Monday, December 7, 2015

**Title** (Yupp I couldn't think of anything)

Hopefully you all are getting your Christmas pants on because Denmark is pretty much already ready haha. But this week was a good week! It was a slower week as far as work but it was exactly as it was supposed to be this week:) 

But ill get to it:


So this week was slower because we are in a weird paradox. With C*, she came to our pizza night but that was all because she has had it pretty busy over the last week. She is still positive but we still haven't had a lesson with her! Man its frustrating sometimes but we are still way optimistic for her. Like I've said, the Book of Mormon will be the key for her to make the decision to commit to things.... because the Book of Mormon is the Key for everyone haha. So I hope to write this email next week and tell you how happy it made her:) 

WIth M*... He still definitely wants to meet.... but he is basically in Jylland all this month with his family for christmas so we might not get the chance to catch him when he is home.... we will see..

We have a couple investigators on the edge of meeting.... but they just need a push.

But on the bright side.... some of those random calls we made worked out! We have 3 potentials that could turn into friends so we are excited:)


We have done a whole lot of it the last week. Good stuff:) It was getting  kinda hard because people are in Christmas overdrive here, so we had to get creative to get people to stop thinking about trying to balance a new bike on top of their new fridge and listen to us (that didn't really happen.... but thats how it feels haha)

So we have done a lot of contacts that start as such:

"Hey we are some Americans and we want to know what Danish Christmas is like"
"hey, Whats your favorite christmas food?"
"Why is a danish christmas better than ours?" haha

But yea they actually will stop and talk but they don't really care much about the true meaning of Christmas..... just their new bike on top of their new fridge.

Sorry that I can't think of a ton right now.... i left my journal at the apartment so i cant really remember what is what in the past week haha. But i have never missed a day yet in it so if you're really dying to know what happened on Thursday then file a complaint to my email and I'll send you a video read a long ;) haha

**But you should all try reading or listening to the talk by Dieter F Uchtdorf "Be not afraid, Only Believe". 

Quality stuff:)   That is the talk of the week this week.

Also, the 5th chapter of Alma is a great personal inventory. Makes you really evaluate yourself:)

I hope you all enjoy the third to last week of the year that is 2015!

Keep it real! 

Ældste Jeppson

Our legit Christmas tree (shoutout to the fam:)  

A Julemarked...A Christmas market/fair 

Christmas in the City

Sometimes....he is the only one who will listen :)  

Me and Elder Howe- New fighting techniques

Elder Howe, Elder Perkins, Elder Jensens (head haha), Elder Lee, Elder Murphy, Me, Elder Amos. We did this for the zone conference we had two weeks ago.  

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