Africa and the Middle East ) So we started talking to him and had a great chat but he was mostly psyched out of his mind that we were Americans and lost it when I told him I was from California. He basically told us he loves America so much and wants to stow away (thats what i got out of it haha ) 

But anyways, we continued on after that and as we were walking I saw a girl sitting on a fountain and she looked pretty sad. I thought we should talk to her so we went over. She was pretty lonely and wasn't really sure about her whole situation. So we began to talk with her and found out that  she had just moved from Russia and that she was all alone and had just broken up with her boyfriend! (sound familiar?). She is half Danish so she speaks very good Danish. After just chatting with her for a while, she began to brighten up and you could tell  she was happy to just talk with people! But she asked after a while who we were and what we are doing.... Well, Good question :) So we started talking about what we do and what we share and that kind of evolved into a conversation about prophets and the restoration of the church. She was very open and very curios to learn! So we asked if we could meet again some other time and she said she would like that so we are looking forward to that! She said she would come to church but she got lost so she didnt make it haha:) She reminds me very much of a disney character or something with a sad backstory and then finds her true potential and becomes a russian princess or something ( I have dibs on submitting that to disney) So yea it was great!

Our other investigator C is still very excited to be baptized and is doing really well! She comes to church every week and CUV (the young single adults night over here) and is just as happy as ever:)

With our vietnamese homie Vo Long, he is doing very well! He is getting ready to recieve the preisthood and yesterday in church (i usually sit by him :) ) he wrote me a little note asking about "the little paper from the bishop" haha. (He meant his temple recommend) So he is doing very well! The other day we needed to find out 3 interesting facts about him so we could give them to the ward facebook page to help fellowship him, he told us that he is a dead eye with a cannon:) He said he can hit anything rain or shine:) (we didn't actually put that on the page though haha)

Glad he is my friend.....;)

The blurred week:

Most of this week has been finding for us. It all just kind of rolls together. We had a zone training this week but President wasn't able to make it this time. But it was very impressive that a bunch of 18-20 year olds could bring such a strong spirit! It was a very awesome thing for me to see! Everyone here is truly called to Denmark for a reason. There is no faint of heart here:)

Other fun stuff:
We did some service for a family that are friends with some members in the ward here in Odense. They aren't members but they're wayyyy awesome people and are super nice! We helped them move out of their house on Saturday and it was way fun! We got done pretty quickly and efficiently (shoutout to Dad for teaching me how to move people in/out right haha) because there were some big heavy things that we had to play tetris with a couple of times :) It was fun because the classic moving snacks are way better than American moving snacks (sorry America ;) ) Also they took us out to get American burgers!! Its been a while since I've had a Bacon BBQ Cheeseburger:) It did taste a little Danish but i mean I can't complain about good stuff here.

I hope I didn't forget anythinig but I honestly just can't remember a lot of the week! But I can say that everyday was doing the best thing that I could be doing right now so it doesn't matter too much about the details:) This is most definitley the most important work!! I challenge you all to find a friend or a family member and invite them to something :) It can be hard but its so wayyyy worth it :)

Guess what.... i found a ukulele!! I actually only borrowed it but it kinda of got me thinking about blessing the ears of Danes with church hymns (Translation: i might buy my own;) )

Have a great week!

Ældste Jeppson

Chalk contacting

I Found a Slurpee! 
A Kebab :)

Elder Perkins (left side brown hair), Elder Lee (left side black hair), Elder Dibble (Kassies friend:) and Elder Murphy (from Rocklin)
Our Brit, Elder Amos (also our DL)

Posing with Jimmy Hendricks

Our water went "South America" on us :) 

Our Chive Plant "Nigel" :) 

It Rains Here! 

Elder Gifford with a lava lava on his head #what

Mission Conference

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