Monday, November 23, 2015

Adventure is Out There!

Welll..... Life is good:) Hope you all feel the same:)

Here is my week in a giant, busy, awesome nutshell:


So with C*..... She is still awesome! The main thing now is really just helping her to commit and feel comfortable with the newness and awesomeness of the gospel. She is very sincere but I think the main thing that will make a world of difference is if she commits to reading the scriptures and praying every day. Like.... Every single day! She is at the point where she really just needs to take that leap of faith but we are excited to see what happens this week!  We will meet Tuesday so we are crossing everything that can be crossed and more.

With M*. We had a killer lesson with him this week on the power of prayer and a guy form the ward came with us! It was such an awesome lesson and I think we are really maing a difference to him now. The hard thing is, that because he is skitzophrenic, he has a hard time distinguishing the Spirit so we are trying to help him know what that is like as he listens to the gospel and tries to do whats best. We invitied him to pray and ask God what he should do with his faith so we are excited to see what happens.

So we found this guy named J* last week and we gave him a call last night and guess what.... he basically invited himself to church!! It was so awesome:) I could hear him talking with Elder Jensen and when he asked what time church was and stuff I got way hyped:) Thats the stuff that lets me know I'm here for a reason. I can't really explain the feeling but I would say hyped on happiness suffices.;)

There is a guy named F* who is super cool. He is actually the friend of a recent convert who is super good about inviting allll of his friends. I'm sure he could convince a rock in Croatian to come with him hahaha he is awesome. But anyways, F* Comes to all of the cookie nights we have for investigators and recent converts and we are getting pretty close with him. Its cool to just be "those young guys who I met at the cookie night that have a tag on":) Makes us feel like friendshippers and missionaries so we will feel out what we should do. But exciting stuff!


Well I think I can say that I'm almost decently fluent. I can have conversations no problem now and I hit that point where i can say what i want, and if i can't say it, I just ask and then incorporate that into the Danish storage department of my brain and then keep moving. It's way awesome! I definitley get help from Heavenly Father because some lessons or appointments I just go off and its so great:)

My epiphany:
So on Wednesday I was riding through the freezing, POURING rain. Absolutely coming down like no other storm I've been in i think. But as i was riding this big blue womans bike through the Danish streets , I just got this strange feeling of "Oh yea, this is what I like."  Well, i thought about that, and it was comforting to think how much Heavenly Father appreciates this weak, 18 year old guy from Warm, sunny California, riding in less than ideal conditions for a fish and smiling about it.  It was just an awesome feeling of satisfaction, even though there was probably no dry spots left on my person. Good stuff:) 

This week:

So Elder Jensen and Elder Howe were in København for three days for 1 month training, so me and Elder Amos were on splits for 3 days. So that meant we were super busy! Covering two areas is no small chore haha. But it was super satisfying! We didnt actually have a full lunch or dinner hour for those three days and it was a blast! We just had lesson after appointment after service project after lesson! Here are some highlights:

We walked 15km because both of our bikes broke hahahaha. Again.

We biked in water up to our knees because the bike path flooded and we were late to give someone a blessing.... So we followed Dora the explorers advice and went through the windy river haha. We also made a remake of the "Prince of Egypt" and "Ephraims Rescue" on the way back so hopefully i can send those videos:)

Made an entire turkey. Ate it for breakfast:)

Many more things did come to pass, but there is not sufficient space in the records so I end my witness (Or I'm running out of time;) )


Well it snowed for the first time for this winter and we woke up to a tonnn of snow blowing around. It was super behagligt to look out of our warm apartment and see! It is actually the first time I've ever lived in snow so there have been a lot of firsts such as,

*Frostbite from biking
*Sliding everywhere (controlled and safe ;) )
*Wearing Eskimo Jackets because it necessary, not just stylish haha

But needless to say, we had a good time:) 

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!! Eat some pumpkin pie for me and thank your pilgrim ancestors!

Do good things well:)

Ældste Jeppson

Extra Credit: whoever sends me a homemade, non acoholic eggnog recipe gets 10 points to Gryffindor

✌ out

Ældste  Jeppson

So....the bike path floode! 

Elder Amos

Cookie night at the Church= One dope turtle

Me and Elder Howe....Dusting Co. since 1997

It Snowed!!! #firsttimelivinginthesnow

Companionship Inventory with THE Ældste Jensen

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