Monday, March 27, 2017

Like sand through the Hourglass so are the days of our Lives

I only know like one person who would get that song reference haha.

Well another wonderful week in Denmark has come to pass. A sick wave caught my companion for two of the days but thanks to large amounts of EmergenC packets in our apartment I successfully fought this years sickness. It got Elder Erickson and I for three days in Odense last year but I came out on top. Fun fact: If you make something delicious like cookies or muffins just because you have time to spare, just remember that you'll probably eat them all... not that I did that or anything.. ;)

Well we werent really in our area too much due to splits in Nykøbing Falster with my past companions Elder Beck and Elder Shuppy and also due to sickness. However, I have some neat experiences:

We stopped by J* this last week (the older man in a wheelchair) and my testimony of baked goods increased. I think i understand why the Romans believe in ambrosia because cookies soften hearts! (and waistlines... but just don't think too much about that). Anyhow, we got him all set up for next time so that we can come and help him set up an account on family search and go hard finding his family:) He already knows a bunch about his ancestors so it shouldn't be to crazy difficult to help him. He once again blew our minds with his vast knowledge of war history and I'll bet i would have made my Grandpas proud of how much I could keep up with him. It made me want to study the great wars more ( and no I am not calling my Grandpas old... it is just a grandpa thing to know everything :D)

Wanna here a "coincidence"? Well the very first day of my whole mission I woke up to Elder Pitcher doing pushups to the Lower Lights. We did studies as missionaries do in the mornings, and then my very first thing I did on my first full day was do service for a cool couple named Lasse and Pernille. I must have talked with time like 15 minutes tops and helped them move for 3 hours tops and then they drove away. You can imagine in my new missionary brain that i thought i would never see them again...  Well 7 blue moons later I ate dinner with them:) Elder Thurman was tight with them when he server in the area a year ago and so we visited them and had a great time. They are way legit and know more about missionaries and missionary work than new missionaries do. They aren't members but they had me fooled my first day haha. And to top it all off, they're moving again, and I will help them move my last week of my mission.

Just like a movie heh heh. Cool stuff.

Other Stuff:

Elder Beck and I had a proper wrestling match in the apartment down in Nykøbing Falster. It is actually a huge apartment so we had plenty of space. We laid down a mattress, but the problem was that the carpet surrounding it was as close to sandpaper as it gets haha. So we got carpet burns for dayyyzzz but worth it. I've never been so out of wrestling shape but I won 7 to 0. ;)

I finished the Book of Mormon in Danish when I was inside all day with Elder Thurman.  Way neat :) then we watched Johnny Lingo... both versions:)
Spiritual thought:

This computer has a time so I have 3 minutes and 48 seconds left...

Elder Uctdorf Says:

We are as happy as we have it in our minds to be. We can pull out the weeds and water the flowers, or we can ignore the flowers and focus on the weeds."

You choose. :)

I gotta make like a banana and split. 

Ældste  j

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