Monday, April 11, 2016

*Read this in a Bane voice* :)

Davs alle sammen! Hope you were able to recover from have your minds blown by general conference haha. I am going to jump right into it because we are going to go feed deer at a deer feeding park in Aarhus so here it comes:


We met with this guy named J who is on baptismal date twice this week. He has had a rough life as an alcoholic and has a major smoking problem but he has a strong testimony and really wats to stop and join the church. Its funny how i got to know him because Elder amos had to go to the bathroom really bad so me and J chilled out in the living room. He is about 60 years old and loves bob marley, and I happened to have my uke with me (it was for something else but J called and asked for a blessing so we came over to him instead). He asked me if i know any Bob and i said yea haha. He pulled out some bongos with rasta colors and then we jammed together to a song or two. Haha it really picked up his spirits. (not the alcohol ;)) )  

We also met with a guy named R* He happens to be from the same county as Elder Amos in England. He is pretty positive and we had a great discussion on Charity.

We are teaching about 4-5 others but i cant really remember them off the top of my head because it is the second week and I still haven't met them all.

Bible Study:

So we do some thing every Wednesday night that is one of the biggest projects in Denmark mission culture. It is a group of about 30 christians (all african) that belong to the New Covenant church and they have a bible study every wednesday night. Missionaries met them a year ago and got invited and we have been a part of it ever since. Apparently, the preacher (named Apostle ) has slowly converted and is on the point of meeting with us formally. Well all of these people love him and have a strong faith.... so if he finds out for himself the church is true, he will be able to be a pro member missionary;)

An experience I had with it was with a guy named Joshua. He is a super cool guy who comes from Africa but has lived here almost his entire life. He said that when I walked in, he felt a spiritual connection to me and felt like he should talk to me. Well that blew me away haha. So we had a sweet gospel discussion... and now i have a new homie:)

You never know what will happen and when on the Lord's time...

(Not) bible Bash:

So we meet with two jehovahs witnesses that actually are fairly interested in what we have to say. Our format for our meetings is just to discuss doctrine, but it is funny because you can feel the ulterior motives of both parties in the air. It is actually almost comical sometime haha. But we discuss beliefs that is supposed to be all but then sometimes they will start to argue why they are right and then we show them in the bible where it says that it isnt the entire truth.  Our intention isnt to bash at all, because they are actually pretty close in beliefs on a lot of things. So that is another fun thing to look forward to each week:)

Other stuff.

We had to help an old drunk lady back home because she had fallen and had smashed her face on her rolling luggage bag thing and was bleeding quite extensively. It was only a small cut luckily so i was able to stauch it pretty fast with the bike cloth i had, but she got a nice fat shiner. We came back the next day to check up on her and she was totally fine except for the bruise on her eye and small cut on her forhead. I think instead on putting a bandaid on it she just drank more but good thing she is okay haha.

Kids... don't drink haha. Youll fall and hit your heads and two strapping, young, hypothetical lads wont be around to save you all the time . ;)

Two days of this week were spent at Mission Leadership Conference in København, and a whole lot of train rides.  We went over to Sjælland on Thursday and got to presidents home at 8 and then ate some snacks and hung out until bed time. Then we woke up and Sister O'bryant had made a way bomb breakfast for us all before we had our meeting it was super great!!


So I live in a four man apartment with Elder Bishop and Elder Millward, and my comp Elder Amos. It is pretty crazy sometimes. I would say we spend all the focus we can on studies so we don't get distracted, because the rest of the day can turn into a party sometimes haha. 

There is a fun competition going on right now because Elder Amos and Elder Millward are going home in two transfers. They both want to lose weight and look good going home, but because its a house full of jokesters, everyone buys each other food and pastries and stuff haha. Overall though, everything about these guys is great and they are super solid missionaries and super fun too.

Spiritual thought:

Here are some mind bomb quotes I got out of conference:

If life were truly fair, we would not stand blameless before God -Dale G. renlund

If Charity is the true love of Christ, then pride is a true characteristic of Satan -Dieter F Uchtdorf

The sheep is worthy of a divine rescue because the shepard loves you -Dieter F Uchtdorf

The great thing about the gospel is that we get credit for trying, even if we dont succeed -Jeffery R. Holland

If we give our love to God and do our best to live the gospel, then our tomorrows will be magnificent because He loves us -Jeffery r. holland

You can see who the power hitters were:))
Ældste  Jeppson

*Pictures from Mission blog-

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