Monday, February 27, 2017

Skive Distribution Center

Roses are grey
Violets are grey
I am a dog

And now for the news :)


Well this week slowed a bit down as far as our friends and their progress. A* is in school right now and he has 500+ hours of programming to do in order to complete some big project so right he is probably in his cave with his eyes melted to the computer screen (He is nothing like you what you just imagined... not all programmers are afraid of the sun and have permanent Cheetos fingers) But we are planning on making some food with him this week so stay tuned i guess.

K* is doing well. He has been kinda sick so we have not met with him as frequently this last week but he is still pressing forward. At this point he understands and has accepted the gospel so we are just helping him prepare for baptism at his own pace:)

Finding Fun:
Since we had more time his week, we did a ton of finding and gave out around 20 books of Mormon:) We went up to this city called Thisted where missionaries have ever actually been stationed so the church is not very well known up there. Missionaries have visited it off and on but since it has always been in Skive area it is an investment. Luckily it went really well because in the two hours of knocking on doors we gave out 8 Books of Mormon. No one we talked with had ever heard of the church and since we weren't the local Jehovah's Witness missionaries, it blew their mind that there were others. We had an interesting talk with a rather racist lady who was not afraid to express her views in her thick west-coast accent ( think pirate meets farmer and you'll imagine that accent) and she ended up listening to why we knocked on her door in the first place haha. We also knocked on a door, waited, and then knocked the one across from it because we assumed the first apartment was empty. Well, 45 seconds into the next conversation, the first door opened up and a nice older man from the Congo was standing there. I said hello in my best (and only) Swahili i know and then handed it off to Elder Baadsgaard who turned around and began talking to the Congolese man while I finished talking with a nice young lad from Somalia. They both ended up wanting a copy of the Book of Mormon, and then said thanks and shut the door almost simultaneously. That all happened a lot quicker than it took me to type this so you can imagine how unexpected/fun that was for us:)

Another fun experience we had was speaking with a lady on the island of Mors. In the Fjord between Skive and Thisted, there lies and island which is connected by two bridges. We drive over it to get out to visit Jimmi and Vivi so we have stopped a couple times in a city called Nykøbing Mors. We have been doing some finding in an area with a lot of apartment complexes so we met some fun characters. One such that we met was an old lady who spoke the Morsingbo dialect, which is more or less another language. The conversation was either 80 percent understandable or 3 percent understandable for me anyway.... Elder B had similar results. If you want to know what it is like, leave off the last half of every word you say and then speak from behind your uvula and there you go.

Other things:

We had a cookie night in the church for K* and all of his buddies so that they would feel comfortable coming in the church. We have met 11 different people through K* and they all have rough lives and all need the gospel but only Karsten ended up coming because we had some stormy weather that night and i guess they all thought they were going to blow away (wasnt even that bad).

I finally found pumpkin puree because i promised our ward mission leader and his wife back around thanksgiving time id make them some pumpkin pie. They've never tasted pumpkin anything,let alone pumpkin pie... so that needed to change haha. We had a rough go trying to round up everything to put in the because i forgot to grab certain ingredients 3 consecutive times!... i am not an elephant. Plus, they dont teach you what cloves are in danish when you're in the MTC, never-mind that ive heard it used only like 3 times in English ;) But we did it! Being in Skive has cultivated my baking skills even more #blessed

Had another mission experience for after the mission... Some things just need to be told in person haha.

Spiritual thought:

Two cool little quotes for you all that i loved:

"Commandments are no more restrictive to the spiritual man than street signs are the the motorist. Neither prohibits our progress; to the contrary, they help us find and reach our destination" --Tad R. Callister

The commandments are there so that we avoid detours, accidents, and all of the seemingly end of the road situations. The more we heed these road-signs that are designed for the safety of our souls and our ultimate happiness, the more the Savior can lift us to new heights because we are not bound down at the ground level with those things "that so easily beset us" as the prophet Nephi puts it. By following the commandments can we find and obtain the highest in us.

Another something that popped into my head in quote form came to me during our zone conference last Wednesday: " Unless you are good at doing the splits, you have got to do more than just put your best foot forward." It was kind of a fun thought because we were talking about putting your best foot forward at one point in the conference and i thought to myself "well yea but that cannot be all we do" and thus came the inspiration that we must follow through! We were discussing as a district and Elder Brown, our district leader who has been out a year, said that this last goal we had as a district to give out 42 book of Mormons was the first time in his mission he has really achieved a district goal and even exceeded it. That set wheels in motion for me that we must be accountable and follow up with our back foot every time we take, as it were, a step forward. It has to be an active thought! Luckily, walking is driven by our subconscious mind because if it weren't, we would be very good at walking unless we planned to take another step and executed every time. So it is with goals :)

Spring is coming! Whoooooooooooooooooooo! Have a good week :)

Ældste  j

​Me holding my identity and one of the stones the Brother of Jared had- :) 

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