Monday, December 21, 2015

1/2 Cup of Awesome

This week turned out golden brown and we enjoyed finishing it :) I hope you all have had a dejligt week because of Christmas! I gotta get down to it so coming at you quick with the week-- we turn the time over to the highlight reel:


So C* was still on vacation so we didn't really have the chance to talk with her. But she is back in town and i just barely texted her 2 minutes ago so if she answers by the time I'm finishing this email then maybe this will be the first time you all get a live email haha. But we stand optimistic.

So with M*, yea well.... he dropped us. He is somewhat of an eternal investigator but hopefully missionaries are able to teach him when he is actually open to it. But yea that was a bummer.

We have had to pull back a little because as Americans we don't understand how sacred time is for Danes around Christmas and we don't want to be asking them to meet if they could possibly get upset for disturbing their Christmas time. So we are mostly doing the living Chrismas card and delivering cookies and stuff to past investigators and less actives. Equally fun work though:)

But hey you know what isn't a bummer... we had two nights of wayyyyyy awesome contacting! They were on fire:) The first night we talked with a guy named A*. We had a great friendly conversation and he invited us to go watch him sing in some Arabic cafe somewhere. So he was way positive:) But unfortunately we misheard the name of the road it was on and couldn't find it and then Elder Jensen had a flat..... again. So we missed it:(

But after that contact, we contacted two girls that were happy to talk! (that is always so nice... happy humans:) ) But one wasn't super interested but the other was so we just focused on her haha. She said she was interested but didn't really want to meet yet... But what she didn't know was that my testimony and a marked scripture were in there so she knows I'm for real on this. So she will hopefully call if she really reads it.

The next night, me and Elder Howe were on mini splits. We were contacting on the way to get kebabs for dinner with the other two, when we saw a drunk guy and those are always the best conversations if you need some humor in your night:) He said, "oh i know you guys, you guys can't be out here on Tuesdays. only Saturdays. not even allowed. Come back in five hours" 

So Elder Howe (who has a killer sense of humor) started helping this guy relize that Saturday was in fact, not after Tuesday haha. But he followed that up with an Book of Mormon offer. And then the weirdest thing happened... this guy went from fairly wasted to sober. At least his mind but we talked to him for an hour! It was super cool:) He basically asked questions that led to almost every lesson being taught in a summary so we might as well have just given him a preach my gospel too:) But we got his number and he said he wants to meet and talk some time! We even invited him to baptism haha and he wasn't really sure what to think but we can always ask again later...

Then we met this guy named S*. Way stylish dude with a sharp mind. We just walked up to him and asked if he wanted a Christmas present. He asked what it was and so we showed him the Book of Mormon and talked a little about it. He asked a bunch of tough questions on a lot of stuff but we answered them and he kinda just took it all in. In the end, he said "I gotta go, but I don't think I'm ready to believe the word of God yet" 

That was an interesting phrase....

Sprog (language):
This week I've had to give more English prayers than ever so far on the mission. It is really fun because I basically just switch back and forth because my brain can't decide what I'm speaking:) So I'm starting to think my brain is actually learning things:)

Mission conference:
Friday was mission conference and i must say it was a good day:) We had a great conference followed by a Christmas meal:) So that was so far so good. Then Santa (Elder Mogensen who just finished his mission) came in with all the Christmas packages that the mission office has been holding hostage until it was time and gave us all the packages. We all sat there and opened letters and stuff and some packages and hung out and stuff.  Yea I got all of the presents!  We are waiting to open them though (all the wrapped ones haha) and Grandma and Grandpas! So I'm super excited for that:

So here is the best part, we had been told we would get to watch a movie and so we were all wondering what it would be. Well president was clever and put Johnny Lingo on during lunch a little bit so he could trick us about what we were watching. (But i was on to him, johnny lingo is only 25 minutes.... we had 2 hours:) )

So then when it was time, he suprised us all with "Inside Out"!! Ohhhh man..... that was wayyyy sweet:)) I didn't think a group of humans could be more excited... haha. For me it was probably the movie that has been actually emotionally moving to some degree haha. Maybe I'm getting soft but I don't care... ;)

I don't have a lot of time so I'll stop there. But I would encourage you all to read the poem "the Christmas guest"

President O'Bryant read it at mission conference and it was probably my favorite part:)

Well you all have a fantastic Christmas week!  
Leave carrots out for the reindeer:)

God Jul alle sammen!

Ældste Jeppson 

The OG MTC group back together- Elder Gardner, Elder Gerber, Elder Jeppson, Elder Ziegler

Tribute to all those born in the 90's

My celebration food after an unreal contacting sesh and to mark 6 whole months... crazy soup! 

The fruits of this tree

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