Monday, January 25, 2016

Frederiskhaven, the fish shop, and MMA fighting

Hey so we just got a call that our landlord is coming to check up on the water pressure in our apartment so we gotta run....

Here is what happened this week in 1 minute at the speed of however fast my fingers can type:

We went and stopped by lots, and lots and lots and lots of old potentials. That went well and we got 3 return appointments.

We live right above the fish shop haha. It doesn't really smell like fish anymore because I'm used to it now haha.

Frederikshavn is super awesome!! Its way beautiful and I got some pretty sweet pictures :) and yea its a little colder and has a lot more snow but I love it! 

We taught a less active guy and his girlfriend who is not a member. They are both really positive and the girl really wants to come to church after she gets off work so we commiteed them to come to church in 3 weeks when her job ends.

We had a great zone conference this week were we watched a worldwide missionary broadcast about how we can be better missionaries. The theme was "Teach repentance, baptize converts. (think about that it is a lot deeper than it seems)

Oh man I'm running out of time haha

There is a man who is a member of the church of here who owns a MMA fighting gym. He asked me yesterday if I would be willing to come in sometime and show his athletes some folkstyle/freestyle wrestling moves because I guess in Denmark there isn't very many fighters, if any, that use folkstyle techniques. It is mostly submission holds, punches and kicks, and throws. He was super stoked about it so I get the feeling that I'm going to revolutionize the style of his gym and this region haha. He wants me to come and and run some training sessions for 30 minute blocks every once in a while so all of his athletes can learn the style and start to train it on their own so they have it down by the time I leave this area. The main thing he was asking (that he knows) is about double legs. I think they'll get a whole lot more than just that. :)  I'm so pumped for it! its going to be a great way to meet people and even find a new friend or two to teach:) We are asking president for approval as long as I don't do anything crazy:) So I'm so pumped!!

Elder Shuppy is the man still. We are going hard up here and picking up the pace with this small city. Keep up with us Frederikshavn!

Yea that's about it. The pictures speak louder than words anyways:)

Do great things in classy ways! Have a great week!

Ældste Jeppson

Ældste  Jeppson

Pictures of the Week from the Point

More of Frederikshavn

There is a sweet Naval base up here

We could go visit all the polar bears in Oslo....but nah


The Straight and narrow path of righteousness-- 

Watching Elder Shuppy beat Frank the local chess giant.  (frank...haha)

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