Monday, May 1, 2017

Ebony and Ivory

Well this last week was kind of unique because we were all over the place but we did manage to do as much as possible between zone training and splits and sickness. But let me think.....

 Our buddy J* is doing pretty well. For the moment he really just wants to focus on family history work so we are coming this week to scan all of his family photos into the computer and put faces to names that are already on his family search account. So i guess you could say that we have leveled up in the family history game... heh heh. He is really changing though! Yesterday we stopped by after church while he was watching a recording of thew Dubliners in concert and he got way stoked to see us and we had a great talk. It adds more bitter to the bittersweetness of going home soon because besides us he doesn't really have much and im still not sure what will be happening with the area. 

About three weeks ago a guy named Matt was baptized in my old area Frederikshavn but he comes to school here in Roskilde every so often because he is training to be a master butcher. So he has some free time down here and wanted to know if there are any activities. We ended up bringing him to an activity with the young man where we attempted to make ties haha but it was great because there were a lot of leaders there so he got to meet some people down here and have a bit more of a network here on Sjælland. Way solid dude!!

We had to cancel some stuff/didnt get around to doing it because i got sick Friday and Saturday. I don't know what it was but recently I've been way whacked and I haven't been able to shake it and the on Saturday of all days I got a fever and some alien came in the night and stole all my energy. We were supposed to go to a baptism for the ward mission leaders twins and then go to an appointment with the S* family buuuuut we had a change of plans and I got a lot of time to ponder on how I should be more grateful for my good health while I have it haha. I guess on the positive side i finished "the Miracle of Forgiveness" by Spencer W. Kimball and read a bajillion talks and stuff so I've been pretty enlightened as of late.

OtHeR StUfF:
We had splits down on the Island of Nykøbing Falster and had a great old time. I was in a trio with Elder Evans and Elder Peel so we got creative with how we did finding. The day was just way solid becuase we went and visited a man who has really been thinking about the church since he stopped meeting with missionaries and now he would like to be bapitized and have his family along as well to find out if it is true :) Way sweet! Escpecially for that area because they have a smaller branch down there...

After that we went out and contacted people on the streets of a town called Vordingborg and had a solid 3 hour sesh. 

Story time: This was probably the contact of the week... So i was on my own solo contacting on the left side of the Gå Gade and the other two had the right side. It was just way perfect timing because i walked up to a girl about my age and began talking to her. Well come to find out she had met with the missionaries while she lived in Peru doing some form of volunteer type stuff (i think). Well, you all better believe i switched to Spanish ;) Upon switching  I was pleasantly surprised because 1) she spoke great spanish and 2) thanks to my spanish teacher Sister Acosta, So did I (Well, for my standards heh heh) But in the end i gave her a Book of Mormon in Danish and she was way stoked and said she would contact the others at some point. Choice👍

​Im going to leave the rest of my week up to your imagination because my brain is currently post-sickness dormant. But hey here is the spiritual thought! Get stoked:

​So as i was sitting in Zone training a little nugget of wisdom from on high fell and hit me in the head and stuck there. It goes somewhat like this:
"To truly have an eternal perspective, we must have a celestial perspective. Things must be seen at their highest potential; as God sees them. We must cease to focus on anything but the ' immortality and eternal life of man' as that is God's ultimate goal. As a man thinketh, so is he."

So in essence, if you think celestial thoughts, they'll become celestial words. If you say celestial words, they'll become celestial deeds. If you do celestials deeds, they'll become celestial habits. If you develop celestial habits, the'll become celestial character. Character is everything. (Based off a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson i believe with some gospel twist.)

That's a wrap. (where you at MTC food)

Ældste  j

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