Monday, May 29, 2017

The End

Well... It has been a great ride. Can I leave it at that? haha I don't really know what else to say than it was the best that ever happened for me. But here are the highlights before i get all sentimental...


Elder Andersen and President Kearon came to Denmark and held a mission conference and a tri-stake fireside. Here are some of the things that were just fire! Here is the abbreviated version of some of my notes:

- President Kearon said: Celebrate the challenge of missionary work! Revel in it! Opposition is good for you. We are here to act for ourselves so dont be a victim to circumstance. Claim the blessings that are promised you! There is a power that can cause things to happen that need to happen. That power is faith! You must become the message. Remember, He loves you. Particularly if you are saying "no, not me."

Sister Kearon also gave a great nugget of wisdom: The same water that hardens an egg, softens a potato...

​Elder Andersen said: (a lot but here is the short version)​
I don't know anyone that doesn't stay strong in the gospel that has a clear, unalterable, in-the-bones testimony of Jesus Christ. Your foundation must be deep in the Savior and bolstered in the Book of Mormon. Don't end up nowhere.  You can only learn spiritual things in spiritual ways so start with a noble hope and start developing the faith that will become a sure conviction. We must build the kingdom by building kingdom builders! Be grateful for people of faith and help them keep it alive! Build it, nurture it, and testify of it. There are more people prepared for the gospel than we are now finding! The Celestial Kingdom is not a kingdom for a few, it is for us all. 

Sister Andersen: Treasure the gift of the Holy Ghost. You should be keenly aware of the things that take the spirit of the Lord away from you. Don't even take the chance! Do not risk losing the companionship of the Holy Ghost! Not for a day, not for an hour, not for a minute, not for a second! The gift of the Holy Ghost is a perfect gift because it comes from no other than God.
​Well that all I will say concerning their visit but i can testify that God has called living prophets and apostles on the earth today that are here for the welfare of our souls. I imagined the Romans on Mars hill sitting at the feet of Paul​ or other examples the Bible gives and it was exactly the same. They preach of Christ, testify of Christ, rejoice in Christ and invite all others to do the same and as i sat at the feet almost literally (front row seats :) ) i felt the power of that man's testimony. It was just incredible.

The week:
This week was a great last week of going hard and getting the area ready for two sisters. Yes, the apartment is clean, even for sister standards and the area is organized. We had splits with the Nykøbing Elders and we went out and knocked for 7 hours more or less  and it was just a great time. We of course took a snack break at Netto in between knocking sessions so don't worry :) Yesterday we knocked for the last time before an eating appointment and the last door we knocked we gave him a Book of Mormon :) I would say that was a fitting ending to finding!

You know... there is so much I would love to write but i can't include it all. That's just it with a mission, you and God are the only ones who fully know what happened and then that being said, I don't even begin to comprehend the good it did both for others and myself! But i too can add my voice to those who have said that a mission was the best two years for their life because it truly has been. As i stood at the pulpit in front of the Roskilde ward, i realized just how much love that i have developed for the people here and for this land. I would now venture to say that i really understand where Ammon is coming from when he says he would stay with the Lamanites if it meant for the rest of his life. Now, im sure that if i tried that my mom would come over here and stuff me in a burlap sack and kidnap me back to California but i really felt and saw so much love in the face of this wonderful ward!! 

I know this is the truth and testify of it. It is not something I am speculating on here people... it is the truth and it exists beyond belief. I have sacrificed two years for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and will gladly give the rest of my life to doing so because it works wonderfully! Nothing has brought me more lasting joy and ill continue to sound like the best broken record you ever heard because through faith repentance and baptism is it possible to experience what the scriptures call eternal happiness. 

For those not sure where the stand, kneel down and ask God. Simply decide whether or not you are willing to act if you are to receive an answer and go from there because if you are sincere, God will answer you. I cannot say exactly how or when or what but i testify that Heavenly Father knows us personally and knows how He can give us an answer in a way we will understand best. That is a promise! Become humble or get humbled, and having experienced both i would recommend the former option :)

Thank you for your testimonies and your wisdom. Very many of you have helped shaped me more than you probably think so I am happy to say your effort was not wasted here. Keep doing that because if you can shape one rough stone and make it smoother than you can surely shape another. Thank you.

This is Ældste Jeppson signing off for the last time. 
The best is yet to come.
Catch ya on the flip side :)
Ældste  j

The Nørrung Family :D

The one and only Gabriel Møller

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Peter Willemann our ward mission leader

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