Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 6 in G# Major

Well my fate is sealed! Elder Thurman is gonezo and my new companion is..... Elder Ziegler! Haha crazy stuff. So we will be staying in Holbæk for a 6 week sprint to the finish before signing off and following the sun in the sky back west (Well actually Elder  Ziegler is from Bern, Switzerland soooo ill be solo on that journey but you get the point) It pretty much isnt even real and ive decided that until im actually in the airport in the act of going home, im here forever :D Gotta stay in denial as long as possible right? 

Well we woke up at 5 and we are in the office right now and i have a couple minutes to shoot off some emails before the current of today takes me until i come to a spot where i can get control of the schedule haha. Transfer days are nuts because you have to do a lot of waiting and switching around so im not sure what is going to happen but at some point ill get my comp and we will drive on back to Holbæk. 

So a quick recap of the week and I am off:

We met with J and had a good last visit with him for Elder Thurman. It was pretty neat because we both felt at the same time to start talking about the Book of Mormon and how we had a copy we wanted to give him. He was very intrigued by it and said he would love to read it. The thing about his situation is that pretty much all he does/can do is read or watch good old western movies. He is really in to family history and history in general, war and military strategy, and philosophy and religion so im sure he'll find something in the Book of Mormon to relate to ;) Way sweet though! We are the only friends he has so it is a privilege to come and visit him and learn about his life and stuff. At this point he has really inspired me to live life without my brakes on and make it worth writing about so ive benefited a ton from our "chats" haha

This week was easter week so that basically means that everyone and everything is off schedule haha. Denmark is especially closed down in the past couple days so there has been a lot of no contact with people/ people dont want to meet at all until next week. Here is kind of what happened:

Monday: Essentials pday so that we could have time during the week to take our pday time (ill get to that)

Tuesday: Travel for 5 hour by bus and train because the main line was shut down for this week because of track construction. That made getting down to splits a loooonnng ride haha

Wednesday: Had a way good splits down in Nykøbing Falster! We had a great 3 hour block of door knocking and we also went to the famous Møns Klint for a couple hours. Møns Klint translates to "The Cliffs of Møn" and the coolest part is that they are made of chalk! So we had a fun time hiking around and in Elder Beck and I's case, straight up (more or less) Dont worry i dont think you could even rate it a class three climb except for one part ;) But the buddy system wins all so we had a great time and took tons of pic

Thursday: Traveled for 5 more hours and then had district meeting and a district activity where we grilled burgers and played soccer and stuff so it was pretty chill. Ill be honest i prefer to take my pday all at once haha but this week was pretty unique.

Friday: The best part of Friday is that we had a way spiritual visit with these hip young members in the ward. Martin is from Denmark and served a mission in Finland where he met and then went back for his wife, Sini. They're way legit! But they had us over before Elder Thurman left and gave us some food and a ton of pastry! Way great

Saturday: I turned a ripe old age of 20 :D I like 20 wayy better than 19 but id be fine to stop aging here heh heh. Anyway, today we were supposed to have sport but because everyone was in Hygge mode no one showed up. The sister then told us they need us to come to the church before our eating appointment because they had an investigator who is a man and they needed a third party to at least be in the church so they could teach him. Well it ended up that that was all a sham and they pulled the wool over my eyes because it was a set up to give me cake and say happy birthday haha way sweet! So dont worry i got cake on my birthday after all. 
​After that though we went to an eating appointment but it turned out that they had totally spaced on it and were on their way to a Thai restaurant... so they just took us along. Ill be honest i dont know if i could have had a birthday dinner than some way spicy panang curry and then a sweet little Thai lady gave me some cool chip things because it was my birthday. Then we went back to their house for some dessert and had a way great spiritual thought. We went in a circle and everyone had a minute to talk about why they are grateful for Jesus Christ and the spirit was just strong! So thumbs up on saturday.

Sunday: Just a good old day of church followed by Easter dinner with some members:) 

Spiritual Thought:

And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for remission of their sins. (2 Nephi 25:26)
​Boom. Easter. I invite you all in the wake of a great Easter season to follow Nephi's example and do as stated above. 

Happy Easter! God Påske!
Ældste  j

Happy 20th Birthday 

Møns Klint!!


Last Goodbyes- Elder Thurman and Elder Beck 

​Goodbye pics ft Martin and Sini

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