Monday, November 14, 2016

The Spiritual GPS

This great vibes from last week rolled over and shared some of the love with this week! We have been having a real great time here in Skive so far. The Lord is really mindful of his children here and it is something else to be tools in the Lords hands to make ends meet and see the love He has for us. Elder Beck and I have decided after some consideration that Skive is where Men are made. We have seen so much change in ourselves and it is something about this area that just changes those who try their best to give themselves to the Lord in the short time here. (And its neat because I have only been here 2 weeks!)

Anyhow I will get crackin:


Our friend H* is doing real well. She has a pretty strong desire to strengthen her faith in Christ and be strengthed by her faith in Christ. We have been taking it a bit slower but she is really progressing and it is cool to see the small changes in her. Her dad is real fun to have in the lessons. He is prettty old and speaks really slowly and with a strong Jysk accent. It is always just the most interesting thing to be at those lessons because the interactions between everyone at the lesson is just strange. they also have an atheist friend who doesnt care to get out of the chair she is wedged in so she just lazers you with her eyes while we listen to carl read some verses out loud for us. I don't know if ive ever wanted to laugh out loud more during a lesson but its cool because the lessons work out to be great in the end. 

We have played phone tag with our friend K* so more on her next week. 

The guy on the trippy drugs is now our friend and investigator! :) He is way cool and actually comes from Bermuda! He told us that he has had a rough life and currently is not in the best state but he wants to learn about our message! It was a pretty laid back lesson... hes takes a bit longer to process things so we just explained why we come out and then set up another appointment with him to explain the message. He is pretty legit. Cool side note... he was an alcoholic and then one day just decided to stop and he hasnt had a drink in 7 years now! Pretty amazing. So we will help him off the trippy drugs too haha. Thats probably why it is hard to process things haha.

We stopped by a guy called P* who was a past investigator. He let us right in and we began to talk and he told us that his wife had recently passed and I could tell he was still pretty sad about that. We asked if he talked about Gods plan for us  with the missionaries and he cvouldnt really remember so we went through it. He was really quiet the whole time as we talked except for a question here or there. He began to dicuss it with us and we decided that we would come back tomorrow and teach him the whole thing more in depth:) Pretty cool guy! He is pretty loving.

We are still working on getting in contact with all the other people that would like to meet and we recently went through our records and called people and found a lot of past investigators that what to meet again. So we are in the building process still but it is neat to already see the results!

 A cool story:
We went out to stop by a bunch of people in Viborg and we typed in a address into the GPS and well... it wigged out again. Im pretty sure when Heavenly Father wants us to pay attetion to the GPS he just messes with Alicia (that the GPS's name, she speaks Spanish to us haha) So after a dirt tractor path and some wild right turns, we came to a farm house. We thought... well this is not an apartment complex but knocked anyways. An old farmer and his wife answered and we ended up getting directions to the road we needed to go. Long story short, we showed up and the guy wasn't there. But as we pulled out of the complex, we saw a lonely figure walking in the dark up to the complex and as the lights shined on him i knew it was the guy we were looking for (after the fact, elder beck told me he had the same epiphany). I almost rolled down the window and called out to him to ask hiim his name but i doubted and pulled my hand away. So we started to go to another address and I just got a tight feeling in my chest... by this point youd think I would mention it and say "Hey Elder Beck, that was probably the guy because now i feel like its wrong to go on to the next one"... right?? wrong. Well we go to the next house 15 minutes away, and Alicia stopped telling us where to go, but eventually we found our way to the next complex and lo and behold, that apartment was empty. Empty! Sometimes i wonder how people can get messages through my head sometimes... anyhow, Elder Beck mentioned that we could say a prayer to figure it out and through the duration of that minute of prayer, i figured Heavenly Father had made it pretty loud and clear what he wanted us to do haha. Elder Beck said he felt the same so we went back and hey... It was him :) We ended up teaching him a bit and he is really really humble. Humble heart, humble means, humble everything. Life is the best for him and really all he has got is his faith. We set up another lesson with him after a brief 20 minute talk and then left. IT was a really neat and humbling experience for me. The biggest themes were 1) don't doubt the faith youve got and 2)just do the job the first time (the voice of my dear mother telling me to get back in the bathroom and finish cleaning the toilet the right way made its way into my head haha.) I am glad the Lord gave us the chance to help our brother P* because otherwise we would have missed a big opportunity to serve someone. You bet I was kicking myself a bit for taking my hand off the window-roller-downer button but we all have perfect vision in hindsight. 

Fun and stuff:
We had a district activity out at a soccergolf course in the middle of nowhere haha. There was not even people working there, like you had to just put your money in an envelope in a box. Who won? yours truly ;) I still got it!

We went to go teach our Syrian family Danish but their kids were pretty stressed and burnt out from learning it in school the previous day... so we we went outside and played soccer with them haha. that was a great experience:) 4 kids ages 10 and under running around yelling for the ball in Danish and the yelling at each other in their cute Arabic voices when they got upset. It reminded me alot of home when i played with the sibs because someone would get knocked over or not get the ball passed to them and then get upset and go inside and tell dad haha. Good times with young humans:) 

​I got a package that contained stuff to make banana cream pies. Those are the most underestimated desserts! #thanksfam

An Inspirational thought​:

Satchel Paige says: "Smile well and often, it makes people wonder what you've been up to."
​*drops mic*

Ældste  j

Soccer golf with the crew

 Elder Beck doing work (i am too... don't worry)

Sunrises and sunsets

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