Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Forhåbentlig du kan alle sammen læse dansk fordi jeg vil gerne skrive min hele email på dansk ;) haha. Just kidding though.

But Happy Mothers day to all!! 

This week J* started to pull his stuff together in his life and you can really see the difference! He has been a heavy smoker and drinker for a large part of his life and is beginning to really turn it around! It is very inspiring and deserves a lot of props because he is a very tough old guy haha. We had the opportunity to give him a blessing and after we finished he said he could really sense Jesus was with him and loved him. He then looked at his pack of cigarettes on the table and determinedly expressed to us that he wants to make that pack his very last. So he is making some steps forward:)

Fun story real quick...

So there was a lady me and Elder Shuppy met up in Fredrikshavn named Trine. It was kind of a miracle how we met her so we were really hopeful. Because of the circumstances we didn't get her information but we thought we would see her again at the same place as last time, which ended up not happening. But, Elder Shuppy and Elder Francis gave me a ring Tuesday night and told me they had some news. They had been having a tough day knocking (which was very similar to the day we found Trine) and they decided to take a break. They did that and recollected their thoughts and stuff and then went back at it. The second door they knocked on was an older lady who was pretty believing. She said "Where does salvation come from?" And Elder Shuppy told her that through Jesus Christ all may be saved. So she invited them into a Bible study that was going on that very minute and lo and behold..... there sat Trine!! Tears were shed and it proceeded to be a faith promoting mission expereince which I won't talk more on as to preserve the beauty and tenderness of it:)

But I know That Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and is a God of Miracles:)

Other stuff:

We went to the Bible study with our African friends of the New Covenant church and my brother Christian pulled me aside and was way excited to share his faith with me and an expereince where faith healed someone. That was one thing I thought a lot about because He has some awesome faith! And it pours out of him like a beam of sunshine. It is very neat to see the light of Christ in others. Everyone has it and recognizes it to some degree, and this week I noticed it to a large degree in Christian:) 

We used slacklining to contact people in the park and it worked surprisingly well! We met a guy named Lasse who just ran up and asked what 4 Americans are doing out in a park in Århus and if he could join in haha. It was super neat to use it. We also met a Chilean guy who was super nice and gave us his info so we could talk some other time and slackline again haha. Missionary work is so cool because if it is being done how preach my gospel says, we will dynamically be finding while we teach and teaching while we find. It is pretty great:)

The weather is becoming beautiful.  Blue skies now for most days and it feels nice at 77 degrees.  I definitley took the California sun for granted because the Danish one hides for a large part of the time haha. So find the things you take for granted in life and be greatful for them again haha.

Skyping home was great! As missionaries it feels like we get four christmases because thats how stoked we get for it:)

Spiritual thought:

This thought came to me in church yesterday: "As we strive to act out in love, and strive continueously to serve without guile, the pure love of Christ will possess us"

I have thought a lot about the role that charity plays in the gospel of Jesus Christ. One thing I have learned (from splits with Elder Zielger) is that when we talk about enduring to the end, a part of that is developing charity. In Alma 7:24, in the Book of Mormon it states:

  "And see that ye have faithhope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works."

So I think that really is a major part of what we are doing when we are trying to hold to the end. Have faith, hope, charity, and abound in good works.

Thus, let us act out in love and serve without guile:)

Well have a good week! Don't let time go by without leaving an impression on the timeline! (-me) haha:)

peace love and Cruesli
Ældste  Jeppson

No we didn't just jump on for the picture :) 

Elder Amos (red shirt), Elder Millward (beanie), and Elder Bishopp (green shirt) all trying our the line. 

Elder Millward

Elder Bishopp

Of me of course haha 

A mermaid shaved into a tree (they do that a lot here) 

The Arhus Clan

Cinco de Mayo 

Indiginous species to the århus habitat

Picture sent to Chloe :) 
Elder Millward acting as "John" (our practice teaching role plays)

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