Monday, February 20, 2017

Collect $200 as you pass go

If my mission was Monopoly, the dealer would owe me 17,400 dollars for how many times I've made it to "go" (Another week). This last week was a pretty great blur of events:

Well we had some pretty neat experiences with our bro A*. We had an awesome lesson last p-day on the plan of salvation and then let that sink in until Wednesday. Well, we made it to Tuesday night before A* texted us and said that he had received an answer of his own and that he wanted to meet again soon:) So we were pretty stoked you could say.... I am really grateful i have had yet another opportunity to watch how everything "came to pass". That is one phrase that i have come to love in the Book of Mormon because things really do happen! But anyway, on Wednesday night A* invited us over for some mango chicken curry which eventually led into a great discussion where the spirit was really present. After some pretty great discussion, we asked him if he would be willing to be baptized and he said that is something he would be open to do if things keep fitting "like a hand in a glove" (which they will :) )

So it is going pretty well!

K* is doing swell. We slowed down the pace so we can help him figure out for himself where he is at with all of it. Sometimes it is hard to tell because he is way down to be baptized so i think he will at some point float down the lazy river and into the font haha. He definitely is committed... we just helping him realize a bit more what that entails. His understanding is really increasing at a consistent rate and we are starting to reteach some things so he has the chance to really let it sink in. He is great though.

We are still doing a bunch of finding:) We gave out about 12 Books of Mormon this last week so people are receptive enough based off of that, but there is still one more yet to be found that is ready to receive the gospel. So in the words of a sarcastic man we met recently while knocking, " The hunt continues" ;) hahaha.

One cool experience though with our finding was that we only had an hour on Friday to go out and knock in the beautiful sunshine so we made a mini goal to give out 2 books of Mormon  (yes, the sun really did come out this week... i have photo evidence). The very first door we knocked on was an old lady who was willing to chat for a while and ended up taking one. She was funny because she wanted us to come say hi to her husband but he was the classic grumpy old guy and said that we shouldn't be allowed in his house (or on his lawn) so we politely excused ourselves. She tried to play it off by saying, "oh my husband is just so funny sometimes" but we decided she was enough to talk to for that household. Then we gave the other Book of Mormon out 3 houses later! it was fun to see the power the Book of Mormon has in and of itself:) We knocked and a girl around age 14 answered. We introduced ourselves and that we were out to share a book and her eyes lasered in on the copy Elder Baadsgaard was holding causally at his side. She ended up being a friend over to visit the actual residents who had "coincidentally" ran up to the house a few minutes before we knocked, but i said she could have one if she wanted and she lit up and said she would like one. So that was a fun little miracle of how the Lord helped us achieve that goal. It was fun because it confirmed once again that no one is too old or too young for the gospel.

We visited the Argentinian fam again and gave them a Spanish Book of Mormon but they said to come back because they didnt have too much time. The other fam want home so we still have two reasons to drive out to the sticks again haha.

Other things:

We went to some of the smaller no-name type towns that lay outside Skive to knock on some doors and knocked through 3 of them. Kind of fun to just blitz a whole town in a day and talk to pretty much every resident. I've definitely talked to more old people during my time here in Skive than the rest of my mission combined by now. Good stuff.

We went to go look for some fossilized sea urchins today for pday because Elder Baadsgaard is a geology junkie:) We have seen a lot of these cool fossils on peoples doorsteps so we went out to hunt for them. Elder Baadsgaard found some cool stuff and I found an alive-ish sea urchin... but that was about it. No fossils. But it was definitely worth going out there because it was an adventure trying to brave the rugged coastline. We got pretty wet and muddy but i made a fun documentary of it. #memories

Honestly I will probably remember everything i was going to say in like 3 hours but i grasping for straws here... 

We sang a duet for sacrament meeting. I had the lead part. I sang one whole line of the wrong song right off the bat.... That about sums that up haha. Nah people somehow thought it was great, i just think it was funny:)

Spiritual thought:
Ive been reading a book called "The Infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister and it is just incredible. One thing that i really loved that he said was this: The Lord does not like room-temperature saints. He uses this scripture to expound--

 " know thy worksthat thou art neither cold nor hot: would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarmand neither cold nor hot, will spue thee out of my mouth." (Revelations 3:15-16)
It is pretty straightforward:) Don't be a room temperature saint. Don't ride the fence and don't walk the gray line. The Lord would rather you be cold than lukewarm... but let us all strive to be "hot." :) And by hot I mean on fire with the testimony of Jesus Christ. Let us remember that comes from the inside, not the outer appearance. (Don't worry, I am not condemning beauty...) you all get the jist of what I am saying. I'm no Tad R. Callister but i thought I'd share that thought.
Well, keep doing rain dances California, i hear its working;) Have a good one!
-- Ældste  j

Årbjerg... knocked the entire city in two hours haha

A Danish field for your pinstagrams

The Euro suit

Presenting your new organist 

Wandering the coastline. Found an abandoned shack

I bought and authentic Danish sweater thing.  Only old people rock this kind of stuff now but it is sick! 

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