Monday, June 27, 2016

The Final Four-man

Well somehow transfers happened again... i think time is an impatient person haha. Someone needs to tell him to take it easy because six weeks later my life changes again. Not saying its a bad thing at all... but it sure happens a lot haha:)

So your headlines coming at you hot and fresh:
-Transfer calls came early saturday morning. Basically, I am the only one out of the four to stay in Århus. Elder Bishopp is going to Slagelse on Sjælland, Elder Eaves is going to Bornholm on the other side of Sweden (yes that is a part of Denmark), and Elder Millward is going back to Utah. So everyone is leaving the landmass haha. The other elders area is shutting down as well because there are not enough elders at the moment to have it open. So it was kinda sad to sit on the couch and provide ukulele sound and watch them all pack around me in a chaos (well that part wasnt too bad).
But on the flip side I am with Elder Lee! He is a way awesome guy. He hails from Eagle Idaho and has been out a couple transfers ahead of me so he is a great addition to Århus. Also, We are in a trio with Elder Eaves for two days until some things get sorted out. (something to do with a guy from Denmark going to the states on a mission but waiting on a visa.) Anyway, after a hectic transfers morning and a bunch of suitcases later, everything is in place.

-This week was pretty eventful. We were on splits for 4 of the 7 days and we were in Ålborg for 1 to go to a district meeting up there to be a part of it. We had a blast nonetheless and were still able to get a good amount of work done. We have a lady named C* who is pretty awesome! Her faith is pretty strong and she says she would be willing to find answers from God. We had a good first lesson hopefully next time we can set a baptismal date with her.

- We met with a baptist guy in a coffee shop (relax... we had smoothies haha) He had contacted us on a bus or something and wanted to talk again so we met and discussed some things. Im glad the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and not the gospel of this baptist guy is not haha. He basically tried to use "logic" to prove we are wrong but really didnt understand why it wasnt working. He is a very nice dude, and he thinks he is doing us a favor. But it was kinda funny to watch him trying to logic it out in his head. The Book of Mormon is the only real point of focus if you want to even try and prove anything wrong. We told him it is six hundred pages of evidence that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that Jesus Christ lives. So he took it and said we  will meet again and hopefully he will do some soul searching. Great experience though!

-At one point in this week we had 3 seperate convos going at the same time. One guy named H* who we have met before said he wants us to come by, and as we were talking about God, this guy on the bench looked up and then i took that chance and asked him if he believed. At the same time, a young girl walked up and said the knows mormons from school. So it was way cool to all of the sudden get the chance to talk with three random strangers. The Gospel is great like that:)

Spiritual thought:

This week Elder Eaves was sick on Monday, so I made him go take a nap. He ended up sleeping for four hours, so amongst other things, I watched Ephraims Rescue (the movie about the willie martin handcart company). I have seen it about 7 times, so it wasnt like I had't seen it, but this time I got wayyy into it. I had a really neat experience with it which changed my perspective on some things, but the point is how much more i now respect those faithful pioneers! It was neat to see how their faith is portrayed, and it is really quite staggering if you really think about it. It makes me wonder how we can show that kind of faith... (this is where you apply the same question ;) )
But anyways, i just wanted to point out how great those saints were and that we should remember them and their sacrifice for the church since it is usually around this time we commemorate them. :)

Also a quote from Livingston :
"The gull that flies highest sees furthest" (id like to assume he is talking about eagulls... seagulls aren't as cool)
don't sit on the ground beneath your priviledges. We are meant to rise up to our potential.
Well... have a great rest of the summer! Thanks for taking time to look down from the beach and at least look at the pictures below ;) Have a great week!
Ældste  j

On the summer solstice at 10:28... or 5:28

The Mosegaard museum: Gladiator stuff and viking stuff.  Most excellent! 

Some legendary sword :)

The Grauballe Man: On April 26th 1952, Gauballe Man was discovered in a bog in central Jutland.  In the iron Age, more than 2000 years ago, his life is given to the Gods in a plea for fertility and good harvest

Saying goodbye to the last four man apartment clan: Elder Bishopp

Elder Amos

Elder Millward

Soren and I.  He is the sisters friend who is basically a member


  1. I love the beautiful country you are serving and the strength and conviction with which you serve.........many praying for you! Changing lives...yours and theirs

    Smiles, The Hodgsons

  2. Stay faithful and a rockstar Elder Brandoni!!! Stay away from the peppers! Your good and gracious family had us over for dinner on Sunday and I have to say your sweet momma is as good a cook as she is a runner.