Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

If Skive was a car, its lookin pretty shiny because we've been rubbing out the dull spots this week! We had a really incredible time this week and I really saw the hand of the Lord this week in many different ways. We were able to give out 25 Books of Mormon this week!! It was incredible how many people here in Skive were open and willing to take one actually give it a look though and /or really read it. I really feel that the Lord is preparing big things for this area and that there will soon be some more new members. 

But let me tell you about it:

K* is on baptismal date is doing really well. He has come down from 30 cigarettes a day all the way to five as of yesterday and he has really done a 180 degree turn into the light. He is very excited to be baptized and we are taking it nice and slow towards the 18th of February so he feels like he is ready for it. 

Some fun/cool K* moments:

We were reading about charity in the Book of Mormon where Moroni is talking about the characteristics of charity. We were going through one of the verses and then we got to the part that said "chairty is not puffed up," meaning not prideful. But K* goes, "Oh yea like smoking. It doesn't smoke so it isn't puffed up, like in the lungs and stuff" hahaha i died. It is kind of like being in a lesson with Napoleon Dynamite some days because the one lines are really sharp and i burst out laughing probably three times a lesson on average. The best part is that it just comes naturally and without much filter:) 
He also brought his sister and her boyfriend to church yesterday so he is a good missionary already. He told us that he really feels joy when he comes to church and so he wanted his little sister to come and feel it too. She and her boyfriend are cool and they seemed to enjoy it! Her boyfriend is from Iceland so i got another chance to try out all of the Icelandic i know haha. Didn't quite work this time either.... i'll get it though.

We are also teaching a lady named E* that is originally from Greenland but has lived her most of her life. She is way cool!  Her Greenlandic aunt in Odense referred her to us through the Elders because the hand she has been dealt is been pretty hard in life so we had a really good discussion with her and the spirit was there:) She texted us after and said that she could already feel the love and peace from God helping her:) 

Jimmi is doing very well. We showed him the gospel library app i think he has probably read it all by now at the rate he is going at haha. He is also very excited to get into family history work... so He will be a solid member the rest of his life:) Every time we talk with him it is so neat to see how his faith has helped him. He says they have saved a TON of money from stopping smoking so he i grateful that he has more money to buy his favorite treats haha (which happen to be a treat that i'm also hooked on... dang it sugar)

We also met a guy named A*. This guy is a bro!! He is a smart guy and he is in Skive getting a degree in computer science. He is a younger guy and has a great life vision and is very driven, and probably the most American dane in Skive. He lived in Seattle for about a year and is crazy about kraft mac'n'cheese and the Seahawks. We had a deep lesson with him and the spirit was there from the get go. I really love this guy!

Other things:

We got a ton of snow! (for Denmark) The roads are still pretty icey but winter actually came this year. I feel like Luke Skywalker hangin upside-down in a wampa cave sometimes;) Its a bit colder haha.

The companionship is going really smooth. Elder Baadsgaard is an excellent missionary. He makes up for what i lack in some areas and i'd say that goes both ways so it has gone very well. He has helped me to learn a lot of things in a way that i'm not sure i would have picked up on otherwise.

 Our car is finally getting repaired so we got a rental car this morning. Guess what we figured out... it was a manual. As the guy was walking away i told him we are better with automatic vehicles but he kinda just gave a shrug and said it was all they have. He must have thought, "Ha... silly americans" haha. But major shoutout to Riley Zufelt for teaching me the basics of driving stick in a parking lot behind the stake center because i used my basic knowledge to teach Elder Baadsgaard. He had never ever touched one so it was a fun learning experience for the both of us:) I think in teaching him, it solidified what i know because i got in and gave it a drive and it felt way natural.

So neener neener car rental guy haha.

Spiritual thought:

I listened to a talk by David A. Bednar one morning, and the next, and the next, and the next haha. Its called "the Spirit of Revelation," given at a general conference a couple years back. Here are some exerpts i've really been thinking over this week in regards to how we can learn to recognize how the Spirit of God speaks to us:

"I invite you to consider two experiences most of us have had with light. The first experience occurred as we entered a dark room and turned on a light switch. Remember how in an instant a bright flood of illumination filled the room and caused the darkness to disappear. What previously had been unseen and uncertain became clear and recognizable. This experience was characterized by immediate and intense recognition of light.  The second experience took place as we watched night turn into morning. Do you recall the slow and almost imperceptible increase in light on the horizon? In contrast to turning on a light in a dark room, the light from the rising sun did not immediately burst forth. Rather, gradually and steadily the intensity of the light increased, and the darkness of night was replaced by the radiance of morning. Eventually, the sun did dawn over the skyline. But the visual evidence of the sun’s impending arrival was apparent hours before the sun actually appeared over the horizon. This experience was characterized by subtle and gradual discernment of light."
That was just something on the mind of Elder jeppson if you were wondering haha.
Well mine is currently frozen to the cement but you all enjoy the fresh Pow! Have a good week!
Ældste  j

Elder B in the zone

Elder B and Me

My royal Copenhagen gem I found at a thrift store.

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