Monday, January 4, 2016

The New Year...2016!!!

Happy New Years!! Hopefully you all had a great time celebrating the World's birthday again because it is worth celebrating:) 


So patience really is a virtue because C* still hasn't been able to meet. Something always seems to be getting in the way. You would think she is burning us but she is really positive when we see her in church or at institute. She also has told some of the young adults that she still really would like to be baptized. So happy! But at the same time it's hard because i really want to be able to help her the most i can before i leave Odense (ill get to that).

Vo Long is my hero. :) He is so dang solid! If anything, he could be the sole reason i have a testimony of the gospel. It took 8 whole years for him to even think of being baptized and now he is a solid member. He has the most pure desire to do God's will:) He was telling us last time how much he notices God's Hand in his life and it is way inspiring. He has dealt with post war stress and also the war has haunted him for a long time. Now he tells us that he has had absolutely no problems with any of that:) Im gonna learn vietnamese fluently so we can be better homies haha. 'nuff said.

So we picked up a guy named L* again. He is an "eternal investigator" of sorts. But we just found out that he is way into family history so hey... so are we;) We will see whats going on.

Remember that hungarian guy? He is now our investigator:) Haven't taught him yet but we just redrew the area boundaries for our district and we get the priviledge to teach him:)


So Transfers are upon us as i hinted earlier. I'll find out Wednesday if i leave Odense or not. Kinda crazy stuff! I have mixed feelings about tranfering because this is really I'll I've known so far.... I don't know I'll probably elaborate on them some other time when i can explain then haha.

New Years Eve/day:

 So for New Years Eve we went to familien Sprehn from 5 to 10:30. They are a wayyy awesome family:) They have kids from 5 to 14 so I loved it! Also, they had friends over at similar ages so there were tons of little kids! It was kinda like being at home because all this wild energy is running around throwing pillows at me and trying to make me do magic which I don't really know how one does magic....  haha.  But we played board games and ate a wayyyy bomb dinner. Like I've been really stuffed after some eating appointments and didn't enjoy it... but I really enjoyed being full on this one. :) But we mostly just hung out and talked and played games. They threw a flash bang military grenade for the firework show out at their house haha it was so awesome:) 

We had to be home by 11 but the party was still going hard until 8 the next morning haha. Danes really become pyros on New years because i think fireworks were going off constantly for basically the entire night time haha. But i slept threw it all like a champ. For new years day we stayed in all day to clean. A deep clean. Really deep. Like we are talking pulling out the oven and cleaning the grease from 4 years worth of missionaries because no one else has had the courage to do it.;)

On Tuesday we ate dinner with the Bishop and his family:) It was like a rerun of Christmas which I was plenty happy for:) We ate lots of food and danced around the tree again and played a board games and ate awesome carrot cake (shout out to dad... I ate your piece for you:) ) It was awesome!

Operation C.B.O.M.B :

So we as a district have been working on showing our ward our commitment and gratitude to help earn trust and have a good relationship with the ward. So on Saturday me and Elder Jensen made 40 chocolate chip cookies and put them in a large tupperware. We then chose 6 families who have been a huge support to us and have had us over for dinner (especially during Christmas week). So we planned a loop that we thought would be good and did it. Most of the families weren't home but the next day in church they were way happy with us :) whooohoo! But our "loop" took three hours in -4 degree celcius weather. It was so fun because we would hop off our bikes and pull our gloves off and then make plates of cookies:) I felt like a ninja/secret agent not gonna lie:) Then we rode wicked fast to all the other houses.

That was satisfaction.

But quote for  the week:

We are creatures of our thinking...
Cynics do not contribute
Skeptics do not create
Doubters do not acheive

-President Gordan B Hinkley

"There are no instant Christians, only constant Christians."

Neal A Maxwell

So basically... be optimistic and positive and don't just say youre a disciple of Christ, BE a disciple of Christ.

 My New years goal is really to be able to serve others fully everyday, and look back at the day and feel satisfied. not just happy. That is one that will really make me stretch and also if i break it,  there is repentance the next day:) But yea thats the best to know you did as much as you could that day. I heard a quote that "No man who gave his best ever regretted it" so I'm going off of that.

Hold me to it.

Well make the start of the new year a fresh one and if it's not, call the fabreeze brothers.


Ældste Jeppson

Ps. We got a hug from a guy with a sweet ginger afro this week. So follow his example and give someone a hug who needs it haha:)

Ældste  Jeppson

After operation C.B.O.M.B (cookie bomb)

I got a part time job (very part time....)

Deep Clean Day with Elder Jensen

Lunch Time- mini ping pong

Fan Charts we help people make (or are trying to at least:))

The Sprehn Family + others on New Years Eve 

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