Monday, March 21, 2016

Odense Moving Co.

This week went by way too quick... but here come the highlights of a condensed week. Me and Elder Erickson got sick (as prophesied by our boy B* WHO is pregressing:) ) So some of this week was spent in hibernation trying to get better haha.

So B* is way positive now. We went to visit him this week on Wednesday and had a way good lesson with him. He is pretty sincere now which is a first because in  the past it has been more of a social thing more than anything. He asked a lot about why there is so much bad in the world so that proceeded into God's plan for us and basically about the plan of salvation in total. He was pretty Deep with his questions so that was sweet. He also gave us some super vitamin c pills that are natural Indian fruit or something but he gave them to us and even came to give them to us so he is the man. He came to church like a champ too:)

We had some good lessons from bånking and contacting this week and have some sweet appointments lined up for Next week. Our boy I* Was super busy with school but we scheduled with him for Next week so we are way hopeful for him. All of our other peeps are doing well too.


I have a testimony of youth being dragged to help people move because our district minus the sisters and two other Guys moved a Family off the fourth floor in about an hour. It was wayyy cool:) We had this assembly line where our arms were long enough to hang Down over the rail to pass the stuff:) Haha way funny. Otherwise we were sprinting around up and downstairs. We were way proud:) We also doubled up on bikes to ride back to the station to catch a train so that we could go do some more service moving Wood for a guy. Well, because we hurried, we didn't buy bike tickets so we got busted haha. 

Now normally the tickets cost 750 kroner... but i gave the guy some Jeppson charm and got him Down to 100 krones and only for me, not for Elder Erickson. It turned out the ticket was about the same as a bike ticket so that was sweet haha.:)

Had a way fun English class. Consisted of an Aarabic man, Vo Long, an Icelandic lady, a guy from Ghana, and 6 White boys from the states haha. Good stuff:)

Being sick still isn't fun... even in Denmark haha

Spiritual thought/stuff:

Try reading the Talk "His Grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox... good stuff:)

Happy spring peoples! Break out the shorts and eat ice cream:)

Ældste Jeppson

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