Monday, October 5, 2015

Holy Smokes.....It's October

Well I feel cheated by time once again but it is Monday.... craaaaazy soup. But I did manage to use some of the time before it sped by so here comes the snippets of once again.... a pretty dang fantastic week:


So we did a tonnn of service this week so we didnt have a ton of lessons but the ones we did have were quality nonetheless. C* Is doing great but we had to move her baptismal date back to the 31st because her brother got in an accident so she is going to the states to go and be with him and her mom. But she is doing great and loves the gospel:) Its hard for me to teach her sometimes because I feel like she is already so engrained in the ward here and with the young adults haha. Its great though :)

Vo Long is still mobbing decently hard and loving it all. We are trying to keep him busy in the church doing family history work and stuff and make sure he isn't forgotten about. But as long as I'm in Odense I got his back:)

T* didn't really pull through this week for a lesson so we will have one this next week. I'm not really sure what to expect but I'm pretty optimistic:) 

We have two new investigators that we have lessons with next week so that will be fun. We don't know a ton about them right now but I''ll tell you whats what next time:)


SO we did a ton of it this week so let me give you a little taste of what some strapping young missionaries do in Denmark for service;) 
SO on Tuesday we had two different service projects that took basically all day. The first one we went and worked in this older lady's garden and mowed her lawn and stuff. Pretty normal right? 

Well the next one gets more fun:) We helped a lady who is less active cut down trees;) That was a puzzle to solve because if we cut them wrong we would send them crashing down on her fence or her glass greenhouse. So we did some pretty quick work of the smaller trees but we experienced a little more trouble with the last one. It was the tallest and the thickest (probably thicker than around than my waistline.... and thats getting a little thick ;) haha ) But we ended up using a rope and a pitch fork to make sure it didnt fall on anything:) (I wont tell you how because the methods were not the most safe or orthodox...) But afterward we checked off our lumberjack merit badge requirements and then basically got force fed koldskål...... 

The 2nd part to this service stroy took place on Wednesday. We helped some people in our ward move out. I must say they had a lot of stuff but it wasnt' anything new on the moving part. Shout out to my dad for teaching me how to move pianos in and out because it wasn't a problem:)

 After about 4 hours of that we got called in to do some heavy manual labor. It was way fun because we got some overalls to wear and stuff and for some reason the whole thing felt like a small farm feel in the 60s haha. But we helped put up a giant steel barn frame and our Bishop was doing some arc welding and stuff but basically it was way fun:)

Other good stuff:
I got asked to give a training on contacting and how to show our love through contacting and it was way fun! I thought of a ton of ways that I've seen other missionaries contact and stuff to help mix it up. Some of them include:
1) english contacts (they think its fun to speak english with us)
2) asking about pastries;)
3)Asking if they'll answer a question while I'm using a voice recorder to record them (they think its more official)

Good stuff though:)

So we watched Saturday morning live on Saturday night at 6. Then on Sunday we watched preisthood session at 11 and then Saturday afternoon at 2 and then we watched Sunday morning live at 6. :) Then on wednesday we will go finish it up at the Turpins (the senior couple in odense who are AWESOME) 

My favorite line was by Eldere Stevenson, "The lord will qualify who he calls"

Waayyy powerful!! For anyone who doesn't feel worthy or good enough, read this until your eyes fall out because its way true!


Did some sweet chalk contacting this week with the whole district and it was such a blast! There are some good pics we got but its fun to see what peoples reactions are to a bunch of mormons coloring on the ground with chalk #nevergrowup

Now a word from elder Gifford:

"Peanut Butter"

And thats it from our sponsor folks. Stay tuned for the next episode as our heroes press forward on their quest. ;)

Ældste  Jeppson

Elder Jeppson- a much better flip picture:)
They sell small cloud shoes here

Wu tang Ghost (where you at Nate and Ben)

Chalk Contacting


Teaching Elder Gifford to feel good vibes 

We won the cleanest apartment award :)

Couch Models - Elder Gifford, Elder Poff, ?, Elder Jeppson

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