Monday, October 12, 2015

Part 1- Vietnamese Karaoke, The Haka, and Super Cakes, Part 2- "We're Famous"

Heyyo I gotta get going on this because I spent too much time reading and looking at pictures from you lovely people so I’ll get to it:


This week we found a new friend named E*. He moved down from Aarhus last year and the missionaries lost contact with him until us. We rode out to meet him and we had a pretty good lesson but he wasn’t super positive about wanting to commit to anything. We invited him to pray about the Book of Mormon and if it was true because he was thinking he should just take our word for it. Wellll... he didn’t listen to well because we started off by telling him that he could receive answers from Heavenly Father, so . . . we will see what happens. Great guy for sure! Has a huge red beard, he’s in his thirties and spends a lot of time playing World of Warcraft.  lol.

Vo Long is just a champ. Need I say more? :) This week he told us he was sergeant over 17 men in the Vietnam war and that he could fire a cannon 18 km accurately (that’s is insane!). We had a little Hjem-Aften (literally a home evening) where an older lady in the ward had a get together for those who are new in the ward so they could become more incorporated. We got the privilege of escorting Long out to her house and I must say, he can HAUL for a 65 year old man who has been through war :)

C* was in states this week because her brother got in a bad accident and passed. It’s been pretty rough on her and hard right now so we aren’t doing anything at the moment. We decided to just give her space and let the awesome YSA comfort her and help her because they are close in a way that we can’t really be with her.

So our boy M* from last week totally quit smoking cigarettes like a champ. We go and just check up with him on how he is doing and share scriptures with him because he has been taught the lessons before and I don’t want to just pound him with lessons just because we are missionaries. We are just being his friends and talking about doctrinal stuff he has questions on but for now that’s where we are at. 


So this week we ate at a Vietnamese member’s house. She LOVES  missionaries!! She insists we call her mom and loves to feed us! She made us tons and tons of Vietnamese food! We ate cow heart and liver and tons of way crazy stuff! But the funniest part was we sang Vietnamese karaoke to this one song in Vietnamese around 5 times! Very catchy;) 

This week at the joint ward harvest festival there was a talent show.... and needless to say, the 8 elders of Fyn wowed the audience:) We did the Haka (the crazy awesome rugby dance/chant) Elder Amos (our brit) taught us how because he played a lot of rugby in England before the mission :) It was such a fun experience and the whole place went nuts (no big deal..... )

So on Wednesday we watched the last session of general conference because of the time difference and we were asleep on Sunday when it showed. So the Turpins had us all over for dinner and then we all brought dessert and watched it.

And in honor of Elder Gifford going home we made a cake and this is how it went:

1) Make a sugar cookie base. Cover with Nutella.
2) Make a chocolate no bake layer. Put on top of last step.
3)Make meyers choalte death brownies (that stuff is insane). Put on last step and cover with creme cheese frosting.
4) crush oreos over that
5) put a sugar cookie cap on :)
6) the rest of the frosting

And that is what came to be known as operation diabetes:) It took about 2 kilos of sugar, 1 and a half kilo of butter, and around 20 eggs:)

It was legend.... wait for it.... dary :) haha


My thoughts are kinda scattered in this email but here are some other things,

I finally bought some rain fenders so my butt won’t get so wet every time (you’ll see... )

We rode about 100 miles total this week we figure . . . I’m just a bit sore :)

Sorry that this was super discombobulated but we got so busy this last week and I can’t even remember right now haha.

Have a great week!! 

Ældste Jeppson

Elder Jeppson and Elder Amos (My favorite Brit)

"Operation Diabetes"

Everyday before Bike Fenders

Danish Skies are pretty  much the best

Me in my After hours best

We are Famous :  Elder Jeppson and Elder Gifford were in the Danish Newspaper.  Here is the article translated roughly from Danish.

Young Mormon: I help people to feel God's love- Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 10:35(Two young Mormons. Photo by Rasmus Kej)(Two young Mormons. Photo by Rasmus Valentin Kej)Carson Gifford is a Mormon and missionary from Utah. By helping others motivated him to spread a religious message. In October, he travels back to the US for two years.By Rasmus Valentin Kej"Would you like to start, or shall I?""You may well take the first," replies Brandon Jeppson softly to Carson Giffords questions."What do you think about religion and God?" No answer. Two women ignore the question from the Mormons and passes them.Carson Gifford try the next. A young woman. She seems to have an interest in religion.After a minute writes Carson Gifford her contact details down and gives her a business card.20-year-old Carson Gifford is a Mormon and missionary. In 2013, he left his family in Utah in the United States to spread his religion in Denmark. The way he does it is to talk to people on the street or knock on doors. Right now it's Brandon Jeppson 18 years old from California, he enlists members. But he changes his partner every six weeks. And in October, he travels back to the US again after missionary in Denmark just over two years.Darkness has fallen in Kongensgade in Odense. Not many people are left. The two young men passing by groups and turning instead to people who are alone. Like the two women, there is not any in the pedestrian area which will accept the Mormon church business card.Carson black jakkesætssko enter periodically in small puddles, today's rain has left. His hands rest quietly in the pockets of his gray suit pants. Outside of his blazer, he wears a black wind-breaker. On the left side of the chest sits a sign with the name "Elder Gifford". The jacket is zipped down a bit, so a tie and a white shirt with a high collar can be seen. And on Carson's shoulders hangs a gray-green backpack. His short, blond hair is driven to one side."It's like when you've seen a good movie. You want to show it to everyone, "explains Carson after that there is a man who has said no to their business cards. He is backed by Brandon, who says it can be hard, but they love their work.When Carson missionary work in Taastrup he helped an alcoholic. The man came out of his addiction and into the Mormon church. That's what makes Carson happy and motivates him in faith - he helps people closer to God and out of problems.After buzzing around town stops the two Mormons a man at the Fish Market. Kenneth Boel Mejnert says he is very interested in the Mormon faith. Kenneth is at the end of the 50s."I've been in Utah," states Kenneth stuck while he grand gestures talks about his travel in the United States. A broad smile spreads on Carson's lips as Kenneth adding that he actually visited a Mormon temple in Utah. He ranks Kenneth a business card that appreciative applause Carson on the shoulder and want good evening."It was a good conversation," says Carson. "I help people to feel God's love."

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