Monday, March 6, 2017

Holbæk Bound!!

Well this last week was just a super way to end the week. It was a bit of a blur and a bit hectic but life now finds me in a library in a city called Roskilde with a new companion. Roskilde is technically part of the sisters area but so is the church building and we have an eating appointment with the Bishop here shortly so I am going to type faster than it takes to forget you put toast in the toaster haha. And now for a bunch of danish references you won't understand :)

So I have been sent to my last area on western Sjælland to serve in the Holbæk area. A good way to put it is that it is similar to Skive in size and area size but there is a whole bunch more going on. Apparently this ward has made 5 eating appointments with us so far this week so I am pumped! This is most likely the place i will "die," or end my mission so it sounds like a good place to go. I'm going to be with Elder Thurman from Merino Valley California  for a transfer before he catches a plane home haha so by the end of my mission I will have had 14 companions either running around somwhere in Denmark somewhere in the western hemisphere. He is an awesome guy! I've been on splits and stuff with him before and have gotten to know him pretty well so its going to be a trip :) So i will never again see Jylland as a missionary... And now i have to learn to speak the Sjælland dialect :)

and thus begins the "lasts" of my mission. That is nuts!

But i'll give you a quick little run down of our last week in Skive:

Well we finally got M*! After an eating appointment/intense teaching appointment with her we got her to admit that she has never given it a real chance and committed her to try for reals. Basically all of her reasons not to become a member were smokescreens becuase she openly admited that she would have no problem becoming a member if she got an answer. *fistpump* 

With K* we had some good lessons and helped him figure out how he could change certain things in his life so that he doesnt have as much of a temptation to do certain things. He is really making some good forward progress and i know he will for sure be baptized sometime this year. He is still fighting some battles with certain things but he is determined. It was so neat to see in the last appointment with him just how far he had come from that first day we had kncoked his door because we were curious as to why a rainbow strobe light was illumnating the street outside form the window. The atonement truly is infinite and can change anyone! That has been confirmed yet another time to me through K* It was kind of a hard time to say goodbye but i have his email and stuff so ill be able to keep easy contact.

With A* we had a good lesson at the chrurch. Because he made dinner for us a couple weeks back, we returned the favor and made some food to go with our lesson. Pretty good lesson but lets just say he took a step or two backwards... yea. But the great thing is he has gotten an answer to his prayers and he knows it has changed him up to this point so i know at somepoint it will fully click.

Other stuff:
Had some pretty great goodbyes with people. We had stake conference again because we had a special area braodcast for all of europe so he had to go back to Århus to see that because they couldn't broadcast it in Skive. So i said a half goodbye last Sunday becuase i knew i was most likely transfering. But i did get some good goodbye pics with a few people. 

Yea well I am pressed for time but i think it sufficeth to say that last week was great!

Spiritual thought:

If there were a theme to the area conference, I would say this quote by the prohpet Thomas S. Monson sums it up :

"There is not a problem to be solved that is more important than a person to be loved."

We all have time to love people. Stop being too busy! Time is relative to the Lord and he is far more concerned with our charitable acts towards our brothers and sisters all around us! Find time, or make it.

Also one more quote:
"The smooth sea never produced a skilled sailor." A quote i saw on our door in Holbæk haha. Keep navigating through whatever the ocean of life throws at ya!

Speaking of skilled sailors, shoutout to my sister who navigated her way into BYU :) 


Ældste  j

Goodbye to beautiful Skive

Goodbye Karl

Goodbye Jakob (my bud from Iceland)

Goodbye District

Goodbye Milla the dog

Goodbye Jimmi and Vivi

Beautiful Skive

Goodbye Karsten

Goodbye Anders

Goodbye Elder Baadsgaard

Goodbye Elder Nielsen

Goodbye Elder Hager

​​​​​​​​​​Goodbye Elder Teynor

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