Monday, October 19, 2015

Transfers, Training, and Harry Potter- "What a week"

Honestly this may have been the busiest week of the mission.... I'm going to go through this time by day because it has been so packed!!

Monday: We took an essential pday on this day so that we could attend the Harry Potter festival on friday (ill get to that :) ) That basically means we took a much shorter pday and worked more. It was your typical missionary day:)

Tuesday: I forgot to bring my journal and i honestly cannot remember tuesday for the life of me.... sorry :) But it was a good day let me assure you:)

Wednesday: I have some things to say about Wednesday:) So first off we all hopped on a train to Frederacia (On the Mainland of Jylland) We had a zone training there which was absolutely smashing. The main theme was on stress and how we break out of stress cycles so that we could focus and it was amazing! Then we had a really fun thing happen.... President got up and announced he would just do transfers then and there a day early in front of everyone! 

Annnd guess what, Im staying in Odense! Im so happy about that:) This Place is really so amazing:) Oh yea... I'm also training a brand new elder so that will be something fantastic in my life:) Im actually way excited to train! especially since Odense is such a good place to do it. We will se what happens but the Lord will qualify who he calls so I'm happy :) 

That also means I get to do Christmas in the third largest city in Denmark:)

Wendesday night was something alltogether unexpected.... So we went to our friend T* and he opened the door of the upgang. So We walk up to his door and he opens it, we walk in and sit down, and hey whats that on the table.... 

Weeelllll..... it was an empty bag of drugs and a tool to use the drugs. I wont go into specific but lets just say the spirit was not there, and that he was not there either.... to the point where he was so belligerent that he didnt remember what we were there for haha. So he basically told us 5 minutes into the lesson that Elder Gifford just decided to try and go on with, that he should tell us just how much drugs he used 10 minutes before we got it there.... Soooo we left haha

So long story short... we had to drop him. But kids don't do drugs, they mess you up big time!

Thursday: Sorry I can't exactly remember that either..... but missionary stuff;) Actually, a family took us out to eat at an all you can eat restaurant and lets just say that place probably has a picture of me because of how much sushi I went through.... No regrets:)

Friday: Definitley remember this day..... So We went to the Harry Potter Festival today. Its a huge annual thing they do here and it was so fun! Everyone gets so into it and all the kids run around casting spells at you:) I got in a duel with a very heavy 8 year old who kept casting the killing curse willy nilly. Who does that? Lets just say, slytherin never wins :) 

But it was way sweet because we played quidditch! I thought it would be a little lame at first, but just imagine when rugby meets hockey meets tag meets basketball with a broom between you legs. Just all out chaos with a very small amount of actual stratedgy. haha:) So much Fun :)

Saturday: This was a way sweet day! We did some "Blitz splits," which means you put a ton of missionaries in one area for a day and get tons of potentials! We ended up giving out 18 Books of Mormon and getting a bunch of potential for the Svendborg Elders:) I had a way good experience with Elder Poff while we were on splits down there:

We went to knock some doors, and we walked for an hour to get out to where we had to knock. So you can imagine thats pretty long to walk, and it was, but we still had yet to knock. We were a little tired and didn't have the best attitudes, but then I had the impression to pray to know where to knock. So we did guess what, the second door we knocked on was the one! It was a giant house that looked like it would be the least likely to have sucess with. The lady that answered said, "good thing you came right now, because I'm not home during the week, come in"

Well... we did:) We ended up having an hour lesson and the spirit was very strong :)  We  invited her to read the Book of Mormon and she was just so positive about it all:)

Sunday: The last day of my companionship with Elder Gifford:) And it was a really sweet day! I gave a talk in church and was surprised to not butcher it! Blessing one. Then our district sang "Saviour Redeemer of my Soul" in Danish And the spirit was so strong!! Blessing 2. Then we continued to have a great day all day and blessing three goes like this. On the very last contact of the very last day of Elder Giffords mission, we contact someone who wants to learn more:) so we switched info and now we will be meetng with her soon :) The church is so true:)

Well that was as much as i could jam in in my short time haha:) But This week has been such a great testimony building this week! Ive been on a high note this past week and it keeps going :) I know without a doubt this is the Church of Jesus Christ, and I know my Father in Heaven knows it, and I cannot deny it :)

Ha, en rigtig hyggligt uge! Jeg håber i finde en nye måde til at hjælpe velsige andre mennisers liv:)

Ældste Jeppson

Me casting spells with Dumbledore:) Diagonalle Lamer! (thats the stupify spell in Danish haha)
Playing Quiditch

Our Awesome Zone!

A TON of pastry we got for doing service #blessed

A typical foutain in Odense

Me on the shoulders of H.C. Andersen 

Elder Jensen (so awesome), Me (no comment:) ), Elder Brindley (central Utah boy part one) Elder Gifford (central Utah boy Part two) 

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