Monday, October 17, 2016

Bennett's Berrys on Tour

When I was back in Odense and Elder Bennett was in Svendborg, we planned a fake music group called Bennetts Berrys so that we could say they sponsored me and Elder Erickson's album "Odense Underground Hymn revival." Its fun the group is almost fully back together (rip Elder Hartmann...)
This we was great! I really am just feeling it right now:) There is nothing more satisfying than fufilling something greater than yourself and at the same time, nothing more fun. I think if i had to go back in time 3 years to pitch a mission solely off of the expereince,this week would have been a great week to sell:)
The work here in Århus is going off right now. We have a ton of really awesome individuals who all have various degrees of desire to know the truth.
We found 4 new freinds who all want to hear the good word:)
First off is Juan #2. hehe He hails from Panama and is such an baller! He was way good buds with the missionaries back in the dayand they played a lot of football americano and basketball. He is about 40ish and is absolutely full of good vibes. WE were on splits with the Ålborg elders so i wasn't at the appointment,  but he had us over for dinner and according to the mouth of Elder Bennett he is mega believing! He got wayyyy hyped on the Book of Mormon and asked for one in espanol so we are super stoked on Juan number juan and number two ( Haha)
The we found Frank. Frank is a way cool brotha from Nigeria and has live in Copenhagen for sometime and moved to Århus 9 days ago. It was really neat because we prayed forto go out and find someone who is looking to come to church and we found Frank about 20 steps down the path. Frank is way believing and loves to talk about things that we build his faith. We met with him Friday and Saturday to talk but we kinda rocked his world with the plan of salvation. Meaning, we were dicussing Gods plan for us and we got to a certain point in the lesson were he said" I am going to need some time to think about that-" So we sat in silence for 4 minutes and apparently that wasn't enough because he reallllly needed time I guess. So we invited him to study and pray about it and he said he might need a month haha. So Frank only goes at Frank speed.
Elder Bennett and Elder Whitaker found another guy named J* on splits. He is way awesome because he was stoked that there actually is a church that claims to have been restored after the period of apostasy. He is very well read on religion and  is very certain we as people were in deep need for a restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So we are really looking forward to that lesson:)
Cool faith promoting story:
The fourth investigator we found is named J*. Before we knocked on his door, we had prayed to know where to go so that we find those that are willing to set the message of the restoration to the test. Well, if you really pay attetion to what you say in prayers, God is going to do it if we ask in faith and if it is in accordance with his plan. So we came to the first door and gave it a knock. J* opened, we introduced ourselves, and then he proceeded to let us right in. What resulted from knocking that door was a very intrigued J* and a powerful lesson about the restoration.I dont know if ive seen anyone so focused listening when telling of personal experiences and testimony. He was very intrigued when Elder Bennett and I shared our own personal stories about the spirit of God and how listening to it changed us. Basically, he is at a point where he wants something he can go all in with his faith on. Such a cool guy! And then to top off the appointment, he remembered an old neighbor he had who had taken the lessons in Austrailia and who wanted the missionaries to come and teach him again. Incredible:)
C* is progressing surely and steadily. She is hovering about right above frank speed but she really has sincere desire to read the Book of Mormon:)
Highlights from the week:
We had the Ålborg elders come down for pday before splits so that we could have a cill pday. We got invited by out Christian friends from the youth church in Århus to go play soccer fifa street edition. There are small soccer courts with walls and stuff around Denmarks in parks and schools and stuff. We played 6 americans vs 5 danes and we only lost by 2:) It was raining pretty good so it made it all the more classic danish fun :D
I had the chance to be on splits with elder Olsen from Sandy Utah. He is a way cool guy and we had a way great time together on splits! We had the opportunity to break into an apartment complex together. that sounds more intense than it was because the elevator is usually pin coded but a man walked out at the perfect time so we took a gamble and walked in. I know why they keep it locked... thats where all of the hardcore atheists were hiding haha. Man that was kind of a bummer knock sesh as far at the talking to people went. But i had a great time getting to know Elder Olsen and having fun with him:)

Started touring the districts to give trainings to the 3 districts in the zone. We started with our own district and had a really good meeting and then found our boy Frank. Probably the biggest point of Wednesday was that the Bible study we attend at the new covenant church  gave us, the 6 missionaries who come, to give a Mormon  night so to speak. We passed out 30 Book of Mormons to the congregation of mostly African descent and then taught a 15 minute run down on the first lesson and then turned it over for questions. I must say that the spirit of Erastus Snow lives on here in denmark Because that is the second time ive preached to over 30 people on my mission haha so great!
Went up to Ålborg to give the district meeting to that district. We talked about the Book of Mormon and why it is such and important tool:) Always a great topic.
We also taught Connie and had a pretty good lesson. She gave us some snacks as well and fun fact about Denmark, meat and cheese never go together. that also counts for salmon and cheese on a cracker. They will take it personally if you do it so do it behind closed doors;) hahaha
Friday: We went out to Skive to give district meeting to the midtjylland district and then we stayed the rest of the day to blitz the area. That baically means you take a bunch a missionarys and get them stoked on work and then turn them loose to go buck wild on one city:) We found 4 investigators total for Skive which is really good! Elder Beck and i were on splits and had a really cool expereince. I had been fasting to find someone in Skive during blitz splits. Well, we found someone:) It was really neat how the Lord blessed us because i could tell Elder Beck was a bit strained from what had happened recently in there area and that they hadnt really had a lot working out since it happened so it was really cool to get let in the door and teach a way cool young guy who was humble enough to listen to the words of two 19-20 yr old guys. :)
Taught the one and only Frank again:)
Successfully improved an arrangement of "Abide with me tis evening tide" for sacrament meeting to accompany sister Andrew:) So that was great. Then we went and did an improved finding block and found our boy Jonas (see above again). incredible:)
Today we are in Frederikshavn on Splits to boost the area up here:) It is good to be back. It has not changed one bit and it has really made me realize how fast time actually goes when you dial in, That was 9 months ago that i arrived... just wild

Spiritual thought:
In a talk given by the temple presidents wife at stake conference, she talked about how we all have five minutes to make a difference somewhere. This week I have been thinking about how i can render more charitable service to others and that i will always be able to find five minutes to do so. Here is how i figured to that conclusion... 

If the thing we call time is relative, ESPECIALLY to God, then we will have time. God is surely more concerned about the charitable service we render in his name than how fast we arrive to school or work or whatever. It will surely come back to bless us and then some. I had this impression during third hour of church (i really WAS trying to listen...) and it got me thinking a lot. I invite you to think about what you can do with five minutes.
Peace Love and chik-fil-a,
Ældste  j

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