Monday, September 21, 2015

We (almost) got kidnapped....

But don't worry because I'm here writing this so I'm obviously alive....  :)

But the highlights! :


So this week was very good as far as the work!! C* had some concerns aboout whether she would be worthy enough or be able to keep holding the commandments so we had a lesson about how the atonement is so key in Heavenly Fathers plan. We explained how all we can do and what is expected of us to repent daily and strive to become better and better. We discussed things on the topic and it started becoming clear she had a load taken off of her.  We also had a guy around 21 there from the ward who has had a similar life story and could relate super well!  He told her,  "Take youre last pack of cigarettes and say, this is my last pack ever. and just smoke every one of them! And then throw it away and move on. He said it worked for his grandpa and his dad and himself and then said it will work for her. :)"  He also said he will check up every day so we don't really have anything to worry about:) He is such an awesome missionary in his own ward! Also, after that  I had a neat experience as I bore testimony of the things we had discussed! I started talking and my danish was on point! The spirit really helped me out and I was so glad to be able to say the things I said the way I said them :)

Vo long just keeps on being awesome:) He will be ordained a preist this Sunday so we are way happy!

So our older friend T* let us in on Thursday and we had a great conversation on the Book of Mormon and then discussed that if he reads and prays about it, he will be able to find out if its true. He kinda said yea but wasn't totally sure about it but then Elder Gifford said something along the lines of Its about Jesus Christ right? So how else can we find out except by asking? He then seemed confident after that, and confident enough that he said he would be baptized if he found out :) So he is on a good track! He also has a killer taste in the 70's and 80's music and has records on records on records in his apartment so I enjoy meeting with him for that reason also because we have good discussions on his favorites (he likes 10cc and billy joel :) )

Language progress:

As far as the language I am doing fantastic. I'm starting to get to the learning stage where it becomes exponential! Ive become way more conversational and its just so fun to finally start being able to express myself in Danish! I love to talk to people but its frustrating not to be able to say it like you want to so I'm pretty happy! :) The Lord is blessing me for sure!

(not) kiddnappings:

So this week we went to help an investigator move but it was shady because he told us to meet him behind the train station at 11 haha. What was shadier was that he had moved to Århus two weeks ago and then he moved back a week later so we thought it could be for us (Hey we were just having fun with it ) But we basically were a little sketched out :) So we meet him there, we open the sliding white door to the van, and then the part where he puts bags on our heads and pushes us in didn't happen so we got in and helped him move :)

He ended up just needing to move because his time ran out and then up in Århus something weird happened logistically or something so he came back. But he did buy us the same hamburgers as the people we helped move last time so we were happy haha:) 

Craaaaaazy Soup:

So after district meetings we do this things where we all bring a ingredient from some sort of food category and we try and make something out of it and its just way interesting! So we brought lasagna strips, the British Guy (Elder Amos haha :) and Elder Poff brought straight chilis (the super hot ones ) The sisters brought chicken and the senior couple brought sause (also chili)

So we broke the lasagna strips into noodle looking things and then put the chicken and ALL the chilis in a pan with green onion and paprika and fried them up and the made some chili spaghetti-lookin stuff. What came out as our meal was just about the spiciest food I've ever had. To put it into perspective, my tongue swelled up ;) hahaha It was so great because I knew from making the chicken  that it was absolute FIRE but the others didn't. They also thought they could be tough and brag about liking spicy food, but then again they never thought someone would have the desire to drink ranch dressing :) But thats what it came down to haha:) 

But guess who finished it ...... Me:)

I'm a barber now:

Basically I've become the Odense mission barber... So I cut my own hair because Elder Pitcher showed me how so I do that now and again. Then Elder Amos asked me to cut his while we were on splits and so I did... and it turned out pretty fresh:) It was good enough that Elder Poff,  his companion, asked me to cut his when they slept over because of stake conference. Well.... that also turned out great because this morning the two other Odense Elders came over during companionship study and I Cut their hair while we listened to Conference talks and discussed them :) 

Fun stuff:

During splits, me and elder Amos caught a pigeon haha. There are stairs going up to a loft thing and we went up and there was a SWARM of them! So a broomstick and a makeshift lasso later, and we caught a new friend named James (don't worry we cooked him well ;) )

Elder Pitcher, my "dead" dad, came back with his parents and we went to The Kreibergs house for dinner with them! It was way fun to see him again and how life is like without the tag haha. He still felt pretty weird but he is doing well. His parents are also way awesome! It was a great time just talking about missions and other stuff (Plus it was absolutly bomb food so i was happy :) )

Well, i get my camera finally this week so you will start seen a lot more of what actually happens! But I can tell you that what does happen is some of the most fun, hard, crazy, exciting growth of my life and I don't regret a lick of it:) The gospel is true and i know it. I can testify of it and the change it makes in peoples lives. :)

Have a fantastic week! Make a difference in someones life for me :) 

Med Kærlig Hilsen,
Ældste  Jeppson
This week we went to get slurpees and it was DUMPING RAIN but I didn't care because my love for slurpees is that strong. So the crazy Americans rode through the streets in all their slurpee glory haha (but my hand probably get hypothermia)

Also this week, The people we helped move last week gave us ALL of the food left in their house so we got a whole lot of just stuff:) But We like stuff so that was a highlight

Elder Gifford, Elder Jeppson - Almost (just almost) bought these

Our kidnappers van - hahaha

Elder Jeppson, Elder Gifford, Elder Amos, Elder Poff

tasted as good as it looks :) 

Our Fire Food Lunch :) 

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