Monday, July 6, 2015

MTC Life and Asparagus

Hey everyone! This week was packed full of studying and fun! The first week went pretty slow but this week was thrown in a blender so here i am again already! It is pretty much inception of time so i ponder on "how real is time anyways?" a lot haha. I'll break down this email for ya so it has some organization haha. 

The language is coming along so well! I can already hold whole conversations and can speak at probably a 5th grade level but i am able to teach the lessons in Danish no problem~! The gift of tongues is so real when we are teaching! we are able to clearly convey our message and find words that we struggle with normally haha. Its so awesome though! We teach two "investigators" a day now so we are always busy preparing to teach in danish. Its funny cuz Elder Gardner is able to say anything he wants to basically during lessons but in the classroom he just says "ja" a lot (that means yes). We all are pretty fried so pday came at a nice time to let our brain unwind. 

Daily life: 
Everyday is pretty similar. The days pretty much blend together except for "pday eve" and pday haha. We wake up every morning to go get a sack breakfast and then have personal study for an hour after that. After that we get an hour to go exercise. I usually play basketball or run on the indoor track, but on Wednesdays we have zone soccer which was much crazier today since we got 50 new nords and swedes. We had a Dutchies and Danes vs the rest today and we remain undefeated. (it was basically old veterans vs the greenies). But after exercising we get to go shower and then its off to class. The day proceeds as follows:

class for three and a half hours
lunch for an hour
class for four and a half hours
dinner for an hour
guess what....
class for three and a half more hours haha

 Its awesome though even though it can be slow. Its really nice to learn and teach in gospel terms in Danish because the repetition truly is the mother of all learning. We have two awesome teachers now. One is actually our first "investigator" so its kinda funny. Apparently i said at one point in one of the lessons that "I know these things are Satan". hahaha. So great. But the new teachers name is Brother Williamson and he is from Alpine Utah. He has Stellar Danish and is a fantastic teacher. The funny part is that sometimes we can get way off topics and it usualy ends with him on a tangent about something that needs to be changed (like the police system or stuff like that). But he is about to take the LSAT and he is going into tax law. (just for dad).

Last week we got to do a session at the Provo temple! It is so huge and beautiful! It was a neat experience to go as a whole zone. Also we get to go on temple walks on Sundays between 3:30-4:30 so i mean........ i like pizza ;)

For service on Wednesday i got to prepare asparagus for the apostles!! They were all here to train the new mission presidents. Our service job every Saturday is to help in the kitchen so we unloaded all their food and acutally cut and washed all the asparagus... probably 30 pounds. So fun. 

This Sunday me and AEldste Gardner were assigned to teach the lesson on baptism. It was basically us and three other companionships in a room and the spirit was so strong! You could say we definitely killed it... haha. It was so neat though to feel of everyone's spirit and the love God has for them.

P-day Eve:
  Pday eve is the most exciting night of the week. We have awesome devotionals and last night Elder Sitati of the 70 came and spoke and he was really good!  Then we go back and hang out at the rez, (residence hall haha). We usually have a potluck of food from our care packages (feel free to send them) haha and then play nerf basketball games of horse. Its usually pretty crazy and we make up the most insane shots. My signature shots are called the "crazy steve" and "the journalist". It gets pretty heated usually. 

Well thats all i can think to cover right now! Jeg håbe at du er alle godt og glad! Jeg vil at vores Frelser eslker os mir end vi kan vil. 
Mel Kærlighed,

Ældste Jeppson

 A peaceful protest against the MTC food
 Elder Gardner in his glory
The raincoat crew

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