Monday, August 15, 2016

3x3 Protein

This week was turned on sprint mode. I am not sure why but it just did not stop until Sunday night came around again. It was packed with a lot of business preparing/ setting things up for success this transfer as far as zone stuff and our area. If you are wondering about the title, it is because:

1) Elder Erickson will be in a tri-panionship until further notice because his new trainee got E coli so he is delayed coming out into the field (major bummer). But it is sweet to be comps again with him and Elder Lee:))
2) We Are the epicenter of working out in this mission hands down. We are low key hyping it up so we can turn the mission culture to working out in the morning as opposed to the bed-to-couch relay in the mornings haha. I think it it slowly taking over other companionships. Elder Eaves has apparently been going way hard since he left so boom... success.

Anyways, here is the rest of my week in a little nutshell:

(Monday and Tuesday are accounted for already from last time)

On Wednesday we did a bunch of logistical stuff a lot of the day which was made me a little restless but it was necessary (I don't think I will take a desk job haha) We also had an appointment with a half Dane- half Spanish girl but she burned us... so we picked up Elder Erickson and ate dinner instead:) 

We had district meeting with the quality humans in our district. It was Elder Johansens birthday so HE bought US a big pastry the size of an American cake to share. Danes are so kind:) He is on visa wait to go to the Provo Utah Mission but we get him while he is here so its a plus:) (not just because of the cake... who do you think I am)

Also, we met a wayyy legit old lady named Liz on the way to our Leadership Meeting. She is probably 65 and has traveled/lived in most of the world and is quite the character. She speaks All sorts of languages and has spunk in every sense of the word. Elder Lee and I had probably an hour discussion with her about every possible thing haha. It was sweet because good old Elder Gardner boarded the train and saw we were mid convo, so he talked to a girl from the Faroe Islands instead haha. It went up for me during that whole experience that meeting people and just loving them and learning about them is way awesome! It is a very under rated activity and is usually substituted for music or whats on the facestigram feed. You can do so much networking with the human race, it's incredible:)


We had our Leadership meeting which was great as usual. Just quality stuff with quality people. Then we rode more trains. We are getting really good at that.

We went and taught a past investigator from the other area here in Århus. They had a death in the family recently so we dropped by to talk with them. Really sweet people! They don't really want anything to do with investigating but they basically said to come and hygge anytime so that was nice I guess haha. They haven't been to church in the 8 years they "investigated" so that kinda paints the picture... 

We also played the most entertaining game of basketball I have probably ever played. Four Americans, a Spainard, an nice Iraqi man, and a Danish member from the ward. Completely fun organized chaos:)

We, the missionaries, did a special musical number in church; which meant that Elder Lee played the Piano and Sister Andrew and Sister Acosta and I sang haha. The song required that I sang a solo for a verse so first time for everything hahaha. I thought it was very funny that I did that but we got scheduled for the next two sundays to do a musical number so apparently people thought it was good... 

Spiritual thought:

Here is an excerpt of a talk that is way fire! Coming back to the lady on the train, it really framed the things I learned:

"That is why President Kimball is so great. When I went out to Oklahoma, many years back and found young chaplain John Cooper out there, I was reminded of his father who had been the stake president up in Logan. In all those years President Cooper kept a little guest book, and he had every visitor that came to his stake sign in it. The guest book had the date, the name of the person, his title or position, and his hobby. When he had me sign this book, I saw all these thick pages with line after line of the Brethren’s names. I looked through and there were President Heber J. Grant and President David O. McKay and President Joseph Fielding Smith, Matthew Cowley, Adam S. Bennion—all the great apostles of the past. I came to this entry: Date: 1954; Name: Spencer W. Kimball; Position: Apostle; hobby: I love people. I kept turning the pages and came to 1964: Spencer W. Kimball, apostle; hobby: I love people. I don’t think that President Kimball went back through his book and found out what he had written before to be consistent. I think if we could call him tonight on the phone at his apartment and ask, “President Kimball, what is your hobby?” he would say, “I love people.” That is it. Put love high on your priority list."

Look at all the great things Spencer W. Kimball did. I'll bet most of the stemmed from the fact that he loved people as his hobby. Food for thought, why can't we make that ours?

Have a great week entering the school realm! "education is not a filling of a pail but a lighting of a fire" - W.B Yeats

Fred Ud, 
Ældste  j

The best rainbow I have ever seen (yes we tried knocking that house...nobody home...)

Waiting in the Copenhagen station for the umpteenth train haha

Pics of the most stacked Trio ever 

Me in epic tie-dye form

Our P-day pizzas - Elder Lee and Elder Erickson

An average Århus buy in day

Elder Erickson and I scored some sweet new jackets at a ski shop :) 

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