Monday, January 23, 2017

A Clutch Week

This week i can confidently say i got driving  a manual car in the bag! I'll be honest... i was a bit overconfident last email haha because after that it was a game of luck and green lights. Dont worry, i only stalled in the busiest intersection of the busiest city in our area one time so i count it as a success. A couple times there in the beginning i was certain I would look over and see Elder Baadsgaard biting his nails up to the elbow haha. I would count it as a big blessing that i was able to learn to drive that thing so quick because it helped us get a lot done! Like:


This week we have been going hard with finding and with getting new investigators progressing. Since we found so many potentials we have been trying to start going through and following up to see who is truly prepared for the gospel. I think our bro A* might be pretty prepared because he is awesome:) We haven't been able to meet with him this week since he was moving and stuff but we get to hang out with him and talk tomorrow.

​K* is still plugging along. We gave him the suit that Elder Beck left in the apartment so he is rolling up to church looking fly. He is still determined to overcome his smoking habit and be baptized:) He is a story of inspiration for sure because he keeps climbing upward and onward. It is slower progress but that is what its going to take so no worries with him:) We meet with him every day though because he doesn't do much so he has tons of time. 

Our friend E* wasn't able to meet because her kids were sick. She also got pretty confused about the whole "Elder"​ thing with missionaries. In Danish it makes less sense because it literally translates to "oldest" so if you aren't very religious my name is Oldest Jeppson. That threw her for a loop but i called last night and explained and worked out the kind of awkward situation and now we have another appointment. Good Stuff.

WE met with a guy that ended up being a one lesson investigator. He talked with his eyes closed as he leaned over his massive belly to lean his elbows on the table. it kinda weirded me out to be honest... plus he was just rambling on about everything under the sun. Like flip open to a dictionary point to a random word and then give your best monolouge on that word. Then do it 8 more times and youll get the jist of that lesson haha.

On Saturday we took lunch hour in Cold Hawaii! We were on our way up to an appointment in the vicinity so we stopped by. It is one of the Premier surf spots of Europe and one of the best wind surfing spots in the world I think after Hawaii, hence the name. It has been my dream to get up there and see it my whole mission:) Such a cool little place. The lady that we visited was way cool and was a referral from her daughter in Copenhagen area. She made us some food and we had a great discussion. She also is the owner of the second largest tea bag collection in the world haha whaaat. Way great day though

Other Stuff:

Here is a fun, classic knocking dialogue, typical of European missions: 

Me: Hi, goodday. My friend and I (insert introductions and stuff)
Door number one: Sorry i cant talk, i dont have pants on.
Me: Umm, okay is it allright then if we come back when you have pants on?
Door number one: Uhhh.... sure. 
Me: Have a nice day then we will see you later.

or this:

Me: Hi, goodday. My friend and I (insert introductions and stuff)
Door number seven: Sorry it took so long to come to the door, i didn't have any clothes on....
Me: (in my head) "thanks for the info bro"-- Well thats fine. Anyways my friend and i ....

It happens pretty often haha. It is kind of like the first time you read a lift-the-flap-books as a child. Most flaps make complete sense what is under them, but then some are a (un)pleasent surpise haha. Thats kinda what life is like as a missionary:)

Spiritual thought:

I read this little poem this morning and i thought I would share and invite you all to look for ways to apply it:)

“I have wept in the night
At my shortness of sight
That to others' needs made me blind,
But I never have yet
Had a twinge of regret
For being a little too kind.”

― C.R. Gibson

Have a wonderful week!
Ældste  j

Some pics from Cold Hawaii

My "Cold Hawaii" sweatshirt

Lights out XD

We went back to the Domkirke:) 

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