Monday, March 14, 2016

Doin The Most

This week was incredible:)  The amount of Work you can do when you stick to it is unreal! We had a crazy slammed week with a ton of good Things happening... and not only just with our companionship. Our district and zone are KILLING it! So id say it was a pretty decent one;)

I.M.P.R.O.V.E.D Finding:

SO we are doing a huge push on making our finding a new level of effective. It is a push where basically you and your companion find a way to improve your finding (pretty straightforward). There are a bunch of details that I don't need to explain, but it definitely has made a huge difference. I think it really it really has just been a big change in mindset. Everyone is so much more determined (at least our district) to get things done and it really shows.


Pday and stuff. But the best part was the finding block we had after dinner. We had the opportunity to rededicate our area to the Lord before doing the bånking to find people. We had set a goal that night to teach two lessons and find a new friend. And we did! We were so psyched that we did it:) It really was just a mindset change. The guy we found ended up calling us back and saying he doesn't think he could meet because he has a pretty large language barrier in English and Danish because He is from Syria. We stopped by with Arabic materials but he didn't answer haha.


Tuesday was great! We called up this guy named I* a while back and asked to meet and set an appointment with him. He is a super chill guy from Nigeria who  has been here for 7 years. He is a way smart guy and has a masters degree in something. But we read in 3rd nephi 11 with him where it talks about Christ coming to the American Continent and we discussed it and talked about a ton of things based off of that. He is wayy sincere and open and said that he would be willing to think about being baptized if he recieved an answer:) So we are super excited for him!

After that we taught two less active/inactive members back to back. The first one is Kim de King and is a way interesting guy. He is the most active inactive ever and has a super strong testimony. He told us he has no reason to not come to church except that he is waiting until this spring or something. I don't know but he is super chill and talked about how much he loves Elvis and stuff. Swell guy:) After that we taught a disabled man who was baptized two years ago. He is a super sweet guy!


Bike problems and meetings. It wasn't my bike though so I am pretty happy about that part haha. We were pretty ready to lob Elder Ericksons bike out the 3rd story window. The only plus to it is that I now can fix almost anything on a bike and that I own all the tools to do it that are all sitting in my bag all the time. So at least i can help others haha

We got to meet with the German guy B* Again this week. He is doing pretty well! he said that he would be baptized, just not yet. So we are pretty excited for him. We are doing some service with him this week and teaching too so we are looking forward to that. Oh guess what... MORE BIKE PROBLEMS. BUt we still were able to do finding and teach some people so it wasn't too bad.


Friday was beast! We went wayyyy hard. When we got to weekly planning that night we were pretty dead. It was great:)) But we taught this guy from the states named c* who wasn't that positive. He basically just talked about how he got fired from jobs all the time.... Don't know why. But he is a nice dude from New York and teaches a lot of funky styles of Wushu Fighting from China haha. He kinda took up a ton of our time but it was all good. Incredible stuff!

Oh man.... just as good! We took two of the Young men in the Ward on splits with us and had a wayyy sweet two hours. We ended up teaching two each and got two new investigators out of it. The Young men were wayyy jazzed. One lesson taught by Elder Erickson and Marcus was with A* and M*. They basically threw Down and at the end they said they would come to church:) After that they found a super positive Vietnamese lady!! Whooooooo:) So we are going back to her on Saturday. Me and Victor taught some old potential investigator that we didnt know about and happened to knock into. He basically doesn't really care about religion and said it wouldn't mean anything to him if there is a God. He is super nice but yeah.... After that we fouond a super nice Bosnian lady:) So we get to come back to her :)

Then me and Victor had a backflip contest while we were waiting for the other two so we could go to lunch.... i Won:) Then we went up to Aarhus for the evening session of stake conference. We were a Whole hour late because our train got way delayed.... :( But we got to stay the night with Elder Eaves and Elder Curnow in Horsens which is pretty close to Aarhus so that was way nice:)

 We had stake conference! Elder Larry R. Lawrence was there but he didn't actually speak which was surprising. But it was a way good conference! Then we chilled at the church in Aarhus because me and elder Erickson Were waiting to get interviews from President. So we basically got home in time to have dinner and make calls  to the district for call night. So that day was gonzo haha. But it felt like two!

The fun and stuff:

Me and Elder Erickson found this revolutionary thing for our companionship. He remembered this thing he used at home to help him sleep called delta waves. Basically, it is this music that helps your brain create delta waves which are what make neurons fire that disrupt communication in the brain.  Delta Waves are what cause sleep to be restorative, which allow the person to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. So we have listened to that while we sleep and i think it has made a big difference haha.  BUt it is fun to hype up and look forward to. One of our mottos is to do it for the delta waves haha.

During this week we found a pretty positive polish girl who we got to pray in polish at the end. Way cool! :)

Spiritual thought:

3rd nephi 11... read it:)

Well have a swell one! Vi snakkes :)

Ældste Jeppson
A break at a zipline 


ME pullin elder Erickson

A sweet church

The district crew:)

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