Monday, May 30, 2016

The Waffle Bowl

This week turned out pretty well:) We had some fun, some interesting, and some great things happen. But hey, Let me tell you about them...

So the main thing for this week was J*. He kinda needed a pause for 5 days so we gave it to him but at the end of those 5 days we came back and wrote out a calendar leading up to his baptism and what he is going to have to do by certain dates to be on track for August. He has some pretty high hurdles to jump but hes got it:)  He got way determined on Saturday when we met with him and he came to chruch the next day for the first time in a while. Like 3 months! So that was huge for him. He said he loved the talks and the good spirit he felt there. He already is exceeding his goals with stopping smoking and stuff so I'm definitley pulling for him:) He is a good egg. We learned this week that he was actually a marine for the Danish Armed Forces so that was pretty surprising actually haha. But it is going well with him.

We have been finding like an old lady in an antique shop and getting tons of potential future converts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been burned a bunch this week but we are determined to meet with some of these people. (Being burned means people cancel things haha)

 They really do want the gospel in their lives... they just don't realize it yet:) It is like eating a banana versus putting it in a smoothie... Life could be so much better haha.

Here are some other highlights of the week:

On Tuesday we went and visited a 90 year old member and her non member husband. They fed us weird old people food ( nursing home weird...) And we tried to share a thought with them but the member happens to be deaf and so she ended up sharing like 5 experiences that had to do with her hedges and made absolutely no sense. Her husband just doesn't really care to learn anything because he thinks he is too old, so we ended up watching him kinda doze off over his food while she kept sharing her hedge stories... gotta love it, haha

Oh yea i forgot to mention something last about last Sunday! There was this random building BBQ in front of our complex and we were just walking home from church and we got invited to come and eat hot dogs with all of our neighbors haha. It was super casual and we got to know some of them and they all think we are normal humans now haha. So that was fun:) It was also way funny because we stayed to help bring a bunch of the equipment and extra food down into the basement storage for some guy and i got handed a huge case of cans of beer haha. It was way funny because the other Elders weren't close enough to hear that the lady asked us to carry it down for them so they thought they were giving stuff out and that I took all the alcohol hahaha. It was your average awkward situation because I wasn't necessarily confortable with it either hahaha.

So lesson learned. Avoid the apperance of evil:)

Anyways, This week we also had Zone conference here in Århus. It was sweet because all the missionaries on fyn and Jylland all came up and when we have zone conferences we have a big lunch and stuff and then do something cool. This year we played football and Me and Elder Bishopp were in charge of the whole thing. We made cool medals out of belgian waffles from the equivalant of the Dollar store and called it the "Waffle bowl". SO everyone got way jazzed and actually played pretty seriously haha. Sadly, my team lost in a heartbreaking game but it was all around good fun. (Our team was named the Chive Tribe after the chives we had at lunch haha)

This morning we woke up and made a bunch of pancakes because the new sister from Spain, Sister Acosta need some extra integration into Denmark. It has been harder for her because she doesn't really speak spanish or english haha. But we had a a sweet pancake breakfast with the sisters from århus and horsens who were up on splits. We made it a surpirse for the århus sisters (the horsens sisters were in on it) and so they "went on a morning walk" and we had it all laid out. So i think it helped releive some stress :)

Spiritual Thought:
Here are three quotes I heard at zone conference that stuck out to me:

"When we give all that we have, we get it back infinitely more"

"When you're sad to leave someone or something, take heart. You've done your job. When you give you heart for something, it will always come back more full then when you gave it"

Some of the best revelation comes sideways

I don't know why they stuck out so much, but they did and they helped me to see things a little differently. Hopefully you can take something out of it too:)

Have a great week! Enjoy the beginnings of a new summer:)

Love Elder j

Ældste  Jeppson

SK8 Break

Some street art

Me and the stick man

Making the waffle bowl medals

Me and most of my companions (Elder Gardner was in the bathroom...smh)
Elder Bishopp, Elder Shuppy, Elder Erickson, Elder Amos, Elder Jeppson, Elder Jensen

Found him haha
Elder Gardner 

The church building here in århus

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