Monday, August 29, 2016

Re-runs of Odense

This week was major deja vous! Its actually pretty funny how spot on it is to Odense 2 with Elder Erickson. Here's why:

We were sick for three days and sat inside and ate pretty much the exact same things as last time we were sick for three days, except this time we got Elder Lee sick too so he joined the fun (muwahaha)  I don't actually know what it was... we all thought is was strep but it wasn't as bad for Elder Erickson or myself.  Elder Lee took some amoxicilin because we are pretty sure he had it haha. Major bummer. Other than that though here is some actual missionary stuff that happened:


We met up with M* and her husband B* and had a great second lesson. They are both way believing and have strong faith. The husband has had some problems and for a while turned away from religion because of them but ended up trying to turn it back around. He has a firm testimony in Jesus Christ, as does M* which is great! So they want to meet again and we gave them some scriptures to read and they gave us some to read so they sound way awesome! ( i wasn't there because i was on splits. This is according to Elder Lee). 

We helped an investigator move. It was a little frustrating because he lived way out in the boonies and we ended up getting lost and in the end, all he had was probably 5 boxes and 4 bags and a bed and a couch. But we got it done in like 30 minutes; and on the bright side, while we were lost we had a fluent conversation across the Danish-Norwegian languages with 4 elderly Norwegian ladies on a bike trip in Denmark. They spoke Norwegian to us, and we spoke Danish back. The languages are similar enough that we can fluently understand if we focus hard. It was way neat! I didn't know I speak Norwegian too until then ;)

Elder Nielsen and I went on splits together. He is the district leader over in Herning. Way great guy! He hails from Virginia and is the group ahead of me. We had a solid morning block and went way hard for two hours and had 4 really great convos. We ended up by evaluating in our apartment and grabbing some saft to cool down. After that we had 5 minutes, so trusting in the last five minute miracles that Heavenly Father always provides, we went out and had a 30 minute convo with the most nicely dressed homeless man I've ever seen. He had a pretty sad backstory and we talked with him about faith and how God can really help. He said he would think about it all, but that he has had such a hard life that he is not sure. The spirit was present and his countenance shifted slightly throughout the conversation. By the end, he was happier and said he might stop by the church. He lived on the street next to it so he knows very well where it is. I thought that was a funny comment. At least he is happy enough to still make jokes:)

We definitely have a dynamite area:) I love it so much! The zone is great and the work is so great so it is amazing what the Lord is preparing for us. 

Other things:
 At CUV we had a institute kick-off with dominos pizza... that was great:)

I think i sweat for 3 days straight haha. It was really humid and actually pretty warm for a 3 day burst so i got a small taste of hotter missions in the world. My hat is off to them.

We got free apples from a bucket that someone left outside of their house. That was a miracle because Elder Nielsen and I were hungry and needed something to keep us refreshed while we had doors slammed in our face haha. That was a particularly hard knocking sesh.

Spiritual thought:

Here is a quote from Elder Jeffery R. Holland that really inspired me:

“Although I may not be my brother’s keeper, I am my brother’s brother, and ‘because I have been given much, I too must give.’”


Have a great week! 

Ældste  j

We all survived sickness! 

a sweet ocean view.

Carolina reaper chilis= 10 kroner of fun.  We didn't eat any... don't worry.

                   We found the chili shop!! we made friends with the guy there and might buy a chili plant haha.

The crew

A sweet sunset

I made biscuits out of a mormon cooking cookbook hahaha

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