Monday, November 9, 2015

Ballet of Emotions

Pretty accurate title to this last week! This week decided to be like last week but then times 100 so let me enlighten you on the ongoings of another week, in the life of Ældste Jeppson and co. :


Well you know how last time i said missionary is very hard to  capture in an accurate explanation... i think im getting a bit closer. What i mean when i say ballet of emotions is that you usually can experience a good range of them every week. Its like somethines the mood of the whole scene changes from a dejlight, happy scene to a scene where your dancing on the wire, and then back to stable ground again.... well thats what happened this week...

So with C*, Still and awesome girl, but she decided to give us a scare by saying she wasnt sure if wanted anything to do with the church. She delivered it in the form of a long, two part text which are usually the bane of missionaries existence when it comes to getting dropped. Especially for me, because there is really no closure to it and you never really know what their actual reasons are. So that was the part where i kinda was tired of being tired of being permissive in the sense that it was time to exercise my calling and my missionary and be a little bit more bold ( As encouraged my Elder Holland ;) ) . But basically a long, long conversation ensued over the course of the day and it really boiled down to this:

She wasnt very certain anymore because she had talked with some friends who haven't been very positive in supporting her and that she said she didn't think she could do it because no one else really lives the standards we do. So we replied that, hey! We know exactly how you feel! We have had opposition for sure (referring to all church members). So we had a great talk:)  It was funny because she was thinking it was too complicated to talk about and Elder Jensen said "just tell her that we have two years in Denmark anyways" haha. So i did, and apparently she takes pity on missionary humor because she agreed to meet at least one more time:) So we will see about that.

We also got blasted by K* so i dont think she wants to meet...... trælse.

So we got this referal from Slagelse (I think i mentioned him) but his name is N* and he is an awesome guy! He met us on the gå gade and we just talked about God and the Holy Ghost and what they mean to us. He was wayyy sincere and said " Im in the time of my life, where i just want to make sure i have a direction" (I think someone just staged this whole thing and he is just quoting Preach my Gospel, but i havent found a direct quote yet ;) )  But he asked how he can know that all this is true.... well, good question N*:) You see we have this book, called Mormons Bog......... and he ended up reading the whole intro and and took it all in stride like a champ! So i have a lot of hope for N*! My favorite part was that he said "OH, you mean you just invite people to find out for themselves? Neat!" So i hope he would truly like to know if its true or not:) 

Vo Long....... If anything, Long is the reason i came on a mission! He is my homie:)! We got to pass the sacrament with him for the first time and it was super neat! Man he is so awesome. We called him and said, Hey Long (last name Vo, first name Long,  thats how they do) can we meet you at the church on saturday and practice the sacrament routes with you? And he was all for it:) It was a ton of fun and we just chilled with him for like 45 minutes and showed him how to pass the sacrament. It was really sweet, because he said " Out of the 46 Elders that have visited me over 9 years, i will remember 5 people. Elder Pitcher, Elder "Jep-sohn" , Elder Pitchers parents and a man in our ward. But it was pretty moving:) And he tells his conversion story in every conversation so he is the man!

Knocking fun:) :

So Elder Jensens first contact was quite memorable:) We knocked and some lady came and said " NO!" ............SLAM. Well one thing ive learned is that you might as well just laugh at them than get mad so we start busting up as we walk away. Well.... she didnt like that and starts faoming at the mouth (almost literally) ;) She was so mad! Like the kind of mad a bear would get if you poked him with a tank :) So we just said okay, and left her to curse the servants of God under the cold Danish night sky. Quality:)

Next one... Me and Elder Howe (Elder Amos's trainee) were on splitz and we were doing some knocking and we found the male version of the lady because he was insaanne. He looked me in the face and started smoking out the ears and telling me i got a couple seconds to start running and to get the heck back to America and all that garbage. So i looked him right back and said "Okay" . It was golden because Elder Howe in his way good new missionary danish just smiled and kept on talking which made him more mad haha. 

So he didnt take a Book of Mormon;)


I got in an argument with a 8 year old danish girl about whether Frozen or Tangled is Better..... She had some convincing points but  I think i won with Tangled;)

Ate some røde grøde med flode at a family who makes it every time i come because i love it so much and they think its so funny that an american is as passionate as some danes are about it:) 

I'd encourage you to click this link: 

Its a way good talk by Elder Ucthdorf called Be not afraid, only believe. It became my talk of the week:) It has some way good points that make you evaluate:)

Have a great week! Herren velsignet dem som har lyst at være ydmygt og følge Jesus Kristi eksempel! Mens du prøve at blive bedre, altid omfatte Gud i dit forandring:)

Ældste Jeppson:) 

Don't be alarmed but I made Flame Throwers :) 

Elder Jensen

My Frozen Christmas Calendar and Elder Jensens Angry birds Calendar :) 

we found this wayyy nice black leather couch on the street for our apartment!

Slightly Wet!

Epic Autumn Rides

I have a vendetta against Bikes! 

Me, Æ. Howe, Æ Amos, Æ reber (zone leader), Æ Jensen and Æ Brady (zone leader) on our way to 1.50 dollar all you can eat breakfast!!


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