Monday, February 22, 2016

Switch Up

Well this week took a  turn that I didn't see coming.... But transfers strike again and its been an awesome, wild week!  Hey so i hardly have time to email today and i forgot my camera.... but that is because I transferred back to Odense haha. Except now I am in the second ward :) I have a wayyyy solid district so I am excited for that. But yea it has been a way crazy past couple days.  I am companions with Elder Erickson from Centerville Utah. He is a way awesome guy and we are clicking pretty smoothly. He is the group behind me so that is super fun. :)

I'll shoot this email quick from the hip because i don't really have time haha:

So you know how I've only been in Frederikshavn a transfer? Well now I'm not haha. I am actually writing this from back in Odense :) They shipped me back except this time I am in the second ward haha. So its has been a quick pack up and go and today has been a crazy day of traveling. But yea I am stoked!

Last week in Frederikshavn:

Monday: We took and essentials pday and went up to a cool place on the west coast called Hirtshals with the Blackhams. There is a way cool lighthouse up there and some world war two bunkers. We also have some less active members and investigators up there.

So we did some major knocking and we had a cool expereince. So we met this Syrian family and they invited us right in. We then met some Danish lady named Trine who was there helping them with their Danish. So we taught a very simple lesson but realized that they didn't totally understand. So we basically used Trine to be our translator (she simplified our words for us ) and it was a really cool expereince because she basically bore testimony for us. She said that she thinks God does guide us because when we were talking about how God helps us in our lives, she said "I think that God guided me today to come here so i could meet these two missionaries." So it was super neat! And even though it is unknown what will happen, I know Heavenly Father guided her to us so we could at least let the gospel touch her life.

Cant really remember anything specific.... whoops 

The reason we took an essentials pday on Monday was so that we could have our district meeting in Frederikshavn and then go up to Skagen for lunch and as a district. We had a great time and the pictures are way better that what i could say about it but i forgot my camera in my bag... whoops

We met this guy from the states on Friday. He is an ex- navy seal and is probably cooler than I'll ever be haha. We had a great talk and turns out he is a member!! Woah we just were knocking but somehow we found him haha. But he is way cool!

Got transfer calls. Lost our minds. Found them again. Did missionary stuff. Also, I opened up in fight club to whoever wants to go two rounds for two minutes..... I ended up wrestling 45 minutes nonstop and I was a little tired.... 

 but I still whupped them;) haha 

We had church and then went to an eating appointment with the owner of the fight club. Then we went home so I could pack and then we caught a train so we could spend the night in Aalbord to split our traveling.

Yea so thats all i got haha. Do great things at high speeds! (unless youre in heart surgery)

Ældste Jeppson
Ældste  Jeppson

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