Sunday, July 5, 2015

First Email from MTC after 1 week

Its already been one week! time is virtually non existent here its so cool. We wake up, get breakfast, get an hour of gym, an hour of personal study in our rooms, and then we have 10+ hours of classes for language study and missionary study. We have an investigator named Anders and he is Awesome! Two days into the MTC we had our first discussion all in Danish! We have had two more since then and that is just i n the first week of the MTC. It is so cool to teach in Danish! I love the language already and have progressed rapidly. The accent is pretty hard haha imagine holding a cotton ball in your mouth when you talk. But The gift of tongues is so real! Yesterday we taught about the Atonement and the spirit was so strong! the words just came to me as i spoke and i was able to clearly convey the message we had for Anders. It was a fantastisk dag! My companion is Elder Gardner and he is legit. We have so much fun along with our zone. We have two other danes, Elder Gerber and Elder Ziegler, and the tons of Dutchies and a couple Norwegian. We get 32 new swedish and norwegians today so we get to be the big dawgs. Elder Ziegler is from Switzerland and he is so funny! We are always correcting his words that are some of our more colorful words but hes awesome. He speaks 5 languages already. Elder Gerber is very awesome as well. He is our District Leader and has an Awesome spirit about him. This place is so fun! We have weekly pday zone soccer games and today we one 7-6. You could say i was man of the match with a hat trick...... but we dont keep score here. But if we did though...... i was haha. Our zone is so tight i love it. Everyone is really cool and we have a lot of fun. We had the tie draft last Wednesday and we have another tonight but basically we put all our worst ties on the pull up bar and put our names in a pillowcase and see who gets lucky. There are absolutely the ugliest ties ive ever seen. Its prettty much if you mixed the 70's and and old rug and thats the ties. Its so fun though. The food..... well basically i do service in the kitchen so  got a tour of everything so i could know how it works back there. There is nothing even relatively healthy back there. I have never ate so much salad in my life so im pretty sure my spirit animal is now a rabbit. Thanks for the care packages though i Love them! Its funny cuz we are all desperate for outside contact so we all rush for mail and packages twice a day after meals haha. Its so great. Its so nice to read all the letters and emails.  Also i say Nathan Porter after 4 days and we honestly lost our minds. Now we see each other everywhere haha i love that guy. We are stilll the same person and i swear we are telapathic.

The devotionals, 
we have devotionals every Tuesday and Sunday! they are so powerful every time and its usually a quorum of the 70 or an apostle. We haven't had an apostle yet but Elder Nash and his wife spoke and he was so powerful. His message was to leave it all behind and give everything to the lord. It was so powerful and the spirit was so strong. Also, I was in the Choir and we sang Precious Savior, Dear redeemer, and that was so powerful all in itself. It gave me the chills it was so powerful. We basically sounded like Angels meet MoTab so it was awesome. Well i think ive covered as much as i know to cover haha so Jeg elsker di og jeg vil at Mormons bog er sadnt. Also, Himmelske Fader elsker os mir end vi kan vil. vaer godt! 

Mel Karelighed,
Elder Jeppson

 Elder Gardner and Elder Jeppson (First mission companion)
 The Danish district in the MTC (Jeppson, Gardner, Ziegler, Gerber)
 Provo Temple
 Brandon's Tag in Danish

Jeppson, Gardner, Gerber, and Ziegler in class 

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