Monday, November 30, 2015

Nog Bros

Hvadså! Well its been like 7 days and I'm sure youre all wondering what happened to the Jeppson kidd, well let me tell you:

So as far as our teaching... this week went a little bit slower for sure. We are in the slow part of the dance right now because we are in sensitive positions with those we are working with. With C*, she really still just needs to read and pray every day. It seems so simple but it will be the key to knowing. She has been a bit dodgy with us this week but we almost have a day where she can meet for this week, but I'm a little sketched if she will pull through. (can you tell I've been around a British guy? haha) But I'm not super worried:) 

With M*, same thing. He just needs to TRY praying. He slipped back to smoking real cigs but that isn't something I'm worried about. He really seems to want to stop so we just give him our love and support. If anything, it could be what makes him pray so he can get extra strength so we will see. The main thing with him is that he knows the voice of the spirit, because schizophrenia kinda makes that hard.

Vo Long.... passes the sacrament like a champ. HE walks to church unless it snows haha so he is my hero. We are starting to help him with family history because he wants badly to be baptized for his dad who died rather violently and sadly when he was 3 years old. He really is such a stud!

Ill get to some exciting stuff in a sec....

I bought a bike!! That's right a real one. It is kinda funny, but there was such peace of mind riding out to Thanksgiving dinner at the senior couple's house. That thing glides! Silently too :) And I don't think I'll be losing 12ish spokes anytime soon so that's a bonus;) But yea we had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner/Family home evening at the Turpins! Way fun. All of the missionaries on Fyn together for the last time before transfers.

Fun story with Vo Long... so we had a lesson on missionary work and why it is important to be a member missionary. So at the end I tried to give him an invitation that went like this... "So Long, we would like to invite you to help others in the ways we just spoke of and be a member missionary" 

He said, "I think im too old, but where am I going? " 

SO then it took 15 minutes of confusion to try and explain through the language barrier that we just wanted him to be a good example and help others... not to go to Fuji or Brazil to be a missionary hahaha. But it was really sweet though because he said, " If i was young like you guys, i would go. But no, I am too old now" And then he busted up laughing haha.

Also, we made Homemade eggnog and it was probably the best thing since Chik-fil-a sauce:) Man it was awesome. We got way into it and made our own logo and stuff for a possible future in the Nog industry:)

Highlight of the day was that we got to teach the young men about why its cool to be a missionary. It was basically a pump up talk but it was way fun! It was super crazy though because it was like I was looking at myself 7 months ago before i left..... I felt like i was still one of them and not just "the ward missionaries" haha. But it was a great time and they all thought my mission call opening video was pretty funny.

This was the most legit day! We has a Zone conference Thanksgiving special:) We started with the conference part on Lifting where you stand. It still amazes me how 18 to 21 year old people can be so solid! The Copenhagen Denmark mission is definitely the best one out there;)  We had a thanksgiving lunch with turkey and potatoes after that so we did get a little piece of home:) Then we had a talent show and a turkey bowl to close the day. We did the Haka again for the talent show... totally killed it:) Same deal with the turkey bowl.  We went undefeated;)*

We are doing a Living Christmas card for this next month as missionaries! That basically means that people in the ward can deliver us to their friends and we sing to them and read some scriptures:) But somehow I got in charge of arranging the music and stuff so that's dangerous;)

Made some more liquid gold today.... got even better;) We gave some to the Sisters as our first customer and they say its "two thumbs up" and "five gold stars" . haha

Lørdag: This was the day that I was saying was exciting. So today we tried something new for finding. We pulled out our area book and our past investigators and potentials book... and called everyone:) And these records go back to like 2005 so we were having a good time. It was funny because they probably thought they escaped "those mormons".... nope. But it ended up going for two hours and guess what the results were... 8 new friends that are interested again!! And one of them is coming to pizza night so we are way stoked!! :) So that day deserved some more nog but too bad it was too late to make it haha. But dang.... that was such a pick me up because I was afraid I wasn't doing enough and that our area was slowing down..... but the Lord doesn't want it to slow down so I'm fine with listening to Him :)

Totally killed the Living Christmas card in front of the ward. We performed it for them and hey.... we didn't sound bad! ;) 
Also, that night was a wayyy bad storm and we had to ride in it to an eating appointment... good stuff haha. The wind was strong enough to almost blow your wheels out from under you in two sections of the path.... it was nuts!!

My quote of the week:
"Doubt you doubts before you doubt your faith"

Also, watch "The Will of God"

Its such a good mormon message. Favorite spiritual thing of the week:)

Oh yea I forgot this part, transfers were today and it turns out our whole district is the same!! Whooo haha. So I get to spend Christmas in Odense:)))

Well, I hope you all have a killer first week of Christmas!! Don't try frying expired shrimp! It doesn't work out;)

Ældste Jeppson

Ældste  Jeppson

Nog Bros


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