Monday, June 6, 2016

Taking the Witness Stand

So this past week was pretty good. We were able to do a TON of finding and teach a lot of people. We are still in the works of helping people to progressing towards baptism so we are doing lots of finding so that we can make as may friends as possible:)

But let me tell you just a bit about this week:

Well our boy J is doing pretty well. He is really overcoming his vices and trials and we can really see the change. It is like a wall that he is finally peering over to see what kind of joy he can actually find in life. His whole countenance =happier :) 

Met a guy named Dan. He was shirtless at the time and began to tell us about how he loves americans and shooting guns and the Kennedy space museum. So we turned that into a gospel oriented convo and hey... he is our new friend:)

Otherwise we have been doing a ton of finding. We kinda have put people on pause who don't really care to change for now. So That gives us a lot more time to go out and spread the good news. So all of the other people we are going to be meeting with shortly are still in the works of setting up a convenient time.

Let me tell you about Wednesday... it was a good day to be alive as a missionary:) We went to the Bible study with our good friends from the New convenant church as we usually do. And it went like it usually does, except at the end the Pastor (who is named Apostle) says "I have one last question for my white brothas". Here is the scenario, 30 people from various nations of Africa, all very religious, come every week and participate in an uplifting Bible study. In addition, the "two white brothas" have been coming for about a year now and have pretty much never been asked about what they actually believe and are out to preach. (Missionaries are way tight with them so its great)

So Apostle asks this super English saavy girl named Nina to word the question (they all had it in their heads hahaha) and she goes "Who is Joseph Smith and why is he so important to you."
Well, that was the part where Elder Bishopp and I took our place up on the proverbial soapbox and answered questions and testified for 45 minutes. The great part is, they were all genuinley interested in what we believe, so the questions the 30 some of them took turns firing were actually just to understand. It was incredible:) No one was fired up or anything, except when we got to the part where we said we believe that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are equally God's word. I tried not to laugh as Apostle eyes almost blew out of his head haha. But we told them we are only here to invite people to find out if it is true or not and we don't mean to take away from their belief in the Bible and they were totally understanding of it. He ended it though by saying that they are going to have more questions next time so I think we stirred the pot of interest. ;)

So Elder Bishopp and I were wayyy hyped on Wednesday night:)

Other good stuff:

It is interesting the viewpoints you hear on a mission... We were told this week that feeling the spirit all the time is too much and is a bad thing.... Well nope actually i think that means you're doing something right:) 

We had a ward bbq and it was super great. I was designated to make the rootbeer because im a real american and rootbeer is american󾓦 So that was fun:) Rootbeer to the danish people is like unto the really black licorice to Americans. But it just so happened that the few danes who do like rootbeer were at this ward activity, so i think we made 8 gallons:) hahaha.

Saturday was the hottest day of the year at around 85 degrees farenheit... it isn't normal that it gets that hot this early in the summer but it was dejligt:)

Spiritual thoughts:
I recently have been introduced to Truman G. Madsen and the knowledge bombs he drops... 

“We all know that the Spirit brings joy. The revelation to me is that joy brings the Spirit. When we are happy, the Spirit flows more freely – otherwise, it does not.” Truman G. Madsen

I really was a fan of this quote. Pretty straight forward:)

Have a great week! Isnt it great we have an excuse to eat ice cream and drink slurpees again? Thanks summer.


Ældste  j

Mastering the art of deer-chi

an overexposed pic of Elder Millward, Sister Baggily, Sister Andrew, and Elder Eaves
More deer taming

Once again...I bring you Elder Gardener (we have a goal to see how many pics we can take so we can make a collage :) )

Me in the skov 


A hyygeligt Danish road


This picture commemorates Soapbox Wednesday...epic

Me not ready for action


Elder Bishopp...yea Elder Bishopp

The Randers District

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