Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ode to Århus

This week has been nuts and it is already Tuesday evening here in sunny Århus! The schedule has been slammed (luckily :) ) so we have had a hard time finding time to email but I will get to that righhhhht.... now.

The Highlights:

Juan: We met a way awesome guy from Bogota Colombia and he is really searching for truth! We had a way killer lesson with him and it was neat because he basically told us all his opinions and convictions.... which happened to all agree pretty right on with what we believe. Heavenly Father has really given him opportunities to be prepared:) He does not see logically why people can automatically shut out there being God, and for that matter a prophet of God on the earth today. So we are wayy stoked on Juan right now:)

L* is really great still. She was down in Svendborg to visit her family and the Svendborg elders were there and she told them to make sure that we came as soon as possible so we could teach again. She is very open still and starting to seriously consider the message and what it really could mean for her life. We met with her and got into the plan of salvation a bit and left it on a cliff hangere because we had to get home and she had so many good questions that we didn't have time to do justice. So next time we think it will be a key lesson. 

We get to meet with C* again tomorrow! Fingers crossed there:)

We met a lot of new potential investigators. Teaching with Elder  Bennett is something I could do all day because he is such a beast missionary. We had a block of finding on Saturday where we knocked for 2 hours and talked to 4 people and taught... 4 people. We figure we could just go all day long and be just fine at that rate. I'm really thankful to have him. missionary work is reaching yet another level of satisfaction:)

We had stake conference which was so good! It was great to see all of the members from the stake that I have served my whole mission in so far. I didnt realize how close i had actually gotten with some members until this conference. It could be that I can actually fully understand them on an even language playing field, but it was so good to see them again. The members here are so strong and I really admire them for how steadfast they are. Elder Tom-Atle Herland of  the area 70 came and spoke which was way sweet because he is Norwegian. Fun fact, Danish and Norwegian are close enough that I could understand almost all of what he was saying. Fun fact part two, I went up and thanked him and started talking and he asked where I was from. I told him Sacramento area and he said he has a good friend there... well I figured The Sterri family was probably a good guess so I ventured to ask who it was and wouldn't you be surprised to know it was haha. He got way stoked and said they were great friends so... the world get smaller and I have a friend in the area 70 now:) Good stuff. I think I will add Norwegian to the list of languages to learn.

On top of that, Caroline came to Stake conference too so it was way cool to see her there! Odense has really been blessed with a lot of new converts and they are all studs. It really affirmed that the Lord takes care of them, and the Lord takes care of us. Sooner or later, he puts the two together:) The Lord's Elect hear his voice for sure. But that really made me happy. I also asked how Vo Long is doing and he is still going strong down in Odense. Comes to church weekly and  goes to the temple monthly. Incredible:)

We helped carry out Operation Trojan Trash Bag. We went back to help the Lady who like to be sentimental with everything to move stuff aka fill three dumpsters full with her stuff haha. She really has a problem with Hoarding and most of the stuff is literal garbage so we did come covert stuff in order to help her. She didn't know and/or care because she was way stoked on the progress so sucess:) She gave us a marble bust of bethoven:)

We had a really good zone conference today on the Book of Mormon. President and Sister Obryant did a great job and it really was a good booster for the zone. The zone is absolutey STACKED!  Elder Bennett and I are so stoked for this transfer. WE knelt in prayer as a zone to decide on a baptismal goal and we all came together to agree on that every district baptizes has one baptism and then one more. Really though, the goal is to "find the one." God has someone who needs the gospel in EVERY area and it is up to us as missionaries called of God to help guide them back to Heavenly  Father. The spirit was very strong and I had a confirming feeling that great things will happen this transfer. I know the Lord is looking to bless us even more:)

Fun story of the week... we got off the bus later at night and I realized as the bus pulled away that my phone had fallen out on the seat in the bus. So Elder Bennett and I went gazelle mode and raced that bus down the hill and caught it just in time for the next stop to get my phone. (luckily Elder bennett is a stud runner) the victory prize for beating a bus in a footrace though was that I might have torn my quad. No worries though.... what a story right??

Have a wonderful week! We all have five minutes somewhere to make a difference so I challenge you to use it!

Ældste  j

Classic door pic

Climbing park on P-day

The one and only Elder Jakob Jensen

Turtle Meat

The Dulcimer....My next instrument when I come home :) 

The Cactus Crew 

The Bethoven head... legendary

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