Monday, February 1, 2016


This is one of those weeks that I could write in all caps and be totally fine haha. Needless to say,  

This week was fantastic! Ahh man I'm way proud of it haha.

The Work:

 We had a great week of great lessons and 4 new investigators and basically two more except they had to drop for little reasons... but they have great potential in my eyes. Me and Elder Shuppy have been working at a goal of getting Frederikshavn into a tight level of organization and it is paying off. There have been a lot of past investigators who we have come into contact with again and had lessons with and got the okay to come back again:) We have done a lot of traveling out to Hjørring and Skagen, which are places with great potential! So as a whole, I think this week was a success!

This week has a ton of things I could say was a miracle but I think the main one was a girl named A*. She was a exchange student in Clovis, California for a year and she was hosted by an LDS family. She went to church every week and gained quite an understanding on the doctrine it seems. She loved her experience over there and expressed how she missed it. But before we found any of that out, we had to go through her dad... (who is actually a super awesome guy.)

 But apparently when she came back, her dad told her and the missionaries that when she was 18 she could decide. Apparently though, missionaries kept on following up on referals a little too well, so the dad sent a wayyy angry email. 

Well, it had been a year, and Elder Shuppy and I decided that hey... she is 18 now. So without understanding any of the gravity around the whole situation, we managed to somehow defuse what we found out after to be a very large time bomb, but for good reasons. So now we are friends again and get to meet this week:) She went to Buchanan High School (which I've been to a couple times) so it was way cool to talk to her about the realest state in the US (*unbiased statement** ;) )

Another cool thing, the guy Who is called Ib that i called last week from 2003... he called back! We get to meet with him on Thursday!! That was a Little thing that really built my testimony that everything  is on the Lord's radar and he has plans for when Things happen. Honestly, I was a little doubtful... I thought, "dang, he said he will call us back. that is what everyone says... " But I ate all my Words on that one and I'm happy I did. :)

We worked in Skagen twice this week. For those who don't know where that is, just find a map, and look at the tip top of Danmark. :) It is so cool! So there is the city of Skagen, and then the tip. We biked out to the tip of it for lunch hour and it was stellar:) The tip is where the Atlantic ocean and the Kattegat sea come in contact. So you can clearly see the different colors of the Water as the two bodies of Water come together. I would encourage you all to Google it :) Also, it was a very crucial place to defend in World war two, because they have some huge lighthouses that they extinguished so that the British couldn't come around the reefs with the guide of a light house. There are also big German bunkers everywhere so it was way cool:) I'll let the Pictures explain the rest.

Quality people:

I was thinking this week about missions and in particular the Denmark mission. I was impressed once Again with just how solid all the missionaries are. Just being with great companions, being with other missionaries and district meeting and zone meetings, makes me think every time how solid everyone is and how happy I am to be able to associate with just quality people. :)


Yesterday I ate as much as 1 small wildebeast.... in an hour.

I taught Elder Shuppy how to wrestle and that was fun (to watch) haha 

Can't believe it is already February....

(Spiritual) food for thought:

"Except in the case of His only perfect, begotten son, imperfect people are all God has to Work with. That must be terribly frustrating to him but he deals with it. So should we."
-Elder Jeffery R. Holland

That was one quote i loved from one of my study sessions. I though about it a lot and how it pertains to me. I also thought that when we do gain ground and when we do have a sucess, its gotta be a proud moment for Heavenly Father. So my thoughts on that quote are that we should be doing our best to repent and overcome, and have those little successes. take those little steps. Stand firm on the ground we already have covered.

My last thought/ epiphany is that behind every sucess, lay 1000 feeble beginnings. Meaning, we will eventually get there. We will eventually accomplish or overcome or conquer. As long as we take Heart, and put our faith in the one who is better than us that asked the same question, "Father, why hast thou forsaken me."

I have developed and continue to develop a firm testimony about the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been a great source of hope and has molded me in ways I never thought. To quote Elder Holland again, "it has changed me forever, and forever, and forever."

And that am I thankful for :)

 Have a great week!

Ældste Jeppson

Ældste  Jeppson

This kind of pic you put an E in front of (Hopefully someone got that....)

Got a pic from Elder Amos with my people in The Fyn Crew

This Sign made my day haha (Danish schools have these signs)

Ocean Lyfe

A view of a bunker (or middle earth:) 

They probably didn't think their bunkers were as cool as I did!

Stellar Pictures at the best possible time :)

The place where the waves of the two seas collide

I tried to be like National Geographic haha

Picture number 20000(I filled my picture quota for this week in an hour :) )

Elder Shuppy: The German watchman


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences and insights. Missions are the best!

  2. Enjoy reading your blog every week. You are doing a great job out there.

  3. He has such a good attitude. Things will always go well for him in life. He truly has a sunny disposition. Tell him Hej and Du må hygge dig! Tell him also I am proud of him. Bro Z