Monday, January 11, 2016

Leaving the Nest

Well it finally happened... the transfers finally got me and took me from the place of my mission childhood:( But luckily enough it took to one of my dream areas on the mission so I actually couldn't be happier:)

I've had pretty mixed feelings about it all. I've wanted to transfer only because I would like to see more of Danmark. But I also had a fantastic companion, solid friends (both members and nonmembers alike), and an awesome time working with the people in Odense. As transfers came around I was pretty torn about leaving because the last week in Odense (which ill get to) turned out pretty stellar! So it was hard getting the call to leave but at the same time I've had my time in one of the all around best Places in the mission.

So my conclusion is that I was able to leave the area better than I found it, which is something I take solace in:) 

Let me get to my week before I tell about the new land of adventure:)


So we really picked it up strong for our last week! ´The only sad thing was that I wasn't able to meet with C* in a sit Down lesson becasue she went to Aarhus on Sunday, which is when we scheduled our lesson. But I did get to say goodbye so that was a happy thing. But she is now in the hands of Elder Jensen so I am planning on going to to her baptism sometime in the near future:)

So we finally got in with a guy named T*. This is one of the elusive Odense past investigators that I've tried to meet with for my entire time in Odense. So I was wayyyy stoked. Basically he has some beef with religion and the rules but most closely associates with the LDS church so thats happy! He ranted on for about 1 hour and 30 minutes but thats what he needed i think so I'm pretty sure he appreicated us as people haha. But it worked because he scheduled us (well, the Odnese Elders ;(   ) to come back and do a bunch of service and stuff. This guy has had around 4 baptismal dates so thats positive. 

We got back in touch with E*. He was a friend we were teaching back when it was me and elder gifford so that was cool! He says he will meet tomorrow with the elders so #letsgo.

Vo Long... he is the man:) It was hard having to say goodbye to him but he said that he will always remember me and that he is very thankful for me and Elder Pitcher in his life... Made my eyes start to sweat when I tried to end with a prayer haha. I'm getting soft... But it was awesome. I'm coming back for him. He also has plans to come to Temple Square so I'll be there to greet him in Vietnamese:) I'll miss him and drinking a liter of juice every week that he buys just for us haha. I took that for the team because it made him really happy that we drank all his juice. What a guy:)

Misc. thoughts and experiences from the week:

We did some service for Jette again for the last time. We are 4 for 4 for not hitting her house with trees we chop down;) haha. This last time we went for the mother tree and it was a pretty jank rigging job with ropes and stuff to make sure that the tree didn't hit the house. It ended up that I had to run down the hill and wrap the rope around the entire trunk (which had to be as big as my waist (which has gotten slightly bigger)) and pull up so that the tree fell towards the hill instead of on the house and the lady watching us desperately exert all our energy to stop it... and of course she was directly in the path to be hit if it fell the wrong way so we came in clutch haha. Shoutout to Dave and Clint for making me lift heavy things haha.

Random thought...I don't know if I've mentioned this but over the course of two transfers, Elder Howe in the other companionship has been teaching me how to Do a rubiks cube really fast and I've shaved my time Down from 4 minutes to 1 minute and 31 seconds:)) So i feel pretty cool.

During lunch hour, me and Elder Jensen found this park that had flooded and then frozen over:) So of course we played on it and slid around (safely). But then the Next day for Work out time we went back for a district "Work out" and had a snowball fight for 30 minutes since all of us live pretty close to it. I must say that as a guy from California who has never lived in snow, that was a new joy in life to be able to wake up and go throw snow at your friends on your own turf. Good stuff.

One thought:
As missionaries, unless you are sleeping or studying, the Apartment is a very, very boring place. Me and elder Amos found that out because Elder Amos broke his bike and they are an internal gear systlem so it took forever for me to fix that part. We were inside the Apartment fixing it because it snowed/sleeted on us way hard this last week. It was kind of a reminder that missionary work is really the only reason i am here because not doing any Work would make for a very boring time. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the most fun stems from hard Work:)

So I am currently emailing you from a library in Frederikshavn:) It is, as mentioned, one of the dream areas I've had because I've heard it has a great branch, Skagen (look that up:) ) and its on Jylland so I was super stoked to get the transfer call here! I'm companions with Elder Shuppy from Francis Utah. He is way awesome. He is a chess wizard and kicked my butt on the train ride up here. So now I'll be able to beat Grandpa Jeppson:) But it is going to be so great! I just feel this different energy for this area to test my hand at teaching the people of Frederikshavn:) So I'm stoked.

So they weren't actually too crazy. We dragged my bags to the train station (which have broken Wheels so I lost faith in Samsonite haha) and I hopped on a train with Elder Perkins to Aalborg. He is actually going to be in my district so I'm pretty pumped! Also Elder Murphy (Rocklin, CA) is in my district- awesome, and Elder Gudmundson WHO is a stud so I'm pumped. But in Aarhus we had to switch trains, which is a hard thing to do when you only have two hands and two bags and a bike to carry. So the train conductor had a great time watching me struggle to make the train  with all my stuff haha. In total it took  around 4 hours and a half so it was a fun day of transfers!

well I'd like to leave a quote with you all :)

"If for a while, the harder you try, the harder it gets, take Heart. So it has been with the best people that have ever lived" -Elder Jeffery R Holland

Well I hardly have any P-day time so I gotta run but do great Things  in great ways:)

Ældste jeppson

Goodbyes- The Single adults crew:) - from Left Nico Dam (beast fodbold player, Eric Jepsen (my Danish Dad), The missionary (me), Mads Held (wayyyy great guy), and Mr. Denmark International haha - Nicos Brother)
The OLC (Odense Lumber Crew)

Last time with Vo Long (for now) 

#Because He Lives (courtesy of my foot :)

Slurpees in -3 celsius:)


Saying Goodbye to the Grandt Family

Leaving my mark on the legendary sign of missionaries 

Goodbye pics with the man, the myth, and legend, Jens Pedersen:))))

Dad Again - haha

Eric Jepsen and Elder Jepsen

Lets go Mads Held

Goodbye to the Jensens

Elder Howe - the Man

Good bye to my Son (they grow up so fast....)

Elder Eaves on transfer duty

Elder Hartman

Me and Elder Perkins and our houses in four bags and our bikes

Lights out 

Frederikshavn... Lets Get Started

4th Companion- Elder Shuppy...brotha's son (He was trained by Elder Gardiner) 

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