Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Serving in Skive

Everything is just a blur...I blinked twice and it was finally my turn to transfer out of Århus after a good run of 7 months serving there. Luckily, that is longer than most missionaries get in an area so I am pretty happy for the time I had. It was funny because I forgot how hard it is to change sometimes and it was especially harder this time because it really felt like home in Århus. I realized that I didn't actually own that apartment and that in reality my stuff only filled a closet and a desk. Missionaries are the closest thing to homeless people as it gets haha.

I will give a quick rundown on Skive. Skive is a sweet little place of about 20.000 people  smack in the middle of Jylland. It is pretty dang sweet:) There is a small branch here of about 15 active members and then us two missionaries. Our apartment is pretty great (and spacious) so I will be happy to post up here during the winter time. And we get a car! I am way stoked about that because last winter I did just about as much biking as possible as a missionary so I am glad to level up this year. No complaints:) the work has been going pretty strong as of late as well. There were 3 on baptismal date who potentially all still will be baptized so I am excited to settle down here and do work. My companion Elder Beck hails from Aberdeen Idaho and is a stud. He is a wrestler and a football player and loves everything outdoors. He is pretty chill and is beast at the guitar so i think we will get along just fine:) 

 I have had the chance to go on splits with him recently and he is just a great missionary. I am really stoked to be with him even though it will potentially only be one transfer we are together. But nevertheless 6 week is plenty of time to make dent:)

Highlights of last week:

Unfortunately I didn't really get my last chance to meet with a lot of the people we are working with. We had two days eaten up by meetings and stuff and all of the appointments we did had got moved until this week... so that was kind of a bummer. But the few we did have we with our boy Frank and L*.

Elder Paul V. Johnson of the quorum of the 70 came to visit the mission:) He is such an awesome man! On Wednesday we had a short leadership meeting where he talked about how to be the best leaders we can be which was way cool. Ill save my favorite bit from it til the spiritual thought but he is most definitely and inspired man. The funny part was that we rode for four hours both ways to go to that brief meeting but it was definitely worth it. 

Then the next day we had a zone conference where he and his wife gave some trainings alongside president and his wife. Straight fire:) Elder Beck and I ironically enough got called up to do a role play with him which was pretty cool. How many missionaries get to role play with a 70?  Pretty neat experience.

Ate lunch and had a legit burrito for the first time in Denmark at a low key burrito place. So good! Our buddy David took us out before i left:)

man... honestly i can't remember anything but i have a million pics that will make up for the lack of memory.... sorry :)

Spiritual thought:

"Dark Days are great days to spread sunshine" -Paul V. Johnson *drop mic*

Love from the DK,
Ældste  j

A throwback to the trio of Århus

Zone Training with Elder Johnson

City scenery

David and I

Elder Bennett and Frank going go an appointment on the bench :) 

Elder Bennett

Forest creature pics 

The sunset over my time here in Arhus... haha poetic

Brothah Mike and I

 My boy Marius and I:)

Asbjørn and I

Goodbyes- Lasse, Me, rasmus, Olive, Asbjørn

Goodbyes to the district 

Sister Acosta

Elder Preece

Elder Erickson

Sister Andrew

The apartment 

Role playing with Elder Johnson

Zone Training 

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