Monday, May 2, 2016

"The Hope of God's light"/Split City Part 2

Parental warning: *This week contains high levels of pure awesomeinium*

I'll just go for it...👍

So our friend J* is back on the map. Me and Eder Perkins stopped by him on splits just to tell him we would give him a pause from visits because he wasn't progressing, but we ended up showing him the Mormon message "The Hope of God's Light" and it really clicked inside for him that he should change. (I would really encourage you all to watch it:) 

But he wanted to change so we made a plan to help him stop smoking. We said God will help him one step at a time like the video mentions. At the end of that meeting his whole countanance had changed! Wayy cool. And he has called us around 10 times to tell us he has smoked so he is pretty accountable. But every time he answers, he says he is doing well! (He has never said that in the past.:) So little things are changing.

Our friend Guliano is on date for baptism except he hasn't really talked to us since then so hopefully everything is going well. 

Splits (Tuesday through Wednesday):

So Elder Gardiner came up for splits for two days and it was way sick! We always talked about how we would do missionary work in the MTC (he was my MTC companion) SO it was super awesome to do actual work together and show our stuff haha. And man... we showed it alright. We did two two hour knocking sessions and had a super great time! Here is a little overview of it:

The first session we taught a very nice Mother of one who has recently seperated from her husband about the plan of salvation. Way solid lesson! It is amazing how the plan of salvation can answer all those hard questions!

We were being worked on after that to convert to Islam by a very nice family from Syria. They invited us in and gave us pastry and juice and we had a great discussion on our beliefs. Super great:)

The second go around, we found a wayyyyy awesome student from the university. She is super nice and was super open! We taught on the doorstep for about 40 minutes and she sincerely wants to know for herself if God is there. We were not really able to come in or get her number because she had a boyfriend over and  had on some mindless video game and he isn't the most religous of people I guess....yet;)

We found a guy from Iceland and I was going to try my newfound Icelandic skills (I have been learning some Icelandic) but he just looked at us funny and said he wasn't interested.... haha

More Splits:
Me and Elder Perkins (another member of the Nordjylland zone :) ) Were on splits Thursday-Friday and  He is a stud:) The sky decided to shed tears of joy because winter is over, so we got April edition showers all day. But regardless, we found some great people:)

Other fun things:
I "borrowed" the APs rootbeer extract so we made rootbeer.

Some guy on the Gå gade came up to Me and Elder Amos and the Other Århus elders on pday and said, "hey kids, you want to buy some weed" and then kept walking hahahaha. We all died laughing in the middle of the crowded street haha.

I've been given more pastry this week than ever before haha. That's how life is here sometimes (don't take that as a complaint;))

Well here comes your spiritual thought:

“Men will be held accountable for the things which they have and not for the things they have not. … All the light and intelligence communicated to them from their beneficent creator, whether it is much or little, by the same they in justice will be judged, and … they are required to yield obedience and improve upon that and that only which is given, for man is not to live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”
Joseph Smith
It is our decision to act according to the knowledge of things we learn in life. So shortly said... DO great things in order to make them great. It is not enough to just sit and think of things that could be good. We need to actually do something in order to make it a good thing.

Have a great week:)

Ældste  Jeppson

ps. Spring here is wonderful:)

A troll statue
Another large church 

Rooter with Elder Magleby

Elder Gardner and I trying to contain greatness all in one photo...unfortunately it didn't work :) 

The rare swiss missionary in the wild...Elder Ziegler

Sister Orr (the STL), Elder Amos (my companion), Elder Gardner (Emeritus comp) and I

A kebab the length of my forearm..... I completed the challenge

Coming back from Bible study: Sister Baggily and Sister Ogaard

Editors not *Elder Perkins looks nothing like that haha

My headquarters

My duck friends I am training to come back at 5 every day: Carlos and Roberta 

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