Monday, April 25, 2016

Splits city

Well... i procrastinated this one til the end so I'll go quick haha. This week pretty much only exists in the books at this point:)

First and foremost:

Well last night capped off my entire week and here is why. I recieved a call from the odense first ward Elders and they told me that Caroline has a baptismal date!  Basically, some stuff changed quickly (all good things, all good things) and she has a date set for the 14th of May:) They told me that she said she is ready to have both feet in the church and is super stoked! And I might just be right behind her on the stoke chart. But man I am so greatful to see finally how the Lord's plan panned out. It is super neat to have all of my anxiety and worries and other things subside because of the confirmation that the Lord had his hand in guiding the whole thing just as he has always promised. 

Now combine that with the left handed jab of Guiliano texting us and telling us he has found out the Book of Mormon is true, and you got a knockout of a week. It was enough to make me willing rise from my bed at the morning hour of 6 and make my body sore all over because why sleep when you can be stoked on life?

Now who is ready for me to ramble?

We got the opportunity to go to Copenhagen (as you outlanders call it ;) ) and go on splits with the AP's. It was a super solid time! Me and elder Curtis were together and it was great. He is from Alpine Utah actually so all you Alpine poeples can tag each other in your social media and make connections now:)

-We had one of the better contacting sessions of my mission under the full bright spring sun. We ended up finding a very,VERY talkative British guy who is now a solid investigator:)

-Bought a toilet seat- (don't ask why)
- other sweet mish stuff.

Wednesday: See tuesday. We were still on splits:)

We were back in our area again but on splits with the Ålborg Elders, Elder Murphy and Elder Williams. I went with Elder Williams and had a fantastisk good time. We ended up teaching J*, our friend with every problem under the sun. We found him drunk on a crate and pretty adamate to do nothing with his life. We talked a while and finally said a prayer because there was nothing we could say to encourage him, so why not invite the spirit? It worked and he immediately and determinedly said he would quit his problems and change and come to church. So that was a mini miracle!

Also we found a girl named A*. And holy smokes..... she was super super positive! She was somewhere between atheist and believing (in her own words) and wasn't really sure about religion. We had a great talk for half an hour and we invited her to try praying to God to find out for herself if the things she said were true. I really could see the slow and subtle change in her as we talked. It never ceases to amaze me how the gospel is truth that everyone has heard before in this life, And it is a beauty to watch it dawn on people.:)

See above. My thoughts got all mixed so that goes for both days.

We played some sport with our investigator S*. :)

Elder Millward, Elder Amos, and I all sang an acapella arrangement of "Nearer my God to Thee" that we had put together that morning and it seemed to make people happy haha. 

That leads into the spiritual thought:

Do not put off until tomorrow, that which can be done today. 

Basically like the scriptures say, don't be idle haha:) Its a different thought but it is gospel truth nevertheless.

Well thats it! My fingers all cramped so I can't type anymore. Have a great week!

Ældste Jeppson

The view from our back porch

Me and Elder Williams on splits trying to make an unblurry pic happen

Elder Amos the camera thief 

Me and Elder Amos on 3 different statues :)

More of the city

On a bus in the city

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