Monday, December 12, 2016

The Travel Team

Coming to you live from the Copenhagen area with the latest and greatest recent highlights in the Gladsaxe Library:


J* is still just stoked out of his mind :) He couldn't make it to church because his wife has diabetes and got sick but he called and told us to make sure we announce his baptism to the Ward haha he is so solid. We met twice with him this week and somehow he caught on to the whole "Feed the Missionaries" mentality because they made us some way good food both times. We had some Christmas duck and potatoes and stuff and then the Next time we had a Whole smørbrød sandwhich night haha. We also got to talking about temples with him and now he has his sights set for after he gets baptized so the faith just keeps growing! We also watched the "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration " movie with him and now he has a new favorite movie called "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration"... 

So we are pretty inspired by J*.

K* is still working on smoking .He was pretty grumpy in church cuz he had only had 4 cigarettes but that is also understandable cuz before it was a bit more haha. He is coming along though and still meets with us regularly.

Other News:

If you're wondering why I am in KBH (Copenhagen), it is because i am a part of the traveling music Group for the next week. We are going around to three different Places (Copenhagen, Odense, and Århus) to do three different Christmas concerts for the wards here and its pretty neat! I am fairly certain all the talent is sent to our mission because with every single member of the Group I think I've thought to myself how insanely talented they are haha. Its pretty Next level for a guy who spends most of his musical effort on the Ukulele haha. Lets just say I have learned more then all of my Group combined about singing and stuff so its been a fun couple of days practicing. Major props to people who can sing without their vocal chords getting sore cuz i don't think I have ever done so much in my Whole life haha.

The Things you do as a missionary.... :)

Spiritual thought:

I had a cool experience this week in regards to receiveing answers to prayer. I thought a lot about how we receive personal revelation last transfer (well all of them actually haha ) but as I was thinking about how I could be better/work harder I had one of theose instances where it feels like pure intelligence flows into you and you feel really wise for a moment and then realize it wasn't you haha. I got a cool answer in quote form that I thought I would share:

"Do not wait for your circumstances to improve in order to be influenced. Rather, use your influence to improve your circumstances"

Gotta love a good brick to the face type answer haha. Well in lieu of that thought I have worked on trying to realize when I have an opportunity to influence my circumstances and I've realized there are a lot more around me than I know. The thing is, it's not a good thing unless you do it so those principles go hand in hand if you actually want to see things improve in life. Food for thought.

This is yours truly, Ældste Brandon Jeppson, signing off and wishing you a Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful week :D

Ældste  j

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