Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rain, Native Speakers and Wrestling

Goddag! Another great week for the books! Time is nonexistent here so here I am already talking to you wonderful people yet again! Its really crazy how fast it goes when you're are always busy serving the Lord! Im sitting here wondering how it has already been 1 WHOLE month since I entered! I need more time! Yet  I am quite stoked to get my flight plans for my long awaited flight to Danmark!!

Here is the highlight breakdown of another stellar week:

This may not be a big deal to a lot of you reading this but it absolutely DUMPED for about an hour two of the nights this past week. The lack of rain in my life lately really got me excited (somewhat more than it should have haha). Nevertheless, me and my companion from the blazing desert of Arizona hurried and changed into our night clothes and went out and sat on the curb in the pouring rain for those deluges. Good stuff.


So this week we received a new teacher named Søstre Pauslen. She has been born and raised in Danmark... and on top of that she lives in Copenhagen, where they talk at light speed. She made her teaching debut on Saturday night when we where all pretty tired because those seem to be the hardest class sessions.  But anyways, she walked in and started teaching... and then we pondered our grasp on the Danish language. She could have been speaking Mandarin Chinese and I would have understood her the same haha. We left second guessing our language skills. But luckily it was because we were so tired and Monday morning actually was one of our best lessons! I no longer doubt my language and it seems to have significantly improved! She still talks relatively quick but its good preparation for Danmark! Also, sometimes I get the feeling that she is laughing inside at our accents but she is pretty hard to read haha. Although Elder Gardner seems to have a lot more trouble so i can definitely tell when she is laughing at him. Other than that the language is coming along! Im still amazed how fast I have learned this much in the four weeks I've been here! I still stand by my affirmation that the gift of tongues is real!

President Packers Funeral:

We had the wonderful opportunity to attend the funeral of President Boyd K. Packer! It was short and sweet and the spirit was so strong there! Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard were the first two speakers and they gave wonderful talks. It was so awesome to see the love they felt for President Packer and the spirit that accompanied this love. There was a quote I took away from it by M Russell Ballard that goes, "We must wear ourselves out in the service of the Lord." It was so relevent to me because hey... I'm on a mission! That really stuck with me all day so that can also go on a quote plaque. 

Brother Reidler:

He is the MAN! He visited us one class block and told us that he served in Denmark 34 years ago! He told us that he has prayed every personal prayer in Danish since then and he still speaks it fluently! He told us how much it has blessed him in his life as an Army Colonel. He is currently being trained in the MTC for a mission in West Point, New York! He is such an awesome man. First off, he brought us cookies one class period! They were so amazing! And then on top of that he brought us In-N-Out! Elder Ziegler has never had it so he brought us double-doubles, fries, and shakes! We smuggled them back to our rez (Residence hall: its the MTC lingo haha) and then we feasted while listening to the Hobbit Soundtrack that Elder Ziegler has haha. It was legendary! And Yes there are pictures. It was probably the highlight day of the week (It was Monday). And then on top of that, we got the homemade bread package WITH honey cinnamon butter. So we were pretty close to Heaven. And then the icing on top of that cake was two glorious loaves of Banana Chocolate Bread and Lemon Poppy seed bread (which only i know about ;) ). But all of the prior care packages made history in my zone. Most of the Nords who i hang out with a lot believe in the Gospel a whole lot more haha. So thank you Grandma (and Grandpa :) ) and Aunt Kim and the Fillmore fam! You made that day a zone legend!

 For choir we sang "This is the Christ" written by James E. Faust and it was quite stunning. The Choir was about a thousand missionaries and it was magnificent! For those comingto the MTC join the Choir! It is most excellent!!

One night we had a spontaneous wrestling clinic in the confines of our Rez hallway. Someone laid out a blanket (after our workout routine (which i will mention (ive never used this many parenthesis))) but anyways we had match-ups and it was pretty hilarious. The most fun was me versus Ziegler because he is extraordinarily strong and was in the Swiss army (which we hear alllll about haha) so he seemed a worthy opponent in his mind. That was before he was on his back in a cradle so I'm not sure what he thought after that. Glad to see that all the skills I've developed will always be muscle memory (shout out to Dave and Clint and The one and only Dirty Mike). But anyways it was good fun for a bunch of restless young men with their manliness to prove haha.

We have done a workout routine for almost two and a half weeks straight now. We come straight from our last class which ends at 9:30 and we do a circuit of a workout i made up. We do push up ladders up to 10 (which is when one person does one and then the rest of the circle follows in order, then i do two and they follow and so on. This goes up to ten and back down.) Then after that we do a total of 4 minutes of planks in one minute increments, Which aren't fun without Bonus Time ;) haha. So following that we do side planks for 3 minutes and then we are done. Its a great way to get all the extra energy out and also offset our food intake haha. 

I have such a love of this gospel! I know that I am my own first convert and if I don't baptize any one at all... then i have fulfilled the Lord's goal for me! I know that He has prepared his people in Danmark to recieve His wonderful Gospel!
Jeg elsker mig Fresler, Jesu Kristi! jeg vil at han har dødt for mig og jeg kan vende tilbage til han igen. Jeg elsker jeres oh jeg huber at i kan have en fantastisk uge!

Med Kærlighed,

Ældste Jeppson
 The Tie Draft
 Zone Picture
Heavenly Bread and Honey butter from Grandma

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